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What You Need to Know About Mountain View, California

As the name suggests, Mountain View, CA, is a city located near the Santa Cruz mountains. It is part of Santa Clara County in California, United States. The city is also part of the San Francisco Bay Area. It was during the 1850s when the town emerged after a stagecoach station was constructed. This made Mountain View, CA, a shipping center for produce from the orchards. In the 1900s, a publishing center was also established in Mountain View.

Growth and Expansion of Mountain View

Another aspect that contributed to the expansion of Mountain View was the construction of the Moffet Field Naval Air Station in 1994. This attracted more people to Mountain View because of the potential to conduct business due to population growth. In the 1940s, Ames Laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was also established in the area, furthering the growth potential.

The presence of these facilities also influenced the emergence of high technology companies that have become part of Silicon Valley. Mountain View, CA, has grown to become a center for technology companies serving people worldwide.

Mountain View, CA, is also a historical city. The authorities have strived to preserve the city's heritage through established museums. The Computer History Museum is an important facility that allows residents and visitors to understand and acknowledge the area's history. There is also an Amphitheatre that hosts several concerts and art festivals. Promoting art is a way of communicating cultural issues and teaching about the history of Mountain View.

Demographic Data, Location, and Climate

Based on a recent census, the city's population was estimated to be slightly above 80 000. The city has attracted many people who work with the technology firm in Silicon Valley. Some prominent companies operating in Mountain View include Google, Intuit, Unicode, Mozilla, Symantec, Synopsys, and Microsoft. Google is reported to be the leading employer in the city.

Another aspect that makes Mountain View attractive is the basic wage in the city. Reports indicate that the minimum wage for workers within Mountain View, CA, is 16 dollars per hour. This is one of the best compensation rates in the United States.

Mountain View, CA, has an estimated area of about 12 square kilometers. The climate is warm and dry during summers and cool and wet during winters. It is during winter when Mountain View receives considerable rainfall. The weather is further moderated by the city's proximity to the Pacific Ocean shoreline.

Mountain View, CA, borders Los Altos, Moffet Federal Airfield, and Sunnyvale. The horizons offer thrilling views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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Neighborhoods of Mountain View, CA

Mountain View, CA, includes both residential and commercial zones. The main commercial areas are located along the North Shoreline area. The main residential neighborhoods in the city are Gest Ranch, Springer Meadows, Springer Trees, Varsity Park, and Blossom Valley Estates. Houses in these residences were constructed during the 1950s and have an old-style ranch house. They were mainly intended to be occupied by families managing the ranches in the area.

Administration and Governance

The administration of Mountain View, CA, is through the council-manager system. The city council consists of elected officials, who are mandated to select a city manager who will oversee all departments in the city. The council also work with other commission, boards, and committees to institute regulations for the city.

Outdoor and Recreation Activities in Mountain View

Mountain View is one of the best places to visit or live with a family. This is enhanced by the unique view and opportunities to enjoy the outdoor environment. While in the city center, one can visit the Computer History Museum or the Mountain View Center of Performing Arts. These are facilities that can give a glimpse of the cultural and artistic perspectives of Mountain View, CA. There are also several restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy the cuisines and fresh foods from nearby farms.

Mountain View is also suitable for outdoor lovers because the trails in Stevens Creek can be used for jogging, biking, skating, and dog walking. Besides that, the creek habitats also have unique wildlife and allow visitors to enjoy excellent views of the mountains. People who love birdwatching can also enjoy this opportunity while visiting the Stevens Creek Trail area.

The city remains one of the best places to visit or live in for all people. It is ideal for young families, professionals, or solo travelers.

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