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Travelling With Children-flight Rant 1


So one of the things I always pay additional for is the window seat for two reasons, one, I don’t want people bumping into me if I get the seat near the isle. Two, The view. While I’m boarding I hear kids already screaming… I’m praying “Please don’t let them be seated near me. Now before anyone gets offended about me not wanting to sit with kids… The reason I prefer to not be seated with kids is because some of these parents don’t make their kids listen, put earphones on etc. Just my luck my window seat is with them. I’m trying to be positive and I’m thinking okay maybe when we take off they’ll be a little more calm.
Not at all. I was getting kicked the entire way, they took over my tray, changed the channel on my tv, tablets up loud and they had earphones but obviously they weren’t plugged into their tablets, screaming, food everywhere, at one point one of the kids climbed to sit on my lap. So, the mother
communicated through ASL. I’m doing my best to communicate & sign asking her to please get her kids, she didn’t seem to understand. Crazy part is she kept asking me to watch them while she’d take one or another to the bathroom. Wait how is that you don’t understand me but I understand you. So I’m like NO I don’t know you or your kids. Oh the young ladies in the row beside us were with them.. with more kids… SCREAMING but I still don’t understand why she didn’t ask them. Well Ms Lady said,” You gone watch these kids anyway.” Spoke to the flight attendant that did no good none of them were able to translate ASL either. The most horrible five hour flight ever. This is an actual picture of me on Auntie duty with a child I don’t even know.
Kids on flights will be kids. Some are loud some are quiet some are in between and more than likely each will be all of the above on a flight longer than a minute. The parents have enough on their plate and kids deserve to travel and there's nothing we can do about it. This is not a "kids will be kids" situation. This is a person taking advantage of another person's kindness. There is no way anyone should allow their children to climb onto the lap of a complete stranger and use their things. That's entitlement.

Again, the amount of parents making excuses is what's wrong with children today. The ” kids will be kids” is a horrible excuse. Kids will behave how you allow them to behave. And I'm not talking about the normal quick cry or question asking or normal kid stuff. I'm talking about intolerable children.
e of the people who would be flying with your child I would say that as long as your child isn't being allowed to climb on my lap, confiscate my tray, or confiscate my screen like what happened with OP you're OK.

Also don't expect me to interact with them beyond a nod of acknowledgement, which as the same any adult would get from me.

Kids are going to be loud sometimes. We all know that, and yes it's annoying but a rational adult knows that it's just like that sometimes. Kids aren't going to be quiet one hundred percent of the time. Any rational person understands this. Just do your best. Kids are people too. You can't have total control over another person. What happened to OP is just beyond

People need to be more understanding of kids traveling. Period. Especially the young ones! If you don’t want to potentially hear a baby scream, bring your own earplugs or fly private. Traveling with a little one is stressful enough on its own, now I’m supposed to worry about making sure everyone else is happy? Nah. I’ll just worry about myself and my kid.

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Diana Carol Abrahamson from Somerset West on August 22, 2021:

Hi Millicent. That was the worst flight you experienced. Being invaded for five hours must have tested your patience, to the extreme :)

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 21, 2021:

This sounds like the flight from hell, Millicent. I rarely fly and fortunately haven't experienced this on a plane. However, I have been on a long-distance train trip with parents having no control over their children that made it difficult for the other passengers.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 21, 2021:

Sorry you had such a bad flight. I have not flown much in the last few years, but never experienced such disorder as you described. Hopefully, your next flight will be more calm and peaceful.

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