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Fantastic Florida Attractions and Facts About The Sunshine State

The southern states have a charm all their own. From beaches to deserts, there is a wide array of landscapes to please almost anyone!

Dazzling white sands at Fort Walton Beach

Dazzling white sands at Fort Walton Beach

The Sunshine State

Florida's nickname is the "Sunshine State." Is it any wonder that landlocked northerners in the dead of winter, when there are piles of snow outside their doors and icicles hanging from nearby tree branches, start yearning for a respite? Of course, other southern states like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California pick up their fair share of visitors during that same time of year.

Florida is designated a "Top Destination State" year after year. To me, it is no wonder. Not only does it have tropical and subtropical weather (for the most part) to warm those bones of the cold weary, but seemingly endless beaches for those who still wish to get a golden tan and play in the surf and sand.