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Why is Ohio hated so much in the South?

     I am an Ohioan living in the south (Charleston, SC), and I am proud of where I come from and who I am. What I don't understand is why we are hated so much. There is a Charleston, SC based website Although the writings in the website look like they were written by 1st graders, even the minor league baseball team, the Charleston Riverdogs hold a Go Back To Ohio day where they give out T-shirts. What is ironic is that the Riverdogs are the minor league affliate of a northern team, the NY Yankees. When football season rolls around, they get excited every time Ohio State looks like they might loose a game. They hate the Ohio State Buckeyes more than they hate their own rivals. This makes little sense to me because coming from out of the area I couldn't care less about the University of South Carolina or Clemson, and paid absolutely no attention to them when I was living in Ohio. No-one can even explain why they hate Ohioans, but I have developed a few theories over the last 6 years that are worth exploring.

     The first theory is that their hatred has roots dating back to the 1800's and the Civil War. Although slavery was illegal in the northern states, Ohio was the only state where it was illegal to track down and attempt to return ran away slaves. Anyone caught tracking down run away slaves within Ohio borders were imprisoned. During the Civil War, the north's ability to re-supply troops became one of it's most valuable assests. Ohio was the first industrialized state, and manufactured a large amount of supplies, provided agricultural products, and the Boston-Ohio Railroad was a quick and efficient way to move both troops and supplies throughout the northern states. It is well known by historians that without the contribution of Ohio to cause, the southern states might have actually stood a chance. The NHL team in Columbus, the Blue Jackets, is actually named for Ohio's historic contributions of the Civil War. The only flaw with this theory is that only a small percentage of southerners actually know that the Civil War was started when rebels (referred to as terrorists in modern times) fired on the U.S. Army at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

     Ohio is a typical mid-western state. Our lifestyles and values are a reminder of what is really wrong with the south. We are hard working, blue collar people, and the majority of our parents grew up on the farm or in the factories working long days, but coming home at night to spend time with the family. Weekends were spent with familly and in church, with Catholic and Roman Catholics being the predominant religion of the mid-west. Mid-westerners are intellegent, strong, and hard working, with strong family values. What we see in the south is just the opposite. Grocery store shelves will be almost empty, the floors dirty, and the restrooms look and smell worse than an outhouse, but there will be a half a dozen employees standing around chit chatting. Factories have to hire twice as many employees to do the same job, and then the quality of work is poor because the employees don't take any pride in what they do. They want everything handed to them, rather than going out and earning it. Southern hospitality is like calling a snow covered island Greenland. It isn't hospitality, it's getting information from someone to gossip about them later. The term Sunday Christians was coined in the south. They are quick to judge you, preach to you, but rarely act upon what they preach to others. If you have an adult standing on a chair and a child standing on the ground next to him, it is much easier for that child to pull the adult off the chair than it would be to lift them up. This is an analogy that works well for what the mid-west means to the south. The southerners see the mid-westerns up at a higher level, and rather than try to pull themselves up, they believe it is easier to try to pull the mid-westerners down to their level, or at least enough that they don't feel too inferior.

     The last theory that I would like to explore is Pride. Ohioans tend to be very proud people. We have a strong heritage, with large percentages of Native American, African-American, German, and Greek ancestry. We stand by our sports teams, through the good and bad years. We are proud of what we have accomplished, and how we accomplish it. In the workplace, we take pride in the quality of the products that we produce, and in the environment in which we work. You rarely see this in the south. There are as many fans of teams outside the state and there are of the teams in their area. There is a lack of heritage that someone can really be proud of. In the workplace, employees could care less about the quality of the product they are producing, as long as someone is giving them some money to do it.

     What I have seen in the last 6 years of living in the south leaves me almost speachless. There is a genuine, but unjustifiable hated, toward Ohioans. This is a subject that may never really be solved because I don't think they really now why. There website blames Ohioans for taking their jobs and their women. This sounds like blind, ignorant prejudices of the past. First the African Americans, then the Mexicans, and now the Ohioans. I guess were the new minority on the block.



joanne lepage on February 02, 2019:

How do I get a t-shirt

Polite on September 17, 2018:

As a born and bred southerner with deep New York and New Jersey roots, it is the lack of raising and tactless commenting of people from Ohio that get on my nerves. Everything is so much better “back home.” People with manners do not partake in such futile conversations. Have met some Ohioans that think it is cool to be “white trash”—like it is bragging rights or something. Where I come from, being white trash is not something to be claimed or a star in anyone’s crown. And the endless complaining—don’t get me started. If back home is so great, then why not remain there?

Back Home on September 07, 2018:

What I don't understand if Ohio is so great why didn't you stay there? Don't go to another State and try to screw it up like where you came from. That's the problem it should be easy to understand even by you.

Crimsonbandit on February 05, 2018:

You really want to know why? It's because when we are talking to people from Ohio, the terms "Inbred", "Trailers", "Sister Wife" and other derogatory terms are often thrown at us. I've been to Ohio many times and it is the dreariest, dankest, and backwood farmland place I have ever visited. I have no idea why the residents of Ohio are such arrogant jackasses who think they are better than everyone else. Ohio is a joke.

Go back to Ohio on April 25, 2017:

Maybe it is because Ohioans come here and ruin our towns. Nothing like a bunch of idiots yelling OH at each other. The Ohio "pride" thing is particularly funny since OSU is the most overrated school in the nation and academically it isn't even in the top 50. What is there to be proud of in Ohio anyway? Is it the dying cities or the heroine epidemic? Oh, I know it is the building shaped like a basket and the river that might catch on fire.

What, exactly, is Ohio heritage? Please tell us more about the Wright brothers or how many presidents where born in Ohio. Which of the Ohio presidents are on Mt. Rushmore - hint 3 of the 4 were born in the south?

The "theories" presented are part of the reason why Ohioans are not thought of fondly in the south. The author assumes southerners have no work ethic, no pride in what we do and therefore make inferior products. I would like to point to all the GM pieces of crap made in Moraine OH until it got shut down. Those last years of Oldsmobile were some high quality vehicles. It is interesting that the author talks about handouts since Ohio's largest employers other, than healthcare and insurance, are in academia and defense and we all know how hard professors and government employees work and all the goods they produce. Talk about money for nothing. Also, Southerners do not see the Midwest at a higher level, statements like that are why we don't want you here. If the Midwest were so great why is the author in S. Carolina.

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As for diversity the south has plenty, so much so we don't need to point out that we also have people from every group happily living here. It is always amazing to me how people from places like Ohio have to point out how diverse they are. Down here we have black folks white folks and everything in between but if we say we have Southern pride we are automatically labeled racists. As far as Ohioans taking our women... that is pretty funny. If anything it speaks to the level of hideous women, like that cheerleader,that live in Ohio. Having lived in Ohio I can attest that the vast majority of the women up there are fat, ugly, pretentious, morons. It is no wonder why men come down looking for a southern belle. Just a side note to all the Ohio women that come down here looking for a southern gentleman, know that we'll be glad to have a good time with you but you are not marriage material.

Evan on November 24, 2016:

I've found Ohioans to have an air of smug mediocrity about them.

Doug Jolley on November 19, 2016:

Summing up: Ohioans can't wait to move out of Ohio and down here to South Carolina, but once here, spend the rest of their lives telling us how great all-things-Ohio are.

There is no acclimation among Ohioans who move south. I was a military brat who lived all over the country growing up. When I grew up and got to choose, I chose South Carolina as my home, and identify 100% as a South Carolinian.

Sometimes, all you really need is a bumper sticker to tell you the whole story. A popular one on SC is, "We don't care how you did it up north." We love our state. We're happy you love yours too. But if yours is so much better than ours, as we do often hear from Ohioans, then kindly tell us - why'd you leave? And why don't you go home?

