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Wander in the Splendid of Jalgaon: My Travel Diary

Archana is an admirer of nature. She likes to see its wonderful creations—flora and fauna, mountains, sky—and put her thoughts on paper.

Waghur dam in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Waghur dam in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Wandering in nature is a beautiful escape and a process to merge yourself into the splendid of universe. -Archana Das

Want to feel the serenity and tinge of glorious history into your travel and wander dairies? Visit in Jalgoan, Maharashtra and snuggle inside the ‘Banana City’ in the northern part of Deccan Plateau. This metropolis produces around two-third bananas in Maharashtra. It fulfills the needs of fruit into the whole country. However, if you are preparing your top-visited list sheet, then don’t forget to add it, due to the fact you’ll be able to roam freely within the locations like Patna Devi, Hatnur Dam, Waghur Dam and so on.

The city is an ideal location for vacationers, peace fanatics, history- lovers or buffs. Over here, you could also explore the stunning aspects of this old-fashioned metropolis and its historic heritage. However, if you are visiting with your own family, then you definitely should go to Mahatma Gandhi Garden, Mehrun Garden, and Omkareshwar Temple.

Moreover, for history-frantic, Jalgoan is no short of wonderful places to visit while you are here.

The metropolis gives you outstanding insight into the lives of kings and their tradition; you could examine the Parola Fort properly for hours and might add so many splendid testimonies, records, and knowledge to your life.

Despite, right here are a number of the first-rate tourist sites in Jalgoan—

Ancient Parola Fort in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Ancient Parola Fort in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Parola Fort in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

For the sweetheart of history, Parola Fort is one of the fabulous attractions in Jalgaon, which showcases the real history and kingship of this region. The Fort was built within the 16th century with elegant architectural layout and patterns. The Fort never fails to tempt its traffic with its big seven front doors and the ‘Delhi Darwaza’. It is situated close to the banks of the Bori River.

Location: Dharangaon - Maharashtra

Hatnum Dam, Natural Reservoir

Hatnum Dam, Natural Reservoir

Hatnum Dam

Harnur Dam is the following splendid dam in which you can visit together with your own family to revel in some quiet and non-violent time inside the lap of nature and luxurious greens. The water waft and the air make this area heaven in the earth by using producing soothing sound and tune. This fabulous dam is a chief source of water in the entire town with a capacity of 9.3 cubic meters.

Location: Mangalwadi Road

Waghur Dam in Jalgaon

Waghur Dam in Jalgaon

Waghur Dam

Another lovely appeal in Jalgaon is the Waghur Dam that is best for a solo and institutional visit. This place soothes the coronary heart and revives the soul. The Waghur Dam is located in the Waghur River. This river plays an important position to eliminate the thrust of lots of souls within the whole region.

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The splash of Dam reaches to those edges and corners and fills them with beautiful fauna, plants, blooms, and luxurious greens, which delights hundreds of eyes who

visit over here to peer at the Waghur Dam.

This spot unfolds around 64, 000 acres and is considered the first-class location for a picnic. However, if you need to rejuvenate your soul and frame, then don’t forget to visit Waghur Dam together with your loved ones.

Location: Near Nandgaon, Jalgaon

Patna Devi Temple in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Patna Devi Temple in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Patna Devi Temple

Jalgoan is known for its fruity scent and splendid sites, and temples add the mystery and miracle to its entire persona. Thus, Patna Devi temple is one of the most visited places in this city. It is a historic point.

From each nook, the temple embraces lush greenery and bounties of the Sahyadri range. Because of the greenery and serene beauty, this place changed into the capital of the province.

Whether you are a nature lover or a history buff, this terrific vicinity is one of the most visited locations of India, which showcases the relics of the Yadav Kings era. This enthralling place is a collection of stunning mountains and slopes.

Location: Patna Devi Mata Temple, Chandikawadi, Maharashtra

Mahatma Gandhi Garden in Jalgaon

Mahatma Gandhi Garden in Jalgaon

Mahatma Gandhi Garden

Jalgoan is the heart of stunning herbal locations, and Mahatma Gandhi Garden provides its personal shade to this metropolis. It carries amazing vibrant flowers, lush, bushes, and various birds.

The sparkling and attractive aroma of plant life and blooms gives you a splendid time whilst you are right here with your family members and youngsters. Jalgaon is no short of appropriate and attractive plants.

If you’re a passionate nature photographer, then that is the region in which you ought to genuinely take your digicam so you can seize the natural splendor in the excessive show.

Location: Bund Garden, Sangamvadi, Pune

A lady laid in a Mahatma Gandhi garden

A lady laid in a Mahatma Gandhi garden

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