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Travelling Post-Covid: 5 Tips For A Fuss-Free Trip

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That’s right, we’ve all missed the feeling of the sand between our toes, all-inclusive margaritas and the opportunity to have new exciting adventures to embark on. Travelling is a global hobby, often the only two weeks in a year that hardworking employees look forward to as they sit at their office desks. That’s why experts have predicted it will be more popular than ever post-Covid as we head back out into the world and jet off to our favourite destinations.

In fact, new studies show that the rise in domestic flight bookings is moving at an alarming rate as more countries continue to fly onto the green list, opening their doors for post-covid travellers.

The question is, just how prepared are we for our next post-pandemic trip? Covid-19 is still very much present all over the globe, so it’s time to pack smart, track your travel destination and prioritise your safety as you plan the ultimate Covid-free holiday in 2021.

Post-Covid Preparation

Post-Covid preparation has never been easier thanks to the new government guidelines that aim to prioritise your safety. For over sea’s travellers, it’s time to double-check those green lists, stock up on your PPE and make sure you get your PCR test in time.

To travel to most countries on both the green and amber list, holidaymakers will have to show a negative PCR test result before flying, and depending on the travel destination of choice, may have to quarantine both when you arrive at your destination and when you return home.

In order to stay on top of the ever-changing regulations, we suggest that you prioritise your post-pandemic travel preparation with our 5 easy fuss-free travel steps that will have you safely in the sun in no time.

Travel Tips For A Fuss-Free Trip

Whether you’re heading across the Atlantic or simply flying from state to state, keeping safe while you travel is vital if you want to reduce the spread of Covid-19. It’s time to get on top of your hygiene routine, pack that PPE and start thinking about how you can prioritise your airport safety as you jet off.

Whether you’re flying tomorrow or planning to book a holiday in the future, we have you covered. Read on to find out how to prepare for the ultimate post-Covid holiday.

Track Your Travel Destination

One of the easiest ways to prepare for your post-pandemic trip is to keep up to date with the latest travel-based announcements. It’s time to set up those news updates on your phone and track your travel destination’s current guidelines.

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Green countries can easily turn red, so it’s vital that you stay in the loop before you choose to jet off. Visiting both your country and your destination’s government guidelines page will keep you well informed. Alongside this, why not also check out your airline’s website for more details on their travelling capacity and new post-Covid regulations in place to keep each passenger safe.

Start Smart Packing

It’s time to start packing smart. As we head into a post-Covid travelling environment, reducing contact and time spent in the airport, reduces your chances of either spreading or catching Covid-19.

One way to reduce your chances of getting Covid-19 is to start packing with the pandemic in mind. Check your airline’s weight requirements and weigh your baggage at home to reduce both contact with airport staff and the frantic check-in desk layering that comes with packing too much.

It’s also time to read up on that prohibited items list. Pack some spare clear plastic nags in your hand luggage that can easily display your liquids and anything metal as you head through your security checkpoint. Being prepared in advance will mean you are less likely to come into contact with security officers and will quickly move through the line and away from crowded areas.

Prioritise Your Airport Safety

Prioritising your airport safety is also vital when preparing for your next trip. As a crowded area filled with excitable holidaymakers, it’s time to stock up on PPE, hand sanitiser and read up on your social distancing knowledge as you head into the airport.

In fact, studies have shown that simply wearing a face mask can reduce your chances of getting Covid-19 by at least 67%. Whether you’re flying solo or in a group of people, we recommend you keep them on during the flight to reduce the spread of the virus.

Remaining socially distanced has also never been easier. Avoid crowded areas of the airport such as duty-free stores, and come prepared with your own airport snacks that can be devoured as you wait for your flight to board. Better still, why not book off-peak transport, ensuring that you arrive at the airport during its quietest time slot.

Use That E-Ticket

Airports are now becoming more digitalised than ever before. Thanks to the new technological revolution across the aviation industry, passengers are now able to digitally check-in, pass through security checkpoints using digital scanners and even have their passports checked with the newest state of the art tech.

Travelling post-Covid has made the use of technology in airports vital in order to reduce the spread of the virus. If you can, make use of the E-Ticket option when checking into your airport, contributing to the reduction in contact between staff members and passengers.

Plan The Ultimate Covid-Free Holiday

Last but certainly not least, it’s time to plan your ultimate Covid-free holiday, for a week of virus-free fun that reduces your chances of giving in to the pandemic’s fierce reign.

When you reach your destination, our advice is to plan a trip that will not only allow you to explore but also remain safe and socially distanced. Why not try reading your destination’s ‘untourist’ guides for some hidden gems that are free from overcrowding. Not only will this reduce your chances of picking up the virus, but will help pump money back into local areas that are often forgotten by international tourists.


Liz Westwood from UK on August 12, 2021:

As we look forward to travel in the future, this article includes some useful tips. Last year I wrote an article about staying in a hotel after they reopened post the first lockdown in the UK. It will be interesting to see how long and how permanent changes will be in the travel industry due to COVID.

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