Steve Little on September 12, 2016:

Being from Greenville, SC, I would just like to say that Ohio "people" are particularly unpleasant. NY and NJ people can be a bit pushy at times but at least they have personality and are entertaining.

Scott on April 06, 2016:

We need a build a wall around Ohio and make them pay for it.

FDX on February 17, 2016:

I'm a native South Carolinian. I embrace my heritage and culture the way anyone else should no matter who they are. That being said I am not a person that thinks they are better than other types of people. I don't consider myself a prejudice person, well except, for these freaking people from "up north". Yankees again and again prove to me that sometimes stereotypes sometimes seem to be pretty damn accurate. And don't give me this crap about "Ohio is mid-west so we're not yankees". Yes, you are. MN, WI, IA, MI, OH, IL, are all examples. Now if you're a yankee that has been transplanted here in my beloved home state, please know that I accept you as a neighbor and respect you as a fellow citizen but I don't give a good god damn how y'all did it "back home" and if you think we do things too slow, or it's too hot, or we talk funny. Sorry if you think it sucks here 'cuz not only were you not forced to come here but I for one ain't gonna miss you when you go back to the frozen, barren, craphole that you came from.

Todd on February 10, 2016:

One thing says it all: If Ohio was so spectacular why did you leave??

Lydia S on December 23, 2015:

Ohioans are not just rude to people from other regions. Has anyone been to Ohio? The apparent lack of respect for each other truly disgusted me. I have never heard people be so rude to each other and that included family members. I guess it is just normal for them to speak this way because when I commented on it they looked at me like I was crazy. It all comes back to upbringing.

DeAngelo Vickers on December 05, 2015:

This is an amazing conversation that has drawn a lot of attention over many years!

The way I found it was interesting: I had a bad interaction with someone from Ohio and then began to reflect....I've never met someone I liked from Ohio. I've always found them to be rude and obnoxious. I came to those conclusions, in many cases, before ever realizing they were from Ohio.

There is a trend. Seems to me people from Ohio need to work on their manners. Maybe a little reflection is in order?

By the way, if pride is the problem....just remember that no body else thinks you are special. Seriously, they don't.


Doctorally Educated Southerner

Equal on December 02, 2015:

There are equally as many arrogant and stupid people in northern states as there are in southern states, There are bad people and good people in the north and the south. Any where you go you will find douche bags but also anywhere you go you will find sincere and good people. I am an Ohioan and i have lived in North Carolina for 4 years and there are equally as many ignorant, rude and lazy people here. not all Ohioans or Northerners are the same and not all Southerners are the same. Why do people stick with these stereo types and judge an entire group of people without knowing them. This goes both ways, there are Northerners who stereo type Southerners and Southerners who stereo type Northerners but there are also good people in both parts. The people calling Ohioans close minded, rude, stupid and lazy are the close minded and rude people. They also apparently don't understand that there are close minded, rude, stupid and lazy people everywhere. Why cant we all see that we are all equal and all end up in the same place. Stop judging people anywhere not just Ohio but don't judge or make assumptions about and certain place or person.

SHALANDA RUMPH on August 06, 2015:

Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank "2014 OH ODT IT 3" to fill out?

BBQ Man on July 29, 2015:

How to make your average Ohioan:

Take the most boisterous, annoying Texan that you know.

Multiply the arrogance by 10.

Add a thick and bold layer of stupid.

Subtract any reason or sense of self-awareness.

Make them obese and lazy.

Add a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

Give them a disgusting accent.

Now you have an average Ohioan.

O-H-I-Blow on June 10, 2015:

It's mostly because the talk about how great of a state Ohio is, yet it has one of the highest percentage of population decrease in all 50 states. In other words, a lot of people leave. If you want to leave your state, that's fine. However, it's when you talk about how great it is and how it's so much better than [insert southern state] that is hypocritical. Ohiblows don't just move to SC, I've seen more Ohio plates in other states than any other state in the US (especially southern states): NC, TN, GA, FL , AZ, and more.

Additionally, your post says:

"Ohio is a typical mid-western state. Our lifestyles and values are a reminder of what is really wrong with the south. We are hard working, blue collar people, and the majority of our parents grew up on the farm or in the factories working long days, but coming home at night to spend time with the family. Weekends were spent with familly and in church, with Catholic and Roman Catholics being the predominant religion of the mid-west. Mid-westerners are intellegent, strong, and hard working, with strong family values. What we see in the south is just the opposite."

You talk about Ohio in your experience and build it up, which I guess is fine (although it's not like your experiences are unique). And then you proceed to say the south is the opposite, keep in mind, this point of view coming from your very limited experience and reference of living in the South (but not being raised in the South). Yet you moved there. If you can't see why locals wouldn't like you after saying something like that, then I guess you are ignorant and oblivious to your own actions. Do you ever get the sense that you're portraying a "holier-than-thou" persona? It's a rhetorical question but think about it.

Let's talk about your football team. I know a few Clemson fans and their big reason for hating O$U is because of former coach Woody Hayes punched a Clemson player during a bowl game back in the day (classy). Now, I'm not necessarily a Clemson fan so I'm not too concerned about this incident, especially since it happened so long ago. However, it seems that O$U's program is given credit more for their past success than their current success, or lack thereof. The big ten is still considered by their fans to be a dominant conference when the truth is, it's struggling to be relevant. The SEC has certainly taken the spot of dominance so I assume you guys are jealous. It would only make sense that's why you always move to the South, right? You're following where all the good football programs are now.

I hope you can see the reason why you're hated among locals after you invade their land and tell them how wrong they are about everything they do. The best thing you can do now is move back to Ohiblow. I know it sucks there, but hey, it's your home state and you like it.

David on June 01, 2015:

@Kick your teeth in

Their is also a mass exodus from Ohio to Brooklyn, NY and the locals there are of the same sentiment. Ohioans are much like vermin and unfortunately they are leaving their pathetic state to explore new territory. The problem is they refuse to leave behind their nasty, ignorant attitudes. I have never known such a brainwashed, cult like people who believe the same misinformation no matter how facts are put in front of them. It is their way of life.

I will kick your teeth in on May 31, 2015:

You fucking Ohioans are so fucking uppity and ignorant that you actually think that you have a say. We don't care what you have say. You weren't born here. I don't go to blowohio and talk shit about your corn. You vagabonds are neophytes to pride in ones hometown. Go the fuck home. We have pride in where we come from. We don't want people like you who litter on our beaches and in our ocean. Ruin a town that we love. That we will happily fight to defend. Uneducated you say. That makes me laugh the most. We may not know what ph balance the soil should be to grow corn, or what the right temp the ground should be before you fuck a hole in the ground, but we leave that up to your undesired people. What also makes me happy is that it's not just us that despise you. (Charlestonians) it's everyone, even your own people. Your a jokey ass state. Y'all may have had some people from Ohio to become president in the past, but all were killed or died in office. What does that say? This is me being nice. Unfortunately you have become a nuisance to my friends and I. I canon speak for them but from this point forward I'm going to beat the fucking buckeye out of every Ohioan I come across. Your only making it worse for yourselves. So I suggest you lay low or stay in your self made shit hole of a state.

Harry on April 14, 2015:

Ridiculous writing. I love my Ohio friends in South Georgia. Just gets tiring hearing about Ohio State 24/7. Blah blah blah....give it a rest. Like the Mexicans driving around with the Mexican flag on their car.

