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Trip to Mangaluru Junction by Karwar Express

Departure from Yeswanthpur

I wanted to travel to Mangaluru on a solo trip on 21st November 2018. I decided to travel by Yeswanthpur- Karwar Express leaving at 7.10 am from Yeswanthpur railway station. I could not resist traveling by day train to Mangaluru for the second time and this was my maiden visit to Mangaluru onboard an air-conditioned chair car coach. The first visit happened in 2015 in a second sitting coach, back then there was no facility of the air-conditioned coach to this train.

I made bookings as usual on IRCTC's web portal and my ticket was confirmed with a middle seat. I was desperate to grab a window seat but could not avail it initially. As the d-day arrived, I left my sweet home on my TVS Jupitor. I parked the vehicle in the designated two-wheeler parking lot at Yeswanthpur railway station and arrived at the railway station by 6.15 am. I was aware that the train did not have any pantry coach. So I decided to have some breakfast at the restaurant located near the entry point of platform number 6. I ordered a hot masala dosa along with a cup of fresh filter coffee.

I wanted to do some railfanning but decided against it as I was running short of time ahead of my train's departure at 7.10 am. My train i.e. Yeswanthpur-Karwar Express was shunted onto the platform already by the time I arrived at the railway station at 6.15 am. I occupied my seat which was middle in the row. Upon finding the travel ticket examiner seated in the coach, I approached him for a window seat and was allotted a vacant seat. I was elated at the thought of sitting by the window en route to Mangaluru Junction.

The Scenic Ghat Section

The air-conditioned chair car coach C1 was full with only three to four seats vacant. I was surprised by the demand to travel towards Mangaluru and Karwar by air-conditioned chair car coach, especially on a weekday! The train started its journey from Yeswanthpur railway station bang on time at 7.10 am. I was seated in the opposite direction of the coach. The train soon waded through Chikkabanawara and joined the Nelamangala line. The coach did not have any vendors from Yeswanthpur railway station. Hence we had to wait for some time till we reached Hassan junction to grab some food and coffee. Hassan junction arrived soon between 10-10.30 am. As soon as the train entered the railway station, the premises was abuzz with food vendors and a weekday crowd. I got down over here to grab a vada and a hot cup of coffee. The journey up to Hassan from Yeswanthpur was uneventful, as I gazed through the windows while holding Samit Da's Indian Rail Atlas making a note of each station.

As soon as we left Hassan Junction railway station, the scenery changed from plain land to plantations. The sight of plantations and valleys marked the arrival of our next halt at Sakleshpur at 11.45 am. As also one could witness the attachment of bankers to the train's rake for the onward journey up to Subramanya Road railway station. Upon our arrival at Sakleshpur railway station, a couple of food vendors were busy serving bhel puri and other snacks to the passengers. After a halt of up to ten minutes over here, the train slowly started to proceed towards the next station at Subramanya Road. The approach from Sakleshpura marked the entry of thick forests, ghat section bridges, and rail tunnels. The scenic route was very appealing and many passengers started to take pictures on their mobiles. Occasionally one could spot cars, buses, and trucks on the National Highway leading to Mangaluru from Bengaluru from the train. The daytime route to Mangaluru from Bengaluru is not to be missed an opportunity-be it the first time or every time you travel to Mangaluru!

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Arrival at Mangaluru Junction

The ghat section soon descended to the plain land and marked the arrival of our next destination i.e. Subramanya Road railway station. It was surprising to note that most of the train passengers disembarked at Subramanya Road railway station heading to Kukke Subramanya temple town. One could spot numerous auto-rickshaws, private taxis, and a couple of KSRTC buses awaiting to pick-up passengers arriving from the Yeswanthpur- Karwar Express

The joy of the train journey did not end at Subramanya Road railway station. The bankers were detached from the train's rake over here. Also, food vendors in pink uniforms were spotted selling snacks and coffee. Since we had some time, I stepped out of the train for a while and sipped a hot cup of coffee.

The train then started to move at a normal pace towards Mangaluru. One could witness stoppages en route to facilitate the crossing of a passenger train. We soon arrived at en route stations like Kabakaputtur and Bantwala for the designated commercial halt. As soon as we entered Mangaluru, our train was stopped for a brief period of fifteen to twenty minutes. The train then moved at a slow pace and we finally arrived at Mangaluru Junction at around 5.15 pm. Almost all the passengers disembarked at Mangaluru Junction as the train halted here for a reversal to otherwise proceed to Karwar.

My journey to Mangaluru thus ended and I proceeded to Mangaluru Central to take a rest at the railway retiring room and leave for Coimbatore by 22638 Mangaluru Central-Chennai Central West Coast Express.

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