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What Facilities Do Cruise Ships Have?

Working on a cruise line has allowed me to travel all over the world. My experiences have given me a different view on life.

Facilities on a Cruise Ship - Casino

Facilities on a Cruise Ship - Casino

Travel destinations are the most important thing to consider when going on a cruise vacation. However, passengers are also looking forward to all the activities, facilities, and services provided by the cruise ship. These features what make a cruise ship the best way to travel. Furthermore, having the best facilities onboard can make it possible for passengers to do the same routine as what they can do at home. Discussed below are the common facilities on a cruise ship.

1. Dining Areas

Dining areas are considered the most important facilities on a cruise ship. Pigging out actually completes a wonderful vacation. All cruise ships provide different places where passengers can eat their meal at any time of the day. These dining areas are the main dining area, buffet line, bistro, burger house, pizzeria, and specialty restaurants.

Dining Schedules

Dinning AreaOpening and Closing HoursMenu

Buffet Line

Opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner service (per schedule)

Cycle Menu


Opens for breakfast, lunch and tea time service (per schedule)

Regular Menu

Dining Room

Opens for breakfast and dinner during port days; Opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner during sea days (per schedule)

Cycle Menu

Specialty Restaurant

Opens for dinner service only

Chef's Menu for the day or Specialty regular menu

Burger House

Opens from lunch until midnight

Burgers and Hotdogs


Opens from lunch until midnight


Room Service

Opens 24 hours

Regular Menu (limited choices)

2. Casino

An onboard casino is one of the most famous facilities for older passengers. This gaming hall offers different gambling activities such as blackjack, slot machines, poker and much more. Most onboard casinos open 24 hours a day. All casinos have their own bars too. Minors are strictly prohibited to play in this area.

3. Bars

Bars offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. Bartenders offer cocktail drinks as well. Most of these bars regularly open from 10:00 am to 2:00 am. However, moderate drinking is highly recommended to all passengers so they can stay safe on the cruise ship. Minors are not allowed to consume any liquors onboard. For those passengers who look like minors, they need to present a personal identification card to the bartender.

4. Multi-Purpose Hall

Different activities are held in the multi-purpose hall of every cruise ship. The cruise director organizes different cruise activities onboard during night time or whole sea day. Activities such as bingo social, cooking demo, concert, cruise critic, movie, and other Entertainment Shows.

5. Duty-Free Shops

Passengers can buy various branded items free of tax in duty shops onboard. The selection consists of both consumable items such as expensive chocolates, perfumes, and liquors and non-consumable items like bags, clothes, pieces of jewelry and watches.

Poker Area of a Cruise Ship

Poker Area of a Cruise Ship

The art gallery exhibits world-class paintings, artworks, and antique collections. These arts are provided by invited artists and collectors from other parts of the world.

7. Library

The library provides different reading materials such as books, gazettes, magazines, and other informative materials. The best place to go during sea days for passengers who love reading.

8. Day Care Center

Day Care Center is a common facility only for big cruise ships. The facility employs professional children care experts who will look after the kids while their parents are away. As part of the kids’ cruise activities, some cruise ships held children’s party for them as well. Absolutely, the best way for the kids to enjoy playing while making friends. However, this kind of facility is not available for all cruise ships, since some cruise ships cater for old passengers only.

9. Laundry Areas

Designated laundry areas for passengers are provided too if they want to wash their own clothes. Doing their own laundry is an effective way to save money on vacation. Otherwise, they can just pay for somebody to do it for them.

10. Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

The number and size of the swimming pool and jacuzzi may vary depending on the size of the cruise ship. Burger house is normally located in this area so passengers may enjoy swimming while eating.

11. Wellness Center

The wellness center offers spa and other treatments to the passengers. Other treatments may include acupuncture, barber services, full body massage, and teeth whitening. Best onboard facility to rest, relax, rejuvenate. During sea days, passengers can grab spa discounts.

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Multi-Purpose Hall or Lounge of a Cruise Ship

Multi-Purpose Hall or Lounge of a Cruise Ship

12. Fitness Center

Passengers may check out the well-equipped fitness center. Moreover, sports minded passengers can enjoy the jogging tracks, courts, and other sports facilities. Bigger ships have their mini golf course too. Most cruise ships offer special sessions such as core workout, nutrition class, pilates, and yoga.

13. Extreme Activities

Only big cruise ships can provide these exciting activities because they have enough space onboard. Some of these extreme outdoor activities are the zip line, rappel, water slide and surf simulator.

14. Medical Center

Medical Center is the second most important facility onboard. All cruise ships provide all the basic equipment used in a medical center. Though, luxury line cruise ships have state of the art equipment in their medical center. The capacity of the center is based on the size of the ship.


All cruise ships provide mostly all the facilities listed above. What differs the smaller cruise ship to the bigger cruise ship are the features that these facilities provide. Bigger ships can offer better features because they have enough space for state of the art facilities. Of course, the better the services, the higher the cost that a passenger needs to pay. Enjoy cruising!

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Travel Chef (author) from Manila on July 04, 2018:


You're right! I won't deny about the horror stories about cruising. But at least try it even once, so you'll also experience it. There are so many cruise ships you can choose from. Thanks for dropping by.

Rex on July 04, 2018:

I've never been on a cruise and info online about them is generally sales pitches or horror stories. Thanks for the overview. I may make the jump and just book a trip for a big anniversary this fall.

Travel Chef (author) from Manila on July 03, 2018:


I see. But, why? Are you experiencing sea sickness?

Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on July 03, 2018:

Not good with ships so a cruise is not for me but know plenty of people love cruising

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