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Venice: It's Like A Fairytale City

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Floating city

There is a beautiful ancient palace standing on the blue clear water. The river is flowing in the middle of the palace. When you look at the clear water, the reflection of the ancient aesthetic city emerges, as if it is a reflection of the city painted in the artist's desperate work of art. Guys that famous city from Shakespeare's play 'Merchant of Venice' or that famous movie 'The Tourist' by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Venice, Italy. The city of Venice, Italy, is a peaceful, romantic city in the heart of the Mediterranean. We are organizing this to know about the beauty of Venice.

Floating city Venice :

Built in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful floating city has an area of ​​414.58 square kilometers. The waterways of the alleys of wonder have taken Venice to a unique level of beauty. There are 18 canals in this city of 117 islands. Each island is connected to each other by bridges. There are 409 bridges connecting each island. There are many islands where there is no way to walk. All the houses built in the water. This decorated city is also called 'floating city'. Venice is the only motor-free city in Europe and a smoke-free city in the 21st century. The only vehicle in this floating city is the watercraft embellished with aesthetic craftsmanship.

It is said that about 1500 years ago, a bandit named Attila lived on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. To escape its piracy, the coastal people built their homes in the swamps surrounding the numerous islands. So that Attila could not enter this area on horseback and commit robbery. The journey to Venice starts from that island wetland.

City of Love and Lights :

Venice , the city ​​of love and lights, is at the top of the tourist list of all tourists as a majestic and romantic city. Venice is crowded with tourists 365 days a year. Eighty-five percent of the millions of people who visit Venice every day are visitors.

For visitors from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty of Venice, there are many traditional venues, museums, cafes, restaurants in Venice - these establishments touch the minds of the visitors. Now let's know about some of those installations and places of interest-

Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge:

Like a spider's web, a narrow canal runs through the whole of Venice. Meanwhile, the famous canal Grand Canal that bifurcated the city. One of the wonders of the installation world. These canals along the way of boats and speed boats show the eye-catching colors, designs and architectural styles of the city. All the eye-catching bridges over the canal. All eyes are on a bridge, the famous, magnificent Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal. Boating under this bridge is very popular among tourists. The view of the canal from the bridge is as captivating as the artwork of the bridge from the canal touches the mind of the viewer. There are always crowds around the bridge. Some are eager to take pictures while standing on the side of the bridge, while others are standing on the bridge, most of them waiting to go on gondola and cross the bridge.

Bhuj Palace Museum:

One of the most important and interesting places in the city of Venice is the Vauze Palace in Piazza San Marco. Venice is one of the centers of art, literature and culture. Built in the ancient architectural style, the building was converted into a museum in 1923. The Bhuj Palace is one of the places where the splendor of the republic is displayed. In addition, there are many other small old fascinating architectural palaces, museums. It is surrounded by a variety of boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Tretoria de Ferni :

Venice is one of the most expensive cities in the world. There are many new cafes and restaurants in this floating city along with the old and traditional restaurants. Tretoria de Fernie is an ancient and traditional restaurant in Venice. This restaurant was once a bakery. In 1983, it was converted into a restaurant. Venice's traditional antique dishes, all kinds of seafood are available here. Seafood includes snails, oysters, octopuses, squid and all kinds of marine fish.

City of masks:

Venice is also known as the city of masks. Carnival is held in Venice every year. On the occasion of this carnival, all the masks are made with a combination of extraordinary craftsmanship and artistic taste. The colorful masks of Venice are world famous.

Gondola Travel:

Every family living in Venice has its own transportation system. They have their own boat or speedboat tied to the house. Gondola is an interesting romantic watercraft from Venice.

The traditional gondola of Venice is the boat that catches the eye of all the tourists next to the boat speedboat. The gondola, known as the most romantic vessel in the world, has been maintaining its own features and attractions for ages. The main attractions of the tourist center of Venice can be seen floating on the river in a gondola, which is beautifully embroidered with the artist's artistic charm.

Seafood City:

The water city of Venice is a paradise for tourists for seafood. For those who like to eat seafood, there are seafood attractions at Venice fish markets or restaurants. Along with the Mediterranean seafood, there are also octopuses and squid brought from the far North Atlantic. Just as these seafood are available in fish dishes, Venice's restaurants also have delicious seafood arrangements for tourists.

The Phoenix ; Tratto La Fenis :

The world famous opera is the Italian opera. One of the most famous opera houses in Italy is located in Venice. Tratto La Fenis Palace is known as Te the Phoenix. Tourists from all over the world flock to this opera house to listen to the famous Italian opera. There are very few tourists who did not go to the opera house in Venice.

St. Mark's Cathedral:

One of Venice's most famous architectures is the Cathedral in St. Marco. Napoleon called the huge courtyard in front of the cathedral the most lovely drawing room in Europe. The lion's door of the cathedral is adorned with metal sculptures of four incomparable artistic beauties looted from Istanbul, the heart of the Byzantine Empire thousands of years ago. The walls on all four sides of the cathedral are adorned with various ornate paintings, various stories written in letters.

Fabrics Gilliana :

Fabrics Gilliana next to Piazza San Marco. Fabrics Gilliana has everything from the traditional handicrafts of Venice. Handmade show pieces, calligraphy are available. There is a collection of handmade masks all year round. There are also small boutique shops and other shopping malls along the streets all over Venice, which easily attracts tourists.

The glass industry of Venice:

One of the traditional art forms of Venice is the world famous glass industry. Skilled craftsmen in Venice make everything from glassware to melting utensils. He also makes vases, chandeliers and other daily necessities with glass. The fascination with Venice's skill in the glass industry is inevitable.

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Lido Island:

Lido Island is called the Golden Island of Venice. The Golden Island is home to the world's oldest film festival, the Venice International Film Festival. Tourists come to enjoy the view of the twilight sunset on the beach of this island.

The security forces of the city of Venice also use speedboats in their movement. Speedboats are patrolling here and there at high speeds, with speedboats being the only means of transportation at any speed.

Venice is a dream city for those who are thirsty for travel. Although extremely expensive in Europe, this city has become the dream city of all tourists. The art of Venice fascinates anyone, especially in the field of architecture. Each house is standing in the water with an aesthetic look, colorful artwork. This is a really amazing wetland city. Venice has become a unique city to sit on the banks of the Grand Canal and enjoy the soft light of dusk. All in all, there is no doubt that Venice is a unique tourist city.


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