David on March 25, 2015:

Ohio Pride .... you are living in La La Land. I have never heard more racial slurs than when I was in Ohio. Never! When I say this I don't just mean hearing the "N" word. I heard so many hateful comments about blacks and how they are sub human and worthless to society by the people of your state. Your name is a complete contradiction. Name something of true value to be proud of. Cuisine? Nope, Ohio sucks when it comes to the culinary arts. Architecture? Not even close. Natural beauty? Yeah right! Murky lakes, flat ugly land, gray skies for half the year .. as many as Seattle! Work ethic? Sure if you like watching an ant colony on crack running around in the same circles with nothing to show for it. Don't get me started on the general sour faced, passion deprived, spaced out population. What gets to me most is the LACK of pride that Ohioans suffer from. @Brett, what you said above times 100!

Brett on March 20, 2015:

Ohio Pride, you need to lose your ridiculous notion that our hatred for Ohio is because of the Civil War and/or slavery. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. There are a lot of posts here that hit on key points as to why we hate Ohioans, and you're breezing over them as if they don't exist so you can continue telling anyone who will listen that South Carolinians only hate Ohioans because we lost the war.

True, we DO hate Sherman. He was a blood-thirsty savage that tortured and humiliated innocent people and justified it by yelling some bullshit about slavery. How many homes did he burn? How many women were raped, and how many people were killed at his hand? Did you know less than 10% of Southerners owned slaves? Are you aware that Abraham Lincoln had racist tendencies(like everyone else in his era), and that not long before the war, slavery was legal and common above the Mason Dixon line? Im guessing, yes, you know that, but continue to ignore it because it doesn't fit your argument. Yes, my ancestors owned slaves, but guess what? This isn't 1865. Your beloved state, Ohio, still has problems with racism, just like mine. Ohio isn't immune because some blood-thirsty dickhead that believed in total warfare abused his position of power.

Pay attention. Your state's inhabitants are moving to our state at a brake-neck pace. 15 years ago we would have embraced your money. Now, we're worried about our environment and culture being destroyed by the hoards of knuckle-dragging, window-licking transplants from Ohio.

BTW, learn the difference between your and you're. And, yes, I AM a 'hater', and I have a damn good reason to be.

Matt on February 27, 2015:

I'm an Ohioan that's been living in SC for almost five years now and it's definitely true that we're absolutely hated down here to the point where I often tell people I'm from Michigan just to avoid the death-glares.

After my time here though, I do think I understand where a lot of this is coming from. If you go anywhere along the coast of SC in the summer, it seems to be chock-full of Ohioans. I believe there are two reasons for this. One, SC is about as far south, along the coast, an Ohioan can drive in one day. Two, the population of Ohio is a lot higher than people realize resulting in a seemingly overrepresentation of the state. Now, the Ohioans who come here aren't your typical Ohioans. They're usually overweight culturally-inept suburbanites who think a great vacation is plopping their fat selves on a very hot beach and drinking themselves silly. Normal people in Ohio don't vacation in SC but because of this misrepresentation we're getting a bad rap. Shit, when I see Ohio plates here I steer clear.

Lastly, southerners outwardly embrace this concept many northerners have that the south has great weather. In reality southerners don't actually believe this (come visit me in Columbia, SC in August and tell me the weather is beautiful). So when Ohioans flock to SC in the SUMMER for vacation, South Carolinians are thinking to themselves, "are they fucking stupid?". To me, an Ohioan coming to SC in August for vacation is like a southerner vacationing in Cleveland in January.

Scott Hague on January 29, 2015:

Buy that stupid tee-shirt and get beaten up in a dark alley downtown.

EKelly on January 15, 2015:

There is a reason that Ohioans don't experience "Southern Hospitality" ... they don't exactly deserve it. Leave it to an Ohioan to throw in the faces of southerners how much money they spend! How tacky! As if this excuses bad manners, lack of respect, etc. As for the bad drivers, well let me just say the rest of the country has known just about forever to pull over to the right lane if you want to go slower than the flow of traffic. Let me clarify this ... slow drivers do not belong in the left lane as they prevent cars from passing and impede the flow of traffic. Nobody is jealous of bad manners, annoying high pitched nasal accents, pale pasty sickly citizens who think they now it all. Let's get real here, how many people from the Carolinas vacation in Ohio? How many people from other parts of the country vacation in Ohio? Jealous? Leave your plastic bubble and come back to reality. Ohioans continue to live in a delusional state.

Heather on January 13, 2015:

My personal opinion from previous experiences warrants me to believe that although South Carolina has a better climate...its not better than Ohio. Or any other state for that matter. My brother moved to S.C. about 5 years ago. My family and I go down every year to visit sometimes a couple times a year. There is a lot of tourists but c'mon now....go to Miami, Fl, Ocean City, MD, i mean you name, if you have a a tourist attraction with historic locations, museums, beaches, etc...what do you expect? to be frank, Ohioans and many other surrounding states from the east coast visit and vacation in you state for the "southern hospitality" that they are so very well known for! (which i never experience in the state when im there). Really you should thank all the tourists for coming and visiting and paying the oodles of money they do to enjoy your beautiful state. I know we drop thousands of dollars into little family restaurants and pubs and even the market over the week we are visiting. Most ohioans move to the south to escape the terrible winters we have here. I mean this morning it was below zero here. riddle me this....why is it that business owners are more inclined to hire a person from the north over a person from the south? work ethic?? drivers...i mean really ive been in many states and there is bad drivers everywhere...i hate to break the news to you. as for my buckeyes??? we have a reason to be confident! did anyone of you catch the game last night?????? im pretty sure we are the champs!!! with a third string quarterback!!! shows you how good the team is to pull that off!!! so go jealous....jealousy is not a

pretty trait tho...

Scott Hague on January 03, 2015:

I've met some Ohioans who care a lot about protecting Charleston and the Lowcountry. If all Ohioans were like that, I'd welcome them. Unfortunately there are a lot of Ohioans who only care about cutting their commute by 5 minutes to their cookie-cutter house in new subdivisions way out on the outskirts of town. They want us to pave over the Charleston area the way parts of Ohio are covered in asphalt.

Charleston was a beautifully preserved place partly because it was poor for many years but also because people cared about protecting it. Charlestonians as a people do not put money over everything else. If we did, we probably would have left the area during the bad times. I respect Ohioans who are staying in struggling areas of Northeast Ohio and trying to help it bounce back. They care more about home and tradition than the Ohioans surging into our city. The Ohioans in Charleston are the ones who fled Ohio to our unspoiled area instead of staying in their own state. After they ruin Charleston, I predict they'll leave as soon as they can and swarm into some other unspoiled place.

Anthony on December 20, 2014:

You come here and complain. Why did you move here? All I hear are the taxes are too high and the south is much cheaper (we handle our $ better than the Dems). You can sell your small snow covered shack and buy a mansion in SC. What's to complain about? Then I hear they don't like the unions up north. Then you complain that we don't have unions! I have heard its too cold in Ohio, but they complain about the heat here. Is there no pleasing you folks? No, there ins't so why don't you go back to your snow covered shack and turn up the heat...PLEASE! And one more thing...We DON"T CARE how you did it up north!!! I know its hard, but just keep y'all's mouths shut please. No one wants to hear it. ("Y'all" by the way means youz guys).

