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Don't Waste Time! Until You Reach Your Travel Distination In Negros Occidental

Welcome to the city of Bacolod or known as the “City of Smile”. It occupies the northwestern half. Aside from that, Negros Occidental is also well known for white sand beaches, mountains with lush vegetation, clean spring waters and its cuisine. The delicious taste of different dishes is one of the prides that ranks to the best among the best food in the Philippines. Enjoy the different kinds of activities that can be done in the area like hiking, fishing, camping, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, bird watching, mountain biking, and trekking. Come and experience the joy of nature’s blessings in the province. Endowed with stunning natural scenery, unspoiled water falls, and exotic cuisines.


Gifted of Natural Sceneries

One of those is also located in my hometown, the Mambukal Mountain Resort. It is home to several species protected under the Republic Act No. 9147. In the area you can found the endemic giant golden-crowned flying fox and the Philippine tube-nosed fruit bat can be seen in the area. You can do bird watching as you will see uncountable bats hanging down from tall trees in the distance just about anywhere in the area. Like any other swimming pool except that the water is from the falls, it is therapeutic warm. The resort was lots of fun, don’t forget the suntan lotion if you have been planning a trip to Negros Occidental you must visit the breathtaking scenery of Mambukal Mountain Resort.

Known for unspoiled waterfalls

Muddy path to high water falls with icy water that will really wake your body up and can definitely help lessen your worries in a bit of time. One of the most visited water fall here in my hometown is the “Mount Kanlaon’s Seven Falls”. It is located in Brgy. Minoyan, Murcia in the said province. The trek will normally take you about 3 hours, depending on how fast your group is and the weather condition. It is advisable to wear comfy lite clothes and bottled water for hydration. Don’t hesitate to swim in the refreshing water of the 7th falls. It will melt all your exhaustion. It is surrounded by century trees and huge rocks. If you are adventurous loves hiking and swimming, this location will surely satisfy you!

Well- know for exquisite cuisine

Food will always be a significant factor that people consider visiting a place as a tourist destination, and Negros Occidental will not be late as it is well known for exotic cuisine. Being a permanent resident of this province, I can say that you will surely have a unique gastronomic experience when you visit us. Piaya, napoleones bread, and chicken inasal are just a few of the most famous food that the city is known for. Not to mention, the foods that most Negrense Restaurants offer are indeed within a reasonable budget rage. The exquisite meals and food that Negros Occidental offers can cater to anyone, regardless of age and preferences.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Negros Occidental because Negros Occidental will always have something for you! May it is the resort, water falls, natural scenery, white sand beaches or the exotic food. Come and experience the magnificent wonders of Negros Providence. From Silay International Airport, you can ride a Taxi to Libertad. Then, ride a Mambukal Bacolod Ceres bus, fare is 60 pesos each. Tell the conductor you will go to Brgy. Minoyan. Hint: Brgy. Minoyan is a drop-off point, there's no way you'll be lost. Don’t forget to follow safety protocols. Have a safe flight, adventurous wonders!

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