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What's Inside the Pyramids? You Might Be Curious to Visit It

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid

It's not a secret that the great pyramids of Egypt are among the first wonders of the world, and one of the most famous Pharaonic monuments of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Therefore, thousands of tourists come annually to Egypt from all over the world to see the splendor of the pyramids and explore their grandeur.

Hundreds of people interested in ancient Egyptian civilization wanted to discover the secret of building the pyramids, and how the ancient Egyptians built that huge building using huge stones in huge numbers.

The weight of one stone is estimated at more than half a ton, which indicates a great secret behind the construction of this vast edifice more than five thousand years ago.

Other than that, many people worldwide are curious about what is inside the pyramids, and we will take a quick tour (Inside The Pyramids) in the following lines to learn more about them.

The Pyramids View

The Pyramids View

When you build a tomb, you must build a masterpiece

The pyramids of Giza were built between 2630 - 1530 BC, as the Great Pyramid was built by King Khufu, the middle pyramid was built by King Khafre, and the smaller pyramid was built by King Menkaure, to be buried in their pyramids after their death to move from it to the other world.

to be royal tombs of the three kings of ancient Egypt, That is why they had to build a masterpiece because they would be their passage to eternal life.

Pharoh tomb

Pharoh tomb

Your food, drink, and jewelry will go with you to the other world.

In the royal tombs of ancient Egypt, some of the possessions they believed they would need in the afterlife were buried with the kings in their tombs.

Many things were buried with the king inside the pyramid, such as his private possessions, his favorite clothes, his belongings, his favorite food and drink, all his ornaments and jewelry, and everything that the king loved and was close to himself.

This is absolute because they believe that there is another life after death and he must use the best of what he used in his first life in his second life.

Hieroglyphs Writing

Hieroglyphs Writing

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Things that are inside the pyramid

All people around the world know very well the shape of the pyramid from the outside, and they hear that inside the pyramids are chambers, including burial chambers.

But have you ever thought about the contents of those chambers inside the pyramid?

The Three Pyramids

The Three Pyramids

King Khufu Pyramid

From the inside, the pyramid of Khufu contains the burial chamber in which the king is buried, and then chambers for the burial of the king's family with him in the same pyramid.

There are also places designated for the burial of the king's entourage and his servants, and then there are many corridors of camouflage so that it is difficult to steal anything from inside the pyramid.

Finally, there are some secret rooms for keeping luggage and jewels and many of the treasures of the king and his family.

King Khafraa Pyramid

It does not differ much from the pyramid of King Khufu.

There are several passages in it that lead to the burial chamber carved in the rock.

There are also chambers for the burial of the royal family, servants, and courtiers.

King Menkaure Pyramid

The smaller pyramid of King Menkaure contains many corridors and secret chambers to disguise the location and burial chamber, and these corridors eventually lead to the burial chamber.

The interior walls of the three pyramids also contain some pharaonic inscriptions from the Book of the Dead, which was believed to be the way for the king to cross into the eternal world.


The Egyptian pyramids are still one of the most mysteries of the ancient Egyptian civilization until our time, and they impress and astonish millions around the world, so they are among the ancient monuments that are worth visiting, and worth searching and trying to discover their secrets.

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