John on December 08, 2014:

Please stay in Ohio, do not come here we are all poor and ignorant. The south is a trash pile and we are to lazy to clean it up. Our women look like corn fed butt ugly hogs of German decent, you do not want to come here. Its really cold here and for 9 months of the year the whole place is a cloudy and flat colored in depressing shades of brown and grey, and there is nothing to do but drink beer and eat chicken wings, alcoholics every where. We are so dumb that we think we are right all of the time. Then the corn starts growing and the place turns green. I can't understand why people from the south just don't move to Ohio..... not smart enough I guess

J on November 18, 2014:

Maybe is more women looked like the girl you posted in the picture and less like Maud, we would feel different. Seriously, though. Do you guys advertise in Ohio for Charleston, SC? Makes me wonder, since there are sooooo dam many of you down here. Most of the people that I have met from Ohio are trying to get away from a bad reputation they had in Ohio and move here. Problem is, their attitude follows them to the grave and is not dependant on where you live.

jj on October 26, 2014:

As someone who moved from the Midwest to South Carolina, I can see why many have such a distaste for people from Ohio. It seems to always be the Ohioans who are constantly complaining about how something was better back home. They have nothing good to say about SC yet live there. That would make someone mad in just about any state. If Ohioans are getting told to go home it is because they are doing something wrong. Everyone I have met I have told I am from the Midwest, but I get no backlash because I enjoy it here and don't complain. Sure there are some things that are different, but I either suck it up and don't complain or assimilate.

Alplus2 on September 23, 2014:

This is so funny! I lived in Ohio for 2 years (and hated it!) and I always wondered, why do all these people go to the Carolinas to vacation? Why don't they go to other places? I mean there are other vacation destinations, right? What one Ohioan does, all others must follow. Independent thought is not their strong point. It is just pure bad luck that you folks from the Carolinas got picked to be bombarded by these trashy Ohioans. I feel for you.

Pro South on September 22, 2014:

From NC. Southerners still own approx. 98 percent of the land mass south of the mason dixon, which includes maryland for all you liberals that were too busy studying shakespeare and global warming to look at a map. Northern money in the past since 1900-1950 industries has come from New York City, Industry in PA, and Chicago, but unfortunatly your socialistic policies has killed incentive and the bail out brothers (new york and NJ) will be sulking for money on a national scale by about 2016 if history repeats itself again. Northern Industry was fueled by Southern Farming, but the tables are turning, and your culture will just be the new "New England"... stay with me... England... where the economy is garbage. Remember, 98% of the land mass is held by at least 3rd generation southerners... Good luck. And its cool... keep buying those garbage mass produced houses outside of southern cities... hows that loan feel? Southerners money and land is clean, no debt.

Lori on September 21, 2014:

I used to have a business that sent my employers to different states. All of them had the same sentiment ......... Ohio had the rudest, most ignorant, unattractive people. Very coarse and abrasive braggart types with nothing to back it up. It seems that southerners still have some of that old world tradition and understandably get offended by these Ohioans who have a very poor attitude towards life in general. Ohioans apparently have no culture to call their own. I am not from the south.

Jack is Back on September 14, 2014:

A big part of the problem is that Ohioans have to loudly tell everyone they are from Ohio, how great THE Ohio State is, et cetera. I actually chalk it up to Midwestern hokiness. Ohioans seem to think people should be glad they decided to move to Charleston and should be impressed that they have so much PRIDE in their home state.

Maybe that would have been okay 20 years ago. Ohioans need to understand how Charlestonians feel now. We have seen the toll that unrestrained development has taken on our area. Even the good things that are left seem like they are constantly under threat. Basically, we're not thrilled by anybody new moving here and feeding the developers' greed. It seems like transplants from the Northeast are a little more tuned in to the mood here, so they keep quiet about being transplants unless they get to know you or are asked where they're from. They don't throw it out there constantly that they are from New York, for instance, and talk about how great New York is. Again, Ohioans have that Midwestern corniness thing going, so maybe they can't lay low and blend in. Even if they did, it's probably too late. Ohioans have become the whipping boys for all the problems that transplants bring.

Billy on September 07, 2014:

If Ohio is so great and you nothing good to say about SC, why do y'all move here? Don't come to Charleston and complain. You left Ohio for a reason, remember that.

Scott Hague on September 06, 2014:

"Was doing a little research on the area..." LOL, so you want to move to South Carolina too like half your state. I'll give you a few tips from a local. We don't care about Ohio State or any other team from Ohio. We don't think it's funny when people graffiti our neighborhood or put up stickers with Ohio on them. We don't think you're clever when you keep your Ohio license plates for years once you've moved here. Basically, don't come here. We're tired of half your state moving in and ruining the place.

Ohio Pride on September 04, 2014:

Brett - Your a hater, or you wouldn't have even posted anything on this page to begin with. Once again, scroll up and read your original ignorant post. I just replied to that crap. Yeah, it pisses me off to read bullshit posts like yours. Go back and check out my original blurb. Nothing ignorant there, right? This page is all about why folk's hate Ohioan's. Now what's more ignorant Brett? People bashing Ohioan's or individuals standing up for themselves? You have your own views as does everybody else. Nobody's right Brett. Man, you just don't get it. And Mr. Brett, of course most southern hatred for Ohio (North) didn't just start here during our current times. It truly began when you little devil's seceded from the Union. What era do you think your slang term "Yankee" was coined? Its funny how true losers try to manipulate common knowledge. Do your homework and learn yourself on how Ohioan's specifically helped save this country from racist southerner's like your heritage depicts. Now that's a fact. Don't hate, appreciate. Go suck on some moonshine and get your mind right, Brett.

Brett on August 24, 2014:

Ohio Pride... ive touched a nerve. You know im right. Why else would you so vehemently try to insult me with some ignorant, off-topic rant about the civil war? The civil war has very little to do with the hatred we have for Ohioans and absolutely nothing to do with my personal hatred for "yenz".

Blairsy on August 15, 2014:

I went online searching why people in general hate Ohioans, not just Southerners. I lived in Atlanta for 19 years, so I know something about that as well. But I've lived in New York for the last 7 years, and it's the default go-to hate line for commentators in articles about tourists or people not being perceived to be "real" New Yorkers. It's not just transplant hate. It's OHIO hate. As if Ohioans are a stand in for the general hatred of all outsiders.

I'm clueless as to why this is, though. My one thought is that we are just too omnipresent. Ohio is 34th in size and 7th in population. Which means there are LOT of us and we tend to really be everywhere. So a bit of over-saturation? But can there really be too much of a good thing?

Emily on August 06, 2014:

Was doing a little research on the area and can't help but notice the extreme bitterness some people have. If you get cut off by an Ohio driver, that means all Ohio drivers suck? Jeez...didn't think people were this close minded anymore..someone was putting up graffiti and they were from Ohio? "Oh, now I hate Ohioans" stop hating so hard on a state and grow up. People can move wherever the fuck they want and your bitching isn't gonna do anything to stop it, so might as well deal!

Scott Hague on July 26, 2014:

Why do we hate Ohioans? Here's an example. There is some asswipe in my neighborhood who sprays grafitti everywhere. Not the cool street art kind. The done-with-a-stencil kind a third grader could do. What is his grafitti? A palmetto tree (symbol of South Carolina) with the state of Ohio in the place of the crescent moon.

Now do you get it? Who the hell would move to Charleston and then start putting up Ohio grafitti? It takes a special kind of asswipe.

Charleston Born on July 05, 2014:

It's that fact that we don't want charleston to keep expanding at such a ridiculous rate. Our traffic gets worse and worse day by day. You can't drive two miles without seeing ten Ohio license plates. It all started as a joke until what it seems like half of the ohio population has moved here. To make matters worse y'all are dreadful drives. I do understand you don't know directions well yet but when there is over a few thousand stopping at every turn to figure out when to turn it ruins the flow of traffic. Charleston "Mainly Mount Pleasant" is bursting at the seams right now because of the amount of people moving here. I've never in my life wanted to move out of the charleston area but this situation is starting to get out of hand. You were wondering why people from Charleston are not happy. This is just how I feel. I do understand that everyone coming here does help out economy so no need to try to argue with me about that.

