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Why Having a Good Hotel Is so Important

Sarah loves to travel and has been to many places around the world. She has been to Italy, France, the UK and many places in the US.


There are so many reasons why you should have a good hotel to sleep in at night when you're traveling. I'm not saying that you should go out of your way to pay $200-$500 a night on the five-star resort with room service but you also shouldn't pick shady cheap motels either. Something in the middle is usually fine and should cost you around $100 a night. For those of you living in America, I usually like to choose something similar to the Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, or Fairfield Inn. These are cheaper options for hotels but they're not dirty or shady like most motels that you see.

The most important reason you should be cautious in choosing your hotel and try to choose a good one is safety. Cheap motels like Motel 6, Econo Lodge, Red Roof Inn, and other no-name brands attract the wrong crowd. I don't mean that the people there are cheap and that's why they're no good, what I mean is usually these cheap motels attract a lot of people looking to sell or buy drugs.

Often people will stay at cheap motels so as not to attract a lot of attention to what they may be doing behind closed doors. This can make you unsafe in your hotel room and you might feel unsafe leaving the room at night if you need to get things in your car or if you arrive at the hotel at night. Also, parking your car in a parking lot at a motel can be risky, you never know if someone might break into your car at night and steal stuff. Most of the time at motels, you see a lot of drunk people and smell marijuana coming from some of the rooms. The combination of drugs and alcohol definitely increases the chances of something bad happening to you if you're staying at the motel. Therefore, you really have to be careful.


The second most important thing is the cleanliness of the room. When you go to a hotel room, you expect it to at least be clean and free of stains or bugs. You should be careful to pick a good hotel to stay in because cheap motels are more likely to not be cleaned properly than a normal hotel. It can happen at three or four-star hotels too but most of the time, they have a certain standard to keep so it should be properly cleaned after every guest. However, at motels, there are more stains on the bedding, bugs in the room, and sticky floors because the housekeepers aren't held to the same standard. No one wants to stay in a dirty room or a room infested with ants no matter how cheap the room was.

A Good Night's Sleep

Something also really important is getting a good night's sleep especially when you are traveling. When you have a quiet, clean, and peaceful environment at the hotel, you get quality rest, and the next day, you'll feel energized and ready to do everything you have planned. When staying in a motel, the walls tend to be really thin so you could hear everything going on next door, and especially when the rooms are all located outdoors, most of the time, you can also hear everything going on outside. It can be very annoying to hear people walking around outside your room and talking or hearing people going down the stairs to go to their cars. Also, you can often hear the cars going by if the motel is located close to a busy street or highway. When you have this kind of noisy environment, you'll end up spending a couple of hours every night feeling annoyed and having to put on earplugs to be able to sleep well. It's much better if you just pick a better hotel than having to deal with all this.

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Not sleeping well will make you feel very tired and unmotivated to want to do things the next day. At first, it might not be that bad but if it's a long trip and every night for a week, you're dealing with noise, you'll start to feel very annoyed. People go on vacations to get away from all the noise and stress from home so why would they want to deal with noise and stress every night at their hotel?

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