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What to do while visiting Groton, Connecticut, with your pet dog!

Where is Groton, Connecticut?

Are you visiting Connecticut any time soon? Perhaps you are vacationing here this summer. Maybe you live here year-round.

On the far East side of Connecticut, near the Atlantic Ocean, there is a small military town called Groton. Located within an hour either way between famed New Haven, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island, our small town attracts thousands of visitors and people driving through each day.

Connecticut is known for famous Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos. Groton is located approximately 20 minutes away from each.

Dog Friendly Beach


Esker Point Beach, Groton Long Point, CT

Esker Point Beach is a dog-friendly beach in Groton, CT. Located at 900 Groton Long Point Road, in Groton, CT. They have a small parking lot with overflow parking across the street. There is a crosswalk to cross the small road so bring your family and have some fun!

Esker Point Beach is home to local music concerts on the beach weekly during the summer nights too!

The beach offers free amenities for your dog such as free doggie bags, but it is the law and common courtesy here to pick up after your pet!

If you are planning on staying at the beach for a while, consider packing some picnic food or grilling items. There are grills and picnic tables on the beach for all to use.

Esker Point Beach


Bring your own grilling items and have a picnic!

There is a large shade area for picnics with built-in grills. Bring your own picnic.

Esker Point Beach is great for family fun where you can enjoy some time with your dog.

Just remember to practice beach safety. Remember to pack your dog some bottled water and have snacks on hand. I recommend bringing a large shade umbrella for your dog.

Your dog will love playing along the water's edge.

This photo was taken in winter so the trees are bare.


900 Groton Long Point Road, Groton

Swimming, crabbing, building sandcastles

Esker Point is a relatively small beach. They offer volleyball on one end.

This is an excellent beach for children. Families can go and enjoy the calmness of the water.

There is very active sea life in the water right up close to the shore. Hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, even lobster can be seen walking around on the bottom of the rocky inlet where swimming and boating is going on around them.

Bring your own beach towels, but leave kitty at home!

Our cat Mouser's loves water and tries to beat us in the shower in the morning!

Our cat Mouser's loves water and tries to beat us in the shower in the morning!

You will not find a sandy bottom at this beach. I recommend bringing beach shoes if you plan on going in the water. The bottom is rocky and lots of seaweed for those little hermit crabs to hide. Bring a bucket and let your children explore all the fun beach critters hanging out while they dip their toes to cool off!

Local Restaurants

There are a few local seafood restaurants but you can't bring your dog to dine with you.

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The five seafood restaurants that come to mind are:

  • The Fisherman. Located in the heart of Groton Long Point directly across from Esker Point Beach. It's classy. I've gone there myself and eaten in the bar with a water view!
  • The Seahorse. 65 Marsh Road, Noank, CT. Leaving the beach, take a right out of the parking lot and then another right. Down in Noank there is a small restaurant but bring a big appetite. I love their fried shrimp!
  • Hub's Clam Shack a few miles down the road near shopping located on Route 1. They offer seafood specials and ice cream. Perfect place to dine with your children.
  • If you are looking for outdoor seating, try Abbots or Costellos Restaurants. Also located in the heart of Noank, both offer outdoor seating.

Local Dog Park in Groton, Connecticut

There is a local dog park and walking trails located on Gold Star Highway in Groton, CT.

Central Bark offers free doggie bags in the front entrance of the parking lot as well as in the dog park itself. There are two completely fenced in parks. The larger of the two parks is host to hundreds of doggie visitors a day. There is a smaller park for small dogs.

There are a few chairs and water bowls left behind for all to use. Bring your own water! I always bring extra to leave some behind for the next visitors!

Doggie bags are located at the front entrance as well as in the park areas


This is a family park

With respect to all visitors of the park, this park is a Family Park. As such, there are children that go there with families to play with the dogs.

Practice safety first when visiting the dog park with your dog and/or children:

  • The main attraction are the dogs. There is no playground here. Plenty of walking trails.
  • There are picnic tables at the park, but I would not advise bringing a bagged lunch. The dogs jump on the tables and begging will occur!
  • Bring plenty of water. I recommend bringing a gallon of water to share with folks who may have forgotten to bring their own for their dogs. I usually fill up all the bowls when I'm there.
  • Bring doggie toys such as tennis balls and frisbees. The dogs here come to play! Keep that in mind when throwing the ball. You will make friends easily!
  • Be mindful of small children enjoying the park. Make sure they are out of harms way. Herds happen.