Ohio Pride on June 30, 2014:

Brett - Your absolutely wrong. Insults? Go back and read the insult filled crap you typed prior to my post. Your ignorance is evident and embarrassing as well. No identity, no soul, crime...? Am I seriously talking to an 15 year old? Brett, are you and your family from SC? If so, lets cut the crap and get to your "long ago" remark. Want to talk true evil? Where do you think the Civil War started Brettski? What faction of the country had to put an end to Confederate evils? Please tell me your family wasn't from the south prior or during the C. War. If so, what does that direct or indirect tag mean to your name? You got it Mr. Brett. Pro-slavery and devilish hatred. If it wasn't for the fucking NORTH, this country would be a god damned hell on Earth. How ironic are the words "Southern Hospitality" Brett? Why don't you go and ask some Afro-Americans how warranted that term is in relation to southern history? Your entire grounds for argument with a Northerner is ruined once you bring up "long ago." Now what....pal?

Brett on June 20, 2014:

Seems I've struck a nerve... No rebuttal, just a truck load of insults.

Ohio Pride, could it be that you know I'm right?

John on June 05, 2014:

I am from the south. I was born in Georgia and decided to move to the Lowcountry a few years ago. First to Hilton Head, then to Charleston. Two of my best friends moved to Charleston after they graduated from Ohio State, both born and raised in Ohio. I have nothing against anyone from any state including Ohio, however, I will say that I have been irritated on a couple of occasions by people from Ohio. It isn't so much the ones that come to live, it is the ones that come here on vacation. They tend to act as if they are better than Southerners. They are quick to get an attitude and they (one most occasions) have not been too friendly. With that being said, I know that southerners are confused and irritated with the fact that there are so many people moving here from Ohio. It is just as common to see a license plate from Ohio as it is to see one from South Carolina. It leaves southerners to ask "why are so many of you moving down here". We see the ones that come down on vacation. We observe how they act, how they treat our town, hotels, restaurants, and people. Simply put, it is the ones on vacation that come down and act as if they run the show that puts a bad taste in the mouth of South Carolinians. While in college, I was a server at a restaurant in Hilton Head. With Hilton Head being the number 1 travel destination for Ohio, a lot of our business came from Ohio vacationers. Some were excellent customers and others were the most demanding and unsatisfied customers one could have. Unfortunately for me, it seemed like when I had a table form Ohio, they were usually harder to serve. I started to see things like most people from South Carolina do. As time went on, I started making friends and meeting people who I later found out was from Ohio. I then started to change my mind and my views on people from Ohio. I can understand why most southerners don't like the state being invaded, if you will by people from Ohio, however, it isn't right for us to be upset about it. With all do respect, I don't believe any of the above theories are truly accurate. I believe others see things the way I used to see them.

Ohio Pride on May 23, 2014:

Hey Brett, your pathetic blog entry shows a complete lack of intelligence. But what is nice about your elementary mindset scribble is that it gives the rest of us a true snapshot of what ignorant brain storming truly entails. Do yourself a favor Brett and set up a meeting with a cheap, special needs tutor and get your cognitive skills sped up to at least a fifth grade level. Blaming northern states (Ohio) for southern decay is the perfect scapegoat for brainy rebels, which you appear to be. Half witted and challenged is no way to live life. Now go and tear down your rebel flag.........the wars over. Have a nice day!

Brett on May 16, 2014:

Our waterways are being ruined, Forests being torn down, roads becoming INCREDIBLY congested, and the overall pollution has gone through the roof. Mix that with the overall attitude people from the North have toward us and you have a perfectly good explanation of the animosity.

Our home is being taken advantage of...It's turning into FL, ie the giant shopping complex and HOA by the sea. Look at that place...It's a cess pool of crime, over-population, pollution, etc. It has no identity, no soul. Why? because it was infiltrated long ago with people who have no connection to the land. The lack of respect for the state from it's transplanted residents has turned it into a tacky collection of cheap, cookie-cutter houses and shopping complexes. All this is happening to SC right in front of us, and, unlike Floridians, we don't like it. You can take your money(and all the bullshit that comes along with it) and shove it up your ass.

SC has it's own problems...Ohio has just as many(Im sure none of you Ohioans will agree, but a lot of us have been there) and we don't want your problems compounded on top of ours.

Why Ohio, specifically? Because there are far more of you, at least seemingly, than any other state. We don't want SC turning into Cincinnati, Akron, or, God forbid, Cleveland. And that's exactly what's happening.

Drew on May 07, 2014:

We are all Americans, that is all!

Ohio Pride on April 08, 2014:

The greatest remark made on this silly page has to be the one about General Sherman being compared to Satan. Really? The southerners of the time put their own families lives on the line as well as everything they ever earned or owned to continue the evils of slavery. General Sherman did what he had to do to end the conflict as soon as possible, and he succeeded. I'm pretty sure most Americans of current times would agree that the Union aggression of Total War inflicted on southern cities toward the end of the war was harsh, but fully warranted. Comparing Satan to the evil Confederate agenda seems much more appropriate.

As for the rest of this hate filled page, trash talking is for the pathetically uneducated and the weak. There are ignorant citizens in every state of our awesome country, but that shouldn't ruin one's perception of the majority of people from a targeted state.

I'm from southern Ohio and extremely proud of it. If I were from South Carolina, then my pride would be within those southern walls. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Hell, we're Americans! Family - Heart - Pride - Freedom is how we roll. So we hit a few bumps in the road as a country but we're still high stepping as one badass machine into the future.

I did go smallmouth bass fishing in Norris Lake, Tennessee over the weekend, and appreciated every second of it. And a local man did make a brash comment about me wearing a New York Yankee ball cap at the marina in Deerfield, which was immediately followed up by a jokingly big smile and a welcoming handshake.

Hang loose folks!

southern man on March 26, 2014:

I worked with several ppl who was self centered,trouble making drama qeens,always running teir mouth about how great ohio is,why not go back there,im Carolina and I don't care that you think your above us,your not.ican now spot ppl from ohio in about 30 secs,the big mouth just starts running then then you no there from ohio you make yourself the image,the south will always see the truth and speak it,its better to keep your mouth shut and apprear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.peace ppl.

Tammy on March 25, 2014:

I lived in NC and also GA. I am a fun friendly person who loves all kinds of people. When I lived down south, even though I respected people the people from the south always said "Go back home you Yankee". Now if this is not ignorant, then I don't know what is. I could of rebelled and said "Can you say that a little faster, since your brain talks slooooowww"! The people in the south are NOT in any way nice or friendly. They are jealous of the people from the north. When I started my job in GA in collections, the owner of the company had 3 girls doing collections. One sat and did her nails all day. One lied and put notes that she called when she didn't, and the other, well lets just say tried to boss everyone else around even though she didn't do her job. I got hired, and took off like a silver bullet collecting money left and right. The owners could not believe how fast and quickly I collect on claims open from 4 years ago. These girls were lazy as hell. Well needless to say, the one got demoted to estimating, the other was let go for not like conflict on collecting and the last Bitch, I got her ass fired. She rubbed me the wrong way by being immature and saying inappropriate comments about the north and she was jealous of me,,,,and the bitch had to go!

I moved back to Oh in 2011, and thinking back, the people from the south are slow, not only do they think slow they talk slooowwww. It takes 3 people to do one job and they don't appreciate nothing. There taste in dress is horrible. They dress like back wood hillbillys! I still have friends from GA that I talk to every week, but they have class, respect and know that people move to different states all the time!

Get over yourself you inbreeds from the south!

The north will still kick your ass in battle!

GO BUCKS!!!!!!

julymoon on March 17, 2014:

Buckeye born and bred. Goooo Ohio State. S.C. dont hate just sit back watch and, appreciate! You couldn't pay me enough to go to S.C. We won the war get over it, Ohio has had the most president, the most actors and actress, most musicains. Did i mention the best athletes. When broadcasters in the old days needed to learn to speak where do you think they sent them? Thats right, the great state of OHIO!

