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Vaca in Williamsburg, VA


Williamsburg, Virginia has always been my favorite go to destination. My family and I go there at least a couple of times a year! Williamsburg has lots of attractions for all ages and interest groups. Whether your a history buff or an adrenaline junky Williamsburg has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Accommodations: Places I have stayed

We tend to stay for about a week at the Historic Powhatan Resort. The resort is a great place to stay for families and groups! Each unit has a kitchen, laundry, master and guest rooms/bath, dining table, fold out sofas, TV, fire place and most units have hot tubs (check to see which units are available.) There are plenty of activities on the resort's grounds such as crafts, family nights, 3 outdoor pools (kiddy, lap, adult), tennis etc. There are two restaurants on the grounds; one in which is the summer kitchen to the manner house. For more information check out their site

Also if you are looking for a cheaper alternative check out American Heritage RV Park they have RV hooks ups, cabins, and tent camping. If you chose to tent camp we rented out an RV space to have hook ups for cooking breakfast on camping griddles! We set up two tents and a dining fly, pets are welcomed as well! The bathrooms and showers were amazingly fresh and clean. You can check out their rates and amenities here

Things to do:

There are so many fun things to do in Williamsburg spending just a week just scratches the surface! Williamsburg offers many seasonal events make sure to check what events may be going on and what attractions maybe closed.

  • Colonial Williamsburg- In my opinion the best way to learn about our history is to get involved! Kids and adults alike will have a great time exploring the different buildings, shops, and characters while stepping into the past. While some places are free to go into others require a pass. There a shops along the way that sell traditional colonial goods, as well as stands selling soft drinks, crisp cider, and baked goods. Actors and actresses in period clothing line the streets and you are more than welcomed to ask any questions that you may have! Costumes are available as well as carriage rides! What is more patriotic then spending a day learning about your heritage and watching firework right in the center of it on the 4th of July! During Christmas the town in decorated in period fashion and The Grand Illumination kicks off the Christmas season with fabulous firework displays! For more information check out
  • Jamestown Settlement- Is another great attraction to immerse your self in history. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in America. Explore (life size replicas) of the settlement, the Powhatan village, and walk down to the port and step aboard 3 replicated ships.
  • Williamsburg Winery- Relax and indulge at the WIlliamsburg Winery. Here you can drop in for a tour and tasting for $10 (no reservations need for groups under 8 people). Learn how wine is produced and the history of this beautiful vineyard. You can also indulge in more extended tours ranging from $36- $30. Or pamper your self with an over night stay.
  • Busch Gardens- Just thinking about this theme park gets my blood rushing and my heart fluttering! Yes, you can say I'm truly bias about this park I absolutely love this park! It has been voted by the National Amusement Park Historical Association as the most beautiful park since 1990. The parks lush gardens and trees offer guests an escape from the concrete jungles we are accustomed to! On the hot days these lofty shady trees offer a cool and natural escape! The park is a nice walk, it is easy to get from one side of the park to another and is wheelchair accessible (beware of some steep hills). Busch Gardens offers guests rides, that tower way above the tree line and plummet at break neck speeds to easy going carnival rides and shows. There are two main kiddy sections; Land of the Dragons and Sesame Street Forest of Fun. The park is split into seven different European Themes: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, New France, Germany, and Italy. Each theme has corresponding shows, food (with traditional park options), and rides. If you wish to have a picnic Busch Gardens has designated picnic areas as well as pet care! Busch Gardens also participates in seasonal activities such as Howl-o-scream and Christmas Town, where the whole park is transformed into a Halloween haven and a Winter wonderland. Busch Gardens offers various tours (purchase necessary) from wildlife interaction to behind the scene roller coaster tours. For more information check out my Busch Gardens guide and Busch Gardens Williamsburg's official site
  • Water Country USA- Just like the title entails; Water Country USA is a water park full of wet wild family fun! You can hop on a family sized inner tube and swoosh down Big Daddy Falls, race your siblings down Nitro Racer, or kick back in relax the lazy river. Your little ones will have a blast in one of the multiple kiddy areas while your teens or your self can go off on a wild adventure! Like most water parks the lines can get long. Unlike Busch Gardens Water Country sticks with more of traditional park foods such as chicken and fries, picnic areas are available here as well. Forgot some sun screen, shades, or your bathing suit?! Relax Water Country has souvenir shops to pick up some of you needs. Water Country USA is affiliated with Sea World Parks upon visiting Busch Gardens site or Water Country's one will notice that you can get a flex pass that allows you to hop from one park to another. It is great to hit Busch Gardens during the day and cool down at Water Country in the evening. Tip: Pack some undergarments and ware your bathing suit to the park under your street clothes, no need to change so you can claim your spot and hit the rides. For more information visit
  • Virginia Beach- The Beach is only about an hour away from Williamsburg, so why not pack up the beach gear in the am and hit the beach all day! Catch breakfast at your place, picnic lunch on the beach, and seafood for dinner. Virginia beach offers some great evening entertainment called Beach Street USA (Check out events here:
  • Sailing Cruises- This is an experiance that you and your children will cherish for the rest of your lives. The following two cruses I have experienced The Alliance in Yorktown (about 20mins away ) and The American Rover in Norfolk (about 1 hr away ). See large Naval ships on the American Rover or earn your sea legs (or just watch someone earn them) on the Alliance.
  • Go Karts Plus and putt-putt - Get you civil rivalry going out on the track, and see who is the leader of the pack. You can also find many different themed putt-putt courses to have a relaxing fun night.
  • Williamsburg Premium Outlets and Pottery Factory- Go Karts not your thing? While the boys are pretending they are in the Indy 500 induge your self shopping at Williamsburg Premium Outlets and Pottery Factory. At the Outlets you will find some of the best deals on great brands such as Columbia, Coach, and Burberry. The Pottery Factory has been a go to tradition for my family since I can remember. I just learned that they are going through and enormous transformation and will be opened April 5, 2012! For the crafty bone in your body find great deals on craft supplies and even get you very own custom lamp made on site. Outlets: Pottery Factory:
  • Williamsburg Antique Mall- Not only can you step back in time but you can bring a piece of it home with you! Amazing treasures can be reveled that will stop your heart and connect you to your past.
  • Dinner Theaters and Ghost walks- Throughout Williamsbrug one can find many dinner theaters and ghost walks. Always look at reviews and other travelers comments. You don't want to get stuck with a tacky show or a ghost walk that might not be child appropriate.
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There are many restaurants one can indulge in at Williamsburg here are a few of my favorites that we tend to hit every time we go.

