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Trip to Mysuru in Anubhuti Coach of Shatabdi Express

Departing from Bengaluru Railway Station

I had to travel to Mysuru to attend my cousin's wedding ceremony in the month of January 2018. My mother and family members had already left for Mysuru on the previous day. I decided to stay back and travel in the newly introduced Anubhuti Coach onboard the 22007 Chennai Central-Mysuru Shatabdi Express. As usual, I booked my train on IRCTC's web booking portal for my journey on 20th January 2018. The booking process was smooth and hassle-free.

On the D-day, I left home at 9 am and reached the Bengaluru railway station at around 9.45 am. I hailed an app-based auto-rickshaw to reach the Bengaluru railway station's backside entry point. The Shatabdi Express would usually arrive on platform 7 from Chennai Central and the platform is easily accessible from the backside entry point. As soon as I entered the railway station I observed that the passenger train to Mysuru was ready to leave from platform number 8. I also noted the delayed arrival of train number 12691 Chennai Central-Sri Sathya Sai Prashanti Nilayam Weekly express at around 10.20 am on platform number 4. I decided to walk across the railway station to view the status of other trains displayed on the LED screen at the main entrance. The Bengaluru railway station wasn't much busy in the morning. I could not see the waitlist chart of Shatabdi Express as the Charting display board was vacant.

Soon an announcement was made regarding the arrival of 22007 Chennai Central-Mysuru Shatabdi Express on the designated platform number 7. I sipped a cup of hot coffee at the restaurant at the main entrance of Bengaluru railway station and quickly headed to platform number 7. I was aware of the coach position and my coach was K1 i.e. First Class Anubhuti Coach. I was excited to travel with the Anubhuti coach for the first time. It was introduced as a premier coach onboard the 22007 Chennai Central-Mysuru Shatabdi Express. The other train to get to this facility later was 12243/12244 Chennai Central-Coimbatore Shatabdi Express. My coach was the last in the train's rake and was next to the air-conditioned First Class Executive coach E1.

Onboard the Anubhuti Coach

The train arrived at around 10.45 am on the designated platform 7. I was eager and quick to board my coach K1. At a first glance, the coach looked very neat and the ambiance was appealing. I was allotted seat number 28 Window facing towards the Mysore side. Soon the pantry staff handed over a complimentary water bottle as I settled down in my seat. The coach had only up to three to four passengers owing to the high cost of the ticket fare. (I paid Rs.840 for my trip to Mysuru for travel in Anubhuti Coach). The display screens mounted at the seat's back were blank and it was switched on upon my request. The infotainment screen had nothing much to offer with the exception of the non-functional GPS tracking system and some advertisements. I decided to gaze out of the window and enjoy my journey with the help of Samit Da's Indian Rail Atlas. The food trays were provided with a foldable option similar to an airline seat. The seat too had a push-back option just like an aircraft seat. The coach otherwise had features similar to First Class air-conditioned Executive chair car.

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Arriving at Mysuru

Next, a hot tomato soup was served to the passengers. I relished and enjoyed the same as the train breezed past Kengeri and Bidadi railway station. Soon it was around 11.40 pm and lunch was served. The lunch consisted of jeera rice, mixed raitha, curds, pickles, and a banana. I enjoyed the lunch though I had a heavy breakfast earlier in the day before leaving from home. We crossed Maddur, Mandya, Pandavapaura, and Srirangapatna in quick succession and reached the final destination at Mysuru at 11 am.

I disembarked from the train which arrived on platform number 1 of Mysuru railway station and witnessed a huge crowd waiting to return to Bengaluru and Chennai Central in the train's return journey at 2 pm. I came out of the majestic Mysuru railway station and stood in the queue to reach my cousin's home in Jay Prakash Nagar and reached home within thirty minutes at 1.45 pm.

Travel in Anubhuti Coach

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