Jean Copeland on March 07, 2014:

Living in the past, will get you nowhere.

Clifton - SouthTx on February 08, 2014:

You yanks should study your history of the Civil War before you shoot your mouth off down here. The South did not start that damn war.


And I have studied that war thouroughly.

Clifton - SouthTx on February 08, 2014:

You damn dirty yankees think you are so much smarter than we are; Why don't you just stay NORTH!


Now What part of that you don't understand?

Chris on February 03, 2014:

Southerners are lazy and they hate how hard Ohioans work. A perfect example, I remember when a huge windstorm hit ohio 5 years ago and blew down hundreds of trees. Within 24 hours every tree in the neighborhood had been sawed up and the wood neatly stacked in a pile in each yard and the rest of the waste was bagged up at the curb, for every house! If the same thing happened here, the wood and waste would still be sitting there rotting in place. This is the difference between the "get it done and constantly improve your surroundings" German influenced work ethic (most of Ohio) and the "survival is good enough" white trash English work ethic of the South.

go back home yankee on February 01, 2014:

you are not wanted here go back to your cesspool called Ohio and leave us aloneOhio sucks

Julia on January 30, 2014:

I am a true Yankee in the South, I originate from Vermont. I also have noticed that people down here will do anything they can to get out of doing work. Vermont is made up primarily of family run farms, the people in Vermont work hard. I was also brought up with family values,and work values, and when I came down here I was absolutely astonished to have my coworkers yelling at me for "doing too much work" because it meant that the supervisors would expect them to do more work.

Please don't lump us in with Southerners, its an insult to us. As a note, the top universities in the U.S. are located in Yankee territory. Harvard and Yale? Both in Mass.

I married a man from Ohio that had also migrated down here, he was the only person here I've met so far that I can hold a conversation with that doesn't denigrate to ignorance or hate and inter-mingling the two with religion. I have family from Ohio and I have a great affection for the state. I will not agree with the paved roads comment, however. The part of Ohio I've become intimately familiar with is Poland, which sits just outside of Youngstown, and I don't think I've ever encountered worse roads.

Johny on December 16, 2013:

They hate Ohioans because we're ruthlessly efficient, care about having paved roads and how our house looks from the road. We don't hesitate to mention their failings in those areas and that drives them crazy. They'd rather hate than take some pride in their surroundings. I mean seriously, I lived in a farm town in Ohio and I never drove on a dirt road in my life, then I move to Charleston and there are more residential dirt roads than paved!!! I am puzzled by why Ohio is the specific target as there are more people here in Charleston from the nastiest states in the nation (Mass-hole-achussets, New York, New Jersey) Southwest Ohio where I'm from has much more in common culturally to South Carolina than those Northeastern states, but they pick us to hate....I don't get it.

Palmett0 State on December 15, 2013:

I think the term "go back to ohio" is more a general euphemism for all non-southerners. Yes we get a lot of Ohioans in the state but somehow the term has come to be used for everyone not of southern origin. It could almost just as easily be "go back to New York". Charleston itself is a very non-inclusive city not just against northerners or Ohioans. It's not easy to reach the upper echelons of society or be widely accepted here if you aren't native born Charlestonian and if you aren't even from SC, forget about it ( and that even goes for fellow southerners). If you walk down Church Street to St Phillips Episcopal in Charleston you will see two grave yards, the one closest to the church was reserved for native Charlestonians the one across the street was slotted for those not born in Charleston. Even the revered statesmen John C Calhoun, who has a major street in the city named in his honor as well a monument in Marion Square, was made to be buried in the "outsiders" grave yard across the street. So Charleston itself is an odd bird in that respect. It's the general consensus ( and I have seen and experienced this in my 25 years as a born and bred South Carolinian) that Northerners love to come to our state and tell us how things ought to be done and tell us how things are back home. I even sense a little bit of this condescending attitude in the original article. South Carolinians hate being told what to do, maybe it's a character flaw I don't really know, but the fact stands we don't need help administering ourselves. We like the way things are and the way things have been for eons and when "outsiders" who generally come from the north try to force their views and opinions on us we take it as a threat to our way of life. As southern hospitality as well as my mother dictates, you are very welcome as a visitor here in our beautiful city as long as you keep your rude and arrogant commentary and opinion to yourself; But make no mistake about it, you ARE a visitor no matter how long you have lived here. We love to see you come but even more so we love to see you go.

Greenville on December 12, 2013:

You couldn't be any more ignorant OP. You talk about how unintelligent South Carolinians are, but your post is riddled with grammatical errors.

Im going to put it very simply...We don't like Ohioans because you people are generally tactless, abrasive and simply unpleasant. From the way you dress, your social skills, your unfounded arrogance and propensity to plaster Ohio State bullshit all over yourselves and everything around you(Southerners are a proud people and we are passionate about college football, you're just flat out tacky). If I go to the beach, there's a group of middle aged leather-skinned Ohioans binge drinking and trashing the place...Go to the grocery store, there's somebody bitching because "they don't even have f***ing gutters here"... Go to a bar, there's 50 Ohioans causing a scene because they feel the need to let everyone know they're from Ohio...Get the point?

Now compound all this on top of the fact that seemingly half the state has moved to SC in the past decade and you have a perfectly good explanation for the hatred. Not because of the Civil War, not because you think you're taking our women(HA!), none of it.

Ohioans are trashy and have an arrogance about them that is completely unwarranted, and they like to throw it in our faces all the time...Despite the fact that they're LIVING IN OUR STATE.

Take your money and go home. We don't want it. If it means relieving ourselves of you...FANTASTIC.

Bop on December 07, 2013:

The truth has nothing to do with football, southern aggression, or anything else relating to culture differences. It all boils down to how many Ohioans have moved here in the last decade. I like some of the imports and I don't like others. Same goes with every other state, including my own. Because of the never ending migration, I too have come to view fifo's, as fifo's.

mary on December 02, 2013:

I dont hate anyone....just have the good sense to keep to myself. Btw they refuse to honor out of town doctor orders in Ohio. I had a perscription for an ultrasound due to having had breast cancer. I had to push to get it done. I have more lumps in my right breast than the left. Not a good thing. Ohio is behind pa. In cancer help

mama on December 01, 2013:

I am friendly and say hello and wish people a nice day. The majority of people from Ohio where i live are too stuck up, act like they are fabulous. I am female and Ohio women are mean, including drs, churches, just in general

Scott Hague on September 13, 2013:

I thought only Charlestonians hated Ohio State because it seems like the entire state of Ohio has moved here, including you. If I go to Target on a game day, it seems like half the shoppers are dressed head to toe in Ohio State gear. I have nothing against Ohioans, there's just too many of you. Of course, when you start putting South Carolina down, like you did in your post, I have a problem with you. Plus, Ohio State sucks. Your coach and players cheated. You're a disgraced program.

Raymond on June 05, 2013:

Ohio is filled with southern transplants and we love them. Everyone where I'm at their family is from the south even if they were born here. Coal mines dried up so they moved here for work and settled. My family is from virginia. I bet half of these idiots aren't even real southerners in spirit. I bet hardly any of their ancestors fought in the coal miner wars or worked in coal mines, farmed, or made moonshine. Northern born southern by the grace of god. That holler back in the woods of lee county Virgnia will always be my ancestral homeland. Also technically yankees are from northern states. Ohio is a midwestern state, learn geography

Tim on April 25, 2013:

Because Ohio tourists suck, their football fans are obnoxious and the people in general are uninteresting

Stephen on January 26, 2013:

As a southern borne person living in Ohio on acount of Ohio women apearing to be decent and interesting, I married one. ( Never marry a girl ftom Ohio unless you like tyrants).

