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Trip to Hubballi Onboard Mysuru-Ajmer Express

Departing from Bengaluru

Our family was invited to a wedding in the month of December 2018 and we had to travel to Hubballi to attend the same.I was quick to search online for the trains with the availability of berths in First Class air-conditioned coach. The search on the IRCTC's web portal showed up three best possible trains i.e. 16589 Bengaluru-Kolhapur Rani Chennamma Express leaving Bengaluru at 9.15 pm, 16210 Mysuru-Ajmer Express leaving at 9.40 pm, and finally 16592 Mysuru-Hubballi Hampi Express leaving at 10.05 pm. We opted out of 16589 Rani Chennamma Express as it arrived at Hubballi very early at 5.30 am and also we had to leave out the train number 16592 Hampi Express as it otherwise arrived late by 11 am at Hubballi. So we were left with the only choice of 16210 Mysuru-Ajmer Express which arrived at Hubballi by 6.30 am and it was an ideal time for us too.

I quickly booked the tickets in First Class air-conditioned coach of the train number 16210 Mysuru -Ajmer Express operating via Hubballi. Our ticket status was confirmed and as usual, we would be allotted the final cabin number after preparation of the charts before the train's original departure from Mysuru. The D-day arrived as we prepared to leave home by 8 pm to avoid the last-minute rush at the railway station. We arrived at the Bengaluru railway station by 8.40 pm and hailed an app-based taxi to reach the railway station. I noticed that the 22691 Bengaluru-Hazarat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express train had already left Bengaluru at 8 pm from the designated platform number 8.

The next train to leave Bengaluru from platform number 8 was 16589 Bengaluru-Kolhapur Rani Chennamma Express at 9.15 pm. We waited for our train on the platform seated on a wooden bench. Soon it was time for the arrival of our train at 9.40 pm on platform number 8, yet again!

Boarding Ajmer Express

As the train arrived, there was a huge crowd waiting to board the Ajmer Express especially those passengers bound towards Ahmedabad in Gujurat and beyond. Our coach HA1 i.e. the First Class air-conditioned coach was placed near the train's locomotive. So we approached the exact location of the coach as per the coach display board made available on the platform. We boarded the coach quickly and settled down in our Cabin A. We were allotted two lower berths and an upper berth in the cabin. The other upper berth was vacant and I was happy that the entire cabin belonged to us for the rest of the journey.

The train departed from Bengaluru bang on time at 9.50 pm and made steady progress towards its next halt at Yeswanthpur railway station. Some passengers embarked on the train from here and then the train started off after a five-minute halt. We then decided to have dinner prepared from home. After dinner we chatted for some time and decided to sleep early, to get up early the next morning.

The next morning I woke up at 6 am, some thirty minutes short of our destination at Hubballi. The train slowed a bit near Hubli South station and then proceeded to Hubballi railway station. The train arrived on platform number 1 and we disembarked quickly. The railway station's platform was abuzz with passengers intending to travel towards Pune and Ahmedabad. I immediately suggested sipping a cup of hot coffee made available at the railway station's vegetarian restaurant.

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Arriving at Hubballi

While sipping the coffee I could see Mysuru-Ajmer Express leaving slowly towards its next destination at Dharwad and the train left on time at around 6.40 am. We marched to the railway station's main gate to hail an auto-rickshaw. Later we checked in to Hotel Ananth Residency five minutes away from Hubballi railway station and located next to Hubballi head post office.

We decided to return on the same day after the wedding ceremony. I had booked tickets onboard 16535 Solapur-Mysuru Golbumbaz Express leaving Hubballi at 11 pm.

This time too I had booked the tickets i.e.H1 of the First Class air-conditioned coach. We reached Yeswanthpur railway station at 7.30 am and returned to my home by hailing a pre-paid auto-rickshaw. Thus this one-day trip to Hubballi from Bengaluru ended on a happy and pleasant note.

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