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What You Need to Know About Vineyard, California

Vineyard, CA, is a census-designated place (CDP) in California. It is found within the boundaries of Sacramento County, California, United States. Vineyard, CA, is part of the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Based on the recent census data, the town is estimated to have around 24 800 people. It is reported that the area's population has doubled within ten years. This indicates the exponential growth and its attractiveness to many people.

Another aspect that differentiates the place from others in California is that the place grew to become one of the most culturally and racially diverse suburbs. This excellent trait has distinguished the place and positioned it on the global map. Ideologically, Vineyard, CA, is primarily liberal and accommodates people despite their values or affiliations.

Life in Vineyard

Vineyard, CA, is a friendly place where people of all cultural backgrounds are embraced. Also, excellent facilities can support tourists, families, and workers. It is one of the towns considered friendly for families across the United States. The level of crime is lower compared to other places in California.

Most residents here have a rural-like experience because the town is not very congested. Many of the residents own their homes, enhancing their friendliness to families. Many parks are open to the public. This makes Vineyard, CA, an ideal place to raise children. The average value of residential homes is around 380 thousand dollars. The rent is a round 1 600 dollars. More than 76% of the residents own their own homes.

Geography and Demography of Vineyard

Geographically, Vineyard is located closer to Jackson Road. This is about a quarter mile east of Grant Line Road. On the southern side, Vineyard, CA, borders Calvine Road and Elk Grove Florin Road on the western side.

As noted earlier, the demographic composition of the area is also very diverse. Vineyard, CA, population density is around 1 400 people for every square mile. The city has a total area of about 17 square miles. Regarding racial composition, Vineyard, CA, includes 46% Whites, 12% African American, 1% Native American, and 24% Asian. Pacific Islanders also comprise 7% of the Vineyard, CA, population. Other population groups located in the area make up 17.8%.

Through the census data, more than 99% of the households live in households. Less than 0.5% of the people live in non-institutionalized and institutionalized areas. More than 50% of the homes also had children below 18 years, with above 63% of the families being heterosexual. It was also noted that Vineyard, CA, had more than 14% of the households with female single parents while 6% had male parents with no wife. Census data also reported the presence of married and unmarried homosexual partners.

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This indicates that Vineyard, CA, is ideal for families because of the many amenities readily available. There are plans to expand the city's residential homes to accommodate more people. Authorities are considering adding about 20 000 new homes, which can expand the place's population to about 80 000. Alongside adding new residential homes, there will be additional parks, shopping centers, and schools to meet the needs of the growing population.

Governance and Administration

In the California legislature, Vineyard is part of the 6th Senate District and is represented by Democrat Richard Pan. It is also part of the 8th Assembly District and is represented by Democrat Ken Cooley. On the other hand, Vineyard is represented in federal Congress by Democrat Ami Bera.

Parks and Recreation in Vineyard

There are several parks and recreation centers that are located near Vineyard. The accessibility of these parks offers residents opportunities to relax and cool off from the pressures of life. Vineyard Recreation Center is a hidden gem with a playground for kids, an outdoor basketball court, and a gym. This makes the place ideal for people within Vineyard, CA. There are also classes for senior members of the Vineyard community to enhance their quality of life. Other parks and recreation centers accessible from Vineyard, CA, are Jim Gilliam Recreation Center, Palms Park, Pan Pacific Park, and Baldwin Hills Recreation Center.

These unique aspects make Vineyard, CA, a suitable place to raise families and children. The city is friendly and accommodating to people of diverse ideologies. The Vineyard is a safer place to live and work because it has access to many recreation facilities, enhancing life quality for residents.

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