Although rare, injuries have occurred at this park. If you are mindful of that, enjoy yourself and make friends. There are some great people that come to the park on a regular basis.

The dog park is located within the Copp Family Park.

These photos were taken in the winter.


Next Stop, Bluff Point State Park

Bluff Point is a wonderful place to go with your dog or horse!

There are walking trails, but biking and running are welcome here. Lots of boating and fishing happens here too!

Located across from the Groton - New London Airport. There is an abundance of activity here. Portable restroom facilities are located in various sections of the trails and up front by the parking lot.

Dogs must be leashed at Bluff Point


Pictures of Bluff Point State Park


What to do at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, Connecticut

Bluff Point a little something for everyone.

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Walking, jogging, running trails
  • Biking
  • Picnic tables and grills
  • Portable restrooms

What you bring in you must carry out. Garbage receptacles are not provided.

Skip rocks in the water and walk your dog. You can swim at Bluff Point. There are seashells on the bottom that can cut your feet. If you are bringing a dog to Bluff Point, I recommend that you take caution about your dog's feet which may easily be cut on the rocky bottom and seashell laden shore.

Dogs love the walking trails. There is a map at the entrance of Bluff Point because a person could easily wander for hours before finding their way back.

About an hour in to the walking trails there is a point overlooking Long Island Sound which is just breathtaking. There is a small beach at the point but it's quite a hike to get to it. It's fun to ride a bike to it. It's hard for children to make that long walk, so consider biking them or pulling them in a wagon if they are too young to make the walk themselves.

These photos were taken in winter. The spring and summer offer lovely views of Bluff Point. Some people park down here just to read the paper and watch the airplanes fly overhead into the Groton - New London Airport.

Dairy Queen is located straight down about a mile or so from the entrance to Bluff Point as well as a local hardware store and pizza restaurant.

Bluff Point is located off of Depot Road, Groton, CT

Map of Bluff Point


There is a small playground before the entrance to Bluff Point. Next to the playground is a walking trail that leads to Route 1 near the Poquonnock Bridge Fire Department. This is a nice relaxing walk you can enjoy with your family.

Next stop: Poquonnock Plains Park, Groton, Connecticut

This park is located off of Route 1 in the old Burrows Field. When I was growing up around here, the carnival would come every year in this field.

Groton Parks and Recreation has done an amazing job turning the park into a playground for all.

Open space allows for organized activities such as soccer, football, and other such sports.

There is a walking trail marked by miles so you can run, walk, jog your way around and know how much distance you've traveled.

There is a handicap accessible playground for children.

Ample parking. Restroom facilities. Benches covered by umbrellas. Shaded area with picnic tables.

Dogs are welcome to the park. Doggie bags are provided!

Park: 13 Fort Hill Road, Groton, CT



I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of what Groton, Connecticut offers to your dog.

Our small town welcomes many tourists and visitors a year because of our central location near famed destinations.

It's always good to plan ahead and know before you go where your dog is welcome.

These are just a few spots where you can come and relax with your family pet and enjoy the accommodations that Connecticut offers.

We are happy to have you! Enjoy your stay!

Dedicated to our beloved Georgia who has made it possible for us to enjoy these dog-friendly places!

Our Rescued Dog Georgia having fun with our family at the beach

Our Rescued Dog Georgia having fun with our family at the beach


CraftytotheCore (author) on November 26, 2013:

Hi Moonlake! This town is really pet friendly. That's one really big perk of living here. Thanks so much for stopping by.

moonlake from America on November 26, 2013:

Good information will have to remember it if I ever head out that way. Voted up.

CraftytotheCore (author) on July 18, 2013:

Well right now we are in the middle of a heat advisory. It's been 90 just about all week long with high humidity. Groton is very dog friendly. :)

Natasha from Hawaii on July 18, 2013:

My man hopes to move to Groton, but all that snow makes me cold! It's good to know there are lots of dog-friendly spots, though because I don't think I could deal with cold and no pups!

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