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Why You Should Try Extreme Sports (in a Nutshell)


Extreme sports, some people think its dangerous and borderline insane, and for others it's a way of life, a sense of adventure and calmness. But I must say, there is something alluring about extreme sports. I often find myself thinking hey! I'd like to try that. My thirst to try extreme sports intensified once I researched and found out the benefits of this rugged and wild category of sports.


It gives you a sense of humility, burns a tonne of calories, keeps you centered, boosts your self-confidence, enhances fear management, (which I need I'm sick of screaming because I saw a rat!) and many more.

Have in mind I'm not saying you should start climbing mountains tomorrow, even the best took hours honing their skills. I'm talking about some extreme sports that are...tame.


Kayaking is another extreme sport that's really flexible depending on how you want it. For beginners, I suggest to stick to low current lakes or places but for pros, go through a rapid. This is often confused with canoeing but the sitting position is different and the paddle is double bladed.


Surfing, riding that huge wave the smell of the ocean, the feel of the wind caressing your skin, (Lilo and Stitch got that right)
Free diving is also an extreme sport that relies on the divers' ability to hold his or her breath.

Other sports that are tamed and can be learned are, snowboarding, flow riding, caving, running with the bulls ( just make sure you have stamina,) rock climbing, hand gliding, shark cage diving and so much more.


So if you're a thrill seeker and want to try something new, or you just want a super cool story to tell, extreme sports gives you that.
You don't have to be pro, you just have to be committed. Some are begginers friendly!

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