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When Is the Best Time to Visit China?

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It is important to consider that it is a large region with dozens of climates. You could say that all kinds of climates are represented in this giant Asian country.

Depending on the area of ​​this huge country, the total area of ​​which corresponds to that of almost all of Europe, the climate is different. The north and west have a continental climate, while the south has a tropical climate. The climate in Tibet is completely different and corresponds to that of the high mountains. On the other hand, the whole country is affected by the equatorial monsoons; should you choose to visit the country in the summer, you are likely to have very rainy days ahead of you.

With all of these differences, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific time to travel to China. In general, however, it can be said that the best time to discover this country is between April and November. Then each city and each zone have their climatic properties, which we will explain below.



The Best Time to Visit Beijing

Due to its geographical location, the capital of China has a continental climate, with hot summers and quite cold winters. Temperatures can easily exceed 30ºC in summer while falling to -10ºC in winter. July is the hottest month so try to avoid this period.

The best months to visit the capital are between April and November, although the hottest months are not recommended. The best time to explore Beijing's charm is in April, May, October, or November.



The Best Time to Visit Shanghai

The second most important city in China is Shanghai, not only because of its economic development but also because it is the most populous city. The climate is still continental, but a bit more temperate than Beijing. In winter temperatures can drop to 0ºC, while in summer the thermometer can climb as high as 32ºC.

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In the summer months, typhoons bring a lot of rain to the city, but also the rest of China. Therefore, spring and autumn are the best times to travel to Shanghai: it doesn't rain as much and the temperatures are pleasant. So choose the months of April and May or October and November to visit this huge city.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

Another Chinese colossus is Hong Kong: this city on the south coast of China has the largest commercial airport in the world, as well as one of the most important industrial ports. One thing you should be aware of before visiting is that Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical.

Thus, compared to the previously mentioned cities, this city is characterized by very rainy summers and not-so-cold winters. To give you an idea, the coldest months are January and February when the thermometer reaches 15ºC. In summer, temperatures can reach 31ºC in July and August. The weather is accordingly much more moderate. The only downsides are the rains that occur between May and September. The best months to visit Hong Kong are April and October.



The Best Time to Visit Xi'an

The best time to travel to central China and visit the legendary city of Xi'an with its terracotta warriors, the wall, or the Great Wild Goose Pagoda is March, April, or May. This part of China has the best temperatures during this period, although October is also a good choice.

Xi'an's climate is warm, with hot summers reaching 32ºC, especially in June, July, and August. In winter the temperature can drop to 4ºC, especially in January, the coldest month. Most of the rainfalls occur in September, so avoid the city during this period to avoid walking through its streets soaked to the skin.



The Best Time to Visit Tibet

Since the autonomous region of Tibet is located at an altitude of 4500 meters, the climate is correspondingly High Mountain. This means that in colder months, like January, the temperature drops to 10ºC below zero. In summer temperatures climb to 23ºC, especially in June, the warmest month of the entire season.

Avoid the period between July and August if you want to avoid heavy rain. So the best months to spend your vacation in Tibet are May and June. September and October are also good to visit the holiest place of the Buddhist religion, as well as the viewpoint of Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

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