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What are Virginia's LOVEworks Signs ?

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What is LOVEworks

The first LOVEworks sign I saw was at the Wolf Creek Indian Village in Bastian, VA. My youngest daughter's class went on a field trip to the Indian Village and I was one of their chaperones.

When I seen the sign, I had to have a photo because photography is one of my many creative passions. I had no idea about the LOVEworks signs that are in over 300 different locations scattered all over Virginia.

I was reading a local newspaper several years later and there was a contest being held by Pulaski Town which is part of the county I live in, Pulaski County, to create a unique design for a LOVEworks sign that would be set up in the town.

I'm not sure about the outcome of the contest, but my interest in my home state had suddenly grown. I checked into it online and the Virginia website shows on Google maps each location of unique signs.

Wolf Creek Indian Village LOVEworks

Bastian, VA.

Bastian, VA.

Virginia's Plan to Promote Travel

The LOVEworks program is a state-wide branding initiative designed to promote travel in Virginia and strengthen awareness of the “Virginia is for Lovers” message.

Displayed along Virginia's coastlines, to the middle of Virginia and throughout Southwest Virginia's mountains it's easy to see why the slogan 'Virginia is for Lovers' has made it all these years.

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The state encourages travelers to take photos with the LOVEworks signs as the backdrop and share these on Instagram using the Virginia Tourism Corporation hashtag #LoveVA or share photos on the VTC Facebook page.

Tower of Refuge Church

One of the newest LOVEworks signs to be added near me is located at the Tower of Refuge Church in Dublin, Virginia. This is one of the few signs located in my county and surrounding counties.

Map Out an Adventure

I have had the pleasure of taking photos with two of the LOVEworks signs. As shown above, I first took one in Bastian, Virginia and after learning about Virginia's 300+ signs, I've taken photos at the Buffalo Mountain Brewery in Floyd, Virginia.

Google Maps shows each location of the signs so for an adventure of visiting every sign, you can look at the map. You can also go to the website to view a listing of places where you'll find a sign. The website shows road trip plans for different areas of the Commonwealth state.

300+ LOVEworks signs

300+ LOVEworks signs

Travel Poll

Virginia is for Lovers

  • LOVE - Virginia Is For Lovers
    LOVEworks around Virginia. The LOVEworks represent our communities and provide fun photo ops at Welcome Centers and special events throughout the year.
  • Finding LOVE in the Virginia Mountains - Virginia Is For Lovers
    Plan a trip through the Virginia Mountains and take photos of these LOVEworks signs. Share these photos @VisitVirginia with the hashtag #LoveVa
  • Buffalo Mountain Brewery
    Floyd, VA. is host to some of Virginia's best music, art, camping, crafts, shopping and the Buffalo Mountain Brewery is no exception for fine quality drinking that's rich in history.
  • Tower of Refuge Church
    Tower of Refuge Church located in Dublin, Virginia host their own LOVEworks sign building upon John 3:16: For God So Loved the World.

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