  1. Sals by Victor- Amazing Italian cuisine! I can not tell you enough how delicious this place is! The staff is friendly, attentive, and welcoming. The food and the atmosphere is great for family and friends to sit down and have a great filling meal. This restaurant is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike, so having an early dinner or taking a pause from your busy activities for lunch is recommended. If you are visiting in the Fall Sals has been a hot spot for homecoming dinners- we have been victims of this event but still worth the wait! Check out their menu
  2. King Arms Tavern- Located in Colonial Williamsburg King Arms Tavern dishes up traditional period foods. Some of the dishes they are famous for is their Peanut Soup and their Norfolk Pottage Pie. King Arms is open for Lunch at 11:30- 2:30pm Dinner Starting at 5pm. Note: Their dinner menu is different during lunch and dinner so plan accordingly. Kids menus available.
  3. Chowning's Tavern- Located in Colonial Williamsburg Chowning's is similar to King Arms Tavern. You can sample the Peanut soup here as well and the Brunswick Stew is one of my favorites. While you dine enjoy period sing-a-longs and games as you enjoy their tasty fare. Open for lunch at 11:30- 3pm and open for Dinner (reservations required) at 5pm. Kids menus available. These two taverns are not the only taverns in the park so please feel free to explore!
  4. Abbey Road Pub- Located in Virginia Beach this is a must go for any Beatles fan. Food and atmosphere is fab and groovy! looking around its wall to wall Beatlemania. Prices are a little high, and they do offer vegetarian dishes. Check out their menu and entertainment schedule
  5. Captain George's- Located in both Williamsburg and Virginia Beach (which has amazing ceiling art) this buffet is a seafood lovers dream. Surf and turf at this large buffet and fill your belly with all seafood you can. $31.00 per adult, Children 5-12: half price, under 4: eat free. There is an early bird special $27.00 Sunday Noon- 4pm
  6. Busch Gardens- Here you can sample some of the best foods you might ever find at a park.
  • Germany/Das Festhaus- Here you can sample traditional German cuisine and enjoy traditional Bavarian music and dancing (show times posted outside). There is also a nice sandwich shop where you can get artisan sandwiches made at Festhaus Kaffee. Have picky eaters or not so brave? American food is available as well from pizza to ribs. The six layer chocolate cake is to die for and is group battle to conquer this tower. Also located in Germany is an amazing pretzel shop called Beste Brezlen und Beir (Best Pretzels and Beer). Here you can grab imported German beers and hand made pretzel products exp. pretzels wrapped Hot dog , pizza pretzel, pretzel sandwiches etc. Grab a souvenir cup and fill it up with your choice of soda, water, or my favorite Frozen lemonade. Refills are about a dollar and it is worth it when walking all day.
  • France/New France- Bistro 205 is an all you can eat buffet that serves up some Southern favorites like fried chicken. Located in France watch others plummet down at 90 degrees on the wings of The Griffon. Trappers Smokehouse lures you in with its smokey BBQ scents. Ribs, smoked chicken, and baked beans are just a few of the tasty treats available. Indulge in the messiness that is finger licking good!

To me these are some of the activities that I have experienced and hope that you can too! Always ask the locals what is cool in town; you never know what new and exciting adventure you maybe getting your selves into. And explore on your own, sometimes doing a little research and making your own path can be even better than following the crowd!

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