Ohioans are rude, bitter people who insist on making damn sure that their percieved misery spreads. Ohians akways find something to complain about under even the best of circumstances, the food is aweful,the work force is lazy and contributed greatly to the economic hell that Ohio will be in for a long time because of the crookedness of the people and policies that you let "everyone" else vote for, your driving sucks although Ohioans insist it is every one else that sucks as there is a several hundred car pile up on 475 a highway with out many hills and turns. Basicly you guys are whiney, crybaby, miserable, unpleasant rude, assholes. I hope you get cancer from all of the fast food restraunts that litter your cities and towns.)

Stupid Yankees on December 29, 2012:

And by f-ing idiots, I mean you fat, slob-like, ugly, nasty, mean, stupid, ignorant Ohioans.

Stupid Yankees on December 29, 2012:

All of you are f-ing idiots. please do more reading on the causes of the war between the states.

Groundmaster on November 19, 2012:

They don't hate ppl from Ohio - its only since you moved in ...

Brent Beam on October 20, 2012:

I think a lot of it is because so many College of Charleston students come from Ohio, Cincinnati in particular it seems like, and they all just suck for some reason. I lived in Ohio in 8th grade and it was the worst time of my life, I'm never going back. I think it's just 'cause Ohio sucks so bad so obviously everyone wants to come down here to Charleston where it's awesome.

swampfox19 on October 17, 2012:

South Carolina is not backward or hateful at all. There is no "hatred" of Ohio here in Charleston, simply an annoyance at the lack of diversity in the tourist visitors. 95 percent atleast come from Ohio. That's great; they bring us money and income, but it's as if no other states or countries produce tourists for us other than the midwest. I was born in New York but grew up in Mississippi and later on in Charleston, and as an outsider I can say the antipathy towards Northern tourists is not because we hate the North, it is because the few "bad apples" of the bunch are very bad.

Case in point: a visitor walking by the cannons along the battery asked his girlfriend: "What were these cannons for? I bet to shoot at (bleeping) pirates." Such ignorance...those are Civil War cannons

Case in point: Where does Broadway Street lead? (It's Broad Street)

And often times they are just very rude. 90 percent of NOrthern tourists are nice, but it is that ten percent that makes them all look bad

cincerious on September 03, 2012:

I visited Myrtle Beach a few years ago and saw nothing of the 'southern hospitality' that we all hear about. Instead I was treated with mistrust and indignity. I have no reason to spend $ in SC ever again. I would rather take my hard earned dollars to Fl where at least they dont blatently display their hatred towards me.

ohiosucks on August 19, 2012:

maybe it's because of your horrible grammar and atrocious spelling?

Palmettopride on August 13, 2012:

We Hate you Ohio. Y'all are some of the ugliest, people I have ever seen. Please stay away from Hilton Head Island. Whenever I see an ugly man or woman with horrible clothing on in the grocery store, they always go get in their mini-van from Ohio. Ohio is awful. Gen. William T. Sherman was an Ohioan, and he is the closest thing to Satan that has ever walked the earth

southerner on August 10, 2012:

Why cant everyone just get along??? I am from the south and have lived in Illinois and Ohio due to my husbands job and I can tell you Illinois HATES southerners ( a lot of them I wont say all, thats not fair). We were treated like crap from the second we got there. Ohio has been MUCH better. So far most people have been very nice. We have had a few people who have treated us rudely. But there are idiots all over the country who treat people bad for where they are from not just southerners.

C on August 10, 2012:

To "west by god Virginia" : I guess the Appalachian mountains don't count as mountains? And Lake Erie (one of the great lakes) doesn't have a beach?

You are such a moron haha

Get over yourself. We are one country and we stand together.

Try to stop being an embarrassment.

AL on July 22, 2012:

I like beer

scnative on July 08, 2012:

If history serves me right. The KKK was first started in OHIO. I don't hate you but don't be so uppity about the slavery thing. Slavery was an awful thing that generation after generation of southerners will not be allowed to live down no matter how much progress we make. Northerners and midwesterners weren't exactly happy when blacks started moving into their towns, didn't treat them well and still aren't.

Yankee In The South on June 05, 2012:

When I've been called a Yankee (I'm from Ohio) I've sometimes asked, "Do you know what we call people from the south back home?" That get's attention and then I tell them, "We call them Americans." This seems to be a mind-blowing type answer. We don't actually say they're 'Americans', but it's unspoken...we think of them as one of us. As fellow Americans.

Here's a theory of the southern bitterness that still exists 150 years after the Civil War. (I have no academic anything to back this up.) Andrew Johnson took over for Pres. Lincoln. Pres. Johnson was from Tenn. and was the Tn. Governor and Rep. The folks overseeing Reconstruction did it in a heavy-handed way, under the leadership of Pres. Johnson. I think Johnson took his unforgiving, dictatorial type mindset/role to show that he had no leanings or softness for the South. Tennessee is not a Midwestern or Deep South state. It's a southern state (and it seceded from the union). Johnson was so harsh because it was the safe/practical route, it was a solid political position to take, yet not enough because he was impeached. So if the people in the Deep South still hold animosity, they should have it for Johnson. But that's just silly...just as silly as them being angry and bitter at Ohioans now.

Jeff on May 30, 2012:

Just as people in the South are proud of being Southerners if your from Ohio or the North and have pride your arrogant? Seems like a bit of a double standard. Im from Ohio, Cleveland to be exact. We're not arrogant, we're confident. I think anyone from any state whether North, South, East, or West would agree.

T on May 25, 2012:

To me Ohioans act like people from New England... And that would be ARROGANT. They aren't true representations of the Midwest.. we don't like them in Iowa either..

Ohio Nicholas on April 19, 2012:

I can't speak for some of the previous comments made in here, but what I can say is that there is no reason to hate people from Ohio. I will be the very first person to admit that Ohio State Football fans can be arrogant and boisterous, but I think you can say that about many, many football programs, especially ones that have perennial success, and especially ones in the south too(though not necessarily in South Carolina). I'm not saying that people shouldn't be respectful, I'm just saying you have to expect that some people are going to be jerks at big schools with big football programs.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that Ohio is very diverse place. That may sound a little silly at first, but its true. Ohio is a confluence between the Midwest, the South, and the East. Aside from that, there are sub-regions like Appalachia, the Rust belt, and Great Lakes culture all in different parts. Cleveland is like a different planet compared to Ironton Ohio (which is more like the south), or Marietta Ohio, which is more like West Virginia. We even have a shit load of Amish people. My point is that there are many different influences, and I think if you ever went there you would find that you actually had a lot in common with at least some of them.

If Ohio people in South Carolina are giving us a bad name then that is a real shame, but try to keep an open mind, theres a lot of great people in Ohio, some of the most hard working and profoundly decent I have ever met. I've been to South Carolina and thought it was cool. Not sure I'd ever move there, but take the generous population of Ohioans as a compliment, they like the place!

herbie on March 11, 2012:

no one ones any state. GOD DOES. Why are all the fast food restaurants in SC dirty. It's like going to a fast food in the inner city. GROSS! Our fast food restaurants are clean.

Bobby Joe on December 09, 2011:

Hate is a strong word, so let's rephrase to Southerners don't like ohioans, but they don't like any northerners or outsiders from anywhere, but tolerate other southern states. 10-4 good buddy?

West by God "Virgina" on October 31, 2011:

Sorry "their". Before Ohio may believe they are smarter than WVians. Also the cheerleader is hot, good call for picking that out. She's from Kentucky.

