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Unusual Funeral Traditions Around the World

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Death won’t let you escape from it ever! Everyone has to die one day but what matter is that how your family and friends bid you a final farewell. Moreover, every family and people of every culture have different ways for funeral arrangements. We are here to present to you a bunch of them that are weird and strange. You would have never heard about them before and the spine shuddering rituals are capable to shock you just enough. Read about these strange funeral traditions below.

Tower of Silence

Excarnation is a strong belief of Parsees and Zoroastrians and they practice it on the Tower of Silence which is also called Dakhma. These towers are made at the height of 20 to 30 feet where dead bodies are exposed for vultures and birds that eat corpses. Once the flesh is eaten by the birds, the remaining bones are collected in a deep pit in the mid of the tower. After disintegrating the bones, they are run from different filters and then dumped in the sea.



Can you ever imagine to dig out a loved one you once buried? This is exactly what the people of Madagascar have been doing for years now. They open the graves of their family members and loved ones every few years and arrange a reunion to celebrate it. The burial cloth is pulled off from the corpse and the remains are decked up in silk garments. The celebration involves everyone dancing with the corpses, drinking and having fun.


The people of Papua, Brazil and New Guinea follow endocannibalism as an age-old ritual. During it, the women and children eat the flesh of their dead male family members. Besides this, in a few regions of India, people burn the dead bodies, collect the ashes and make a soup from it to absorb the wisdom of the dead person. It is also done to gain spiritual powers and immortality.

Hanging Coffins

If you ever go visit Southern China, you will see some ancient hanging coffins down the cliffs. 3000 years ago, the Guyue and Bo people didn’t used to cremate or bury the dead bodies. Instead, they used to put the bodies in a coffin and hung them down the cliffs. They had a belief that the higher they will hang the coffin, the dead people will be closer to heaven. This practice and some more similar to this are also practiced in Philippines and Indonesia.

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