West by God "Virginia" on October 31, 2011:

I too have wondered why I see so many beady eyed, inbred, Bob Evans worshiping, butteyes coming through my beautiful state. How is it that Ohians found this website? Is it they too search for why Ohio sucks so badly,or why are there so many of this idiots driving through my state, or... you get it. There here, defending there beloved state. Then stay home! I see you on I 77, used to drive in Western Maryland and see you on I 68, everywhere you go. Beady eyed butteyes. What is that other than a worthless nut? Stay home. I too hate you for being Ohian. Ignorant self imposed educated. That is it. My ex wife was from Ohio. Catholic idiot. I saw one post saying that the women, or his was a succubus. True story. You see they do anything to leave there state. It is just that boring. No mountains, no beach, nothing. Most, when asked about what to do for fun, offer up looking at wet dream of a bridge. The "Y" bridge, Zanes Yuckapuck Ville, Ohio. Keep you butteys, your vest, etc. Birthplace of aviation. Even the Wright Bros got the hell out. It's that simple. West Viginia just built the world's largest zoo...... it fenced in Ohio.

Born in Ohio on September 13, 2011:

I don't blame then for wanting us to go back home. I met far more ignorant men and women in Ohio than anywhere I have ever lived. Also adultery is the norm.....

Eric on August 04, 2011:

I am from Ohio, and I live in North Carolina. I have lived in the South for several years (La., Ky., SC. and NC.). I agree with the bias that is practiced throughout the South towards anyone from anywhere but the South. I have heard people in the South (nearly to a man) put down the West (saying they are a bunch of weirdos and gays). They say that people up North are ALL rude and mean spirited. They call Miami, FlA., a different country because most people down there are from Latin American descent. People in the South have a built in dislike, distain, whatever you want to call it, for anyone who is not from the South.

Of course people in the South will not agree with any of this, because to do so would admit that they are wrong about anything. Southerners love to argue as long as you see things their way. They have self esteem issues because how they are perceived across the nation (as red necks, hilly billys, ignorant, etc.) However, when you get down here, Southerners themselves are PROUD of being red necks???? They will tell you that! Another fact is, the present day South was rebuilt by every other area of the country. So for Southerners to say 'Yankee go home,' or 'Go back to Ohio,' is silly. If that happened across the board, that would mean that thousands of fortune 500 businesses such as Micro Soft, Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, United Parcel, Federal Express, and others would go back too. The South cannot stand alone, and Southerners know it. Still, they have a deeply rooted hatred for Ohio, New York, California, and anywhere other than the South. It's sad, it makes life difficult here, but as far as the statement 'Go back to Ohio,' goes. I will answer it this way..."I'm an American, and I'll damn well go where I damn well please!"

John on July 19, 2011:

I think the main reason is that there is an influx from one region/state. I'm sure the ignorance gets passed down until the offspring don't know why but they just have to keep hating.

I've lived in the south for 25 years and Charleston for 10. Tradition is EVERYTHING to southerners. Learning and growing is gay or sissy.

P.S. I was engaged to an Ohioan and she was a lying succubus of a woman. For the record.

sc = idiots on July 04, 2011:

I tried to go to the link and got the message that essentially the subscriber didn't pay their bill! NICE. Hating people from Ohio just makes you all look desperate and jealous. Don't you all have anything better to do? Have you even left the state of SC ever? Sounds like you hate us just because we are more intelligent and make more money. Next time I am there I will be sure not to spend a dime, I’m sure all my family and friends can pass this along to others as well who will also not spend a dime in SC. You make a pretty large amount of money from people visiting your state don't you? You're really doing yourselves a favor bashing people that spend a lot of money there?!? You would have been smart to keep your mouth shut; do you think a state that has so much return in tourist dollars can maintain without them? How stupid you all sound.

Watdafak on April 15, 2011:

They hate Ohio because they are still pissed that the north whipped their ass in the civil war. Ha ha

palmetto buckeye on March 29, 2011:

listen up south idiots ohio is number seven of transplaints in sc your education is 49 in the nation idiots the person that started the web site is from the state of washington idiots i had to move to your backward state because your onecould not fill a position idiots my inc rates doubled moving here with all your idiot drivers if i could move back i would find someone that can fill my occupation please you idiots

Mike on February 17, 2011:

Revering Mohammed Atta? I think that is going a little too far! The 9-11 terrorists just didn't hate New York, they hated all of America, North and South.

Adam Chickey on September 28, 2010:

I feel ya there i lived in south carolina and moved back to my home state. when i decided to move back to Charleston, SC i found out how much these red necks hated me! i was hurt but not hurt too bad, because when i got here i found there were more ohioans here then i thought!

Southern Ohio Gal on March 21, 2010:

Well, I too have run into this prejudice. Maybe it is a transference of their former racial prejudices that are no longer legal. OR - they are still fighting the Civil War.

As for me - I loved Charleston and visited many times until I went to Savannah. I have not been back to Charleston since. Charleston is not true south like Savannah to me. I'd advise Ohioans to take their money to Savannah and show them good manners that are not unknown to Northerns as we are so accused.

Willdawg (author) from Proud Ohio'an living in the south (SC) on October 29, 2009:

Why do you call it the war of northern agression? I keep hearing that term but it doesn't fit. Do your research. The civil war was started because southern terrorists attacked the US army and Sort Sumter. The north didn't start the Civil War, the south did.

Do you really think that Muslims are going to target the north? You have really got to be nieve. Middle Easterns hate Americans. They don't care where you were raised. Your only hope is that if someone does attack the US they aren't paying most southern cities any attention because they are too small and don't do anything of value. When we were in the cold war with the Soviet Union, a large amount of the nuclear missles were tageted on Ohio cities. Not because they had anything against Ohioans in particular, but because of Ohios military influence. Because most of the top secret military research is done at Wright Patterson Air Force base dear Dayton. A large portion of military supplies are manufactured in Ohio, including almost all of the parts for the Stealth fighters and bombers. Foreign enemies attack places that are of significant military and economic value.

Don't hate mid-westerners because we are raising the standard. If you don't like the fact that you are loosing jobs (as the website says) because we are better educated and work harder; don't get mad at us, go get an education and put a little more effort in. If you don't like the fact that southern women are flocking to mid-western men because we are more attentive and more respectful to women. Don't get mad, just treat the women better. We're not doing it to show you up, it's how we are raised. The midwest is packed full of agriculture with large industrialized cities scattered throughout it. Our parents, and grand parents, and great grandparents, etc. spent their lives on the farms (and we didn't have slaves & don't use migrant workers) and in the factories. We go to work (many times for 12+ hours a day), and we have 2 things that are important, our families and our faith (a large portion are raised in either the Catholic or Lutheran church). America is lazy and ignorant, and the south and US need us to spread around because we raise the bar and set a new standard. Get used to it.

*Note: I am referencing the mid-west, not the north, because we are NOT Yankies. Yankies are north easterners with the same heritage and background as you except they live in the north (Mainly English and French ancestry). The mid-west is composed more of a combination (and notice I say combination because mid-westerners are known for a lot of interacial interaction) of African-Americans, Native Americans, Greek, & Germans.

FL Green on October 28, 2009:

Dear Sir;

Your ramblings above are of little interest to Southerners. The point is we dont care what you think of us, because we think so lowly of you that your opinions dont count. You are among Southerners, and you are not wanted here. The prevalent feeling does go back, not just to the War of Northern Agression, but to at least 50 years before that.

Let it suffice to say that we want to separate ourselves from you. We are not interested in being a part of the same country you are.

Understand that we revere some individuals that have accomplished noteworthy damage to you. They are;

John Wilkes Booth

Lee Harvey Oswald

Mohammad Atta

Maybe this information will confer to you our deepest feelings. If you still miss the point, consider that we are waiting on the day when the Muslins open up on the north. We will be cheering them on.

Kindest Regards,


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