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Travel to Hubballi by Airawata Club Class Multi-Axle Bus

KSRTC's Airawata Club Class Air-conditioned service to Hubballi

KSRTC's Airawata Club Class Air-conditioned service to Hubballi


I was thrilled at another weekend holiday in March 2021. This time I planned to visit Hubballi and quickly booked the tickets for the journey originating at 3 pm from Bengaluru's Kempegowda Bus Terminal. KSRTC operates an Airawata Club Class Multi-Axled service to Hubballi in the forenoon with a seamless non-stop service. This is the earliest service after the departure of another Airwata Gold Class service leaving to Belagavi via Hubballi at 09.30 am every day from platform number 14 of Kempegowda Bus Stand.

As usual, I chose to book the front row seat behind the crew. The front row seat has the advantage of a wide-angle view of the road through the windshield. I was lucky to get a front-row seat and it was a hassle-free booking available on KSRTC's website. I arrived much early at Kempegowda Bus Stand at 1 pm. Platform 14 which was the designated bay for my bus was empty. However, I could spot three buses bound towards Davanagere. One service was offered by Karnataka Sarige and the other two were KSRTC's flagship brand non-air-conditioned Rajahamsa service. Another Airconditioned club class multi-axle service to Davanagere arrived at the bus-bay to leave at 2 pm towards its destination.

I took a quick stroll across the bus bays. I could spot a couple of APSRTC buses headed towards Chittoor-Hyderabad. Another KSRTC's Airawata club class service towards Tiruptathi departed from the bus-bay at 2.15 pm. The platform connecting towards Hyderabad i.e. platform 16 was empty with only overnight buses parked to leave in the late evening.

KSRTC'S Airawata Club Class Air-conditioned service

KSRTC'S Airawata Club Class Air-conditioned service

Departing from Bengaluru

Soon my bus arrived at the bus-bay. The bus was a brand new coach which was an Airawata Club Class Multi Axle service operating to Hubballi from Bengaluru departing at 3 pm. The service had a non-stop run with a brief rest-stop at Hiriyur en route for the benefit of traveling passengers. I was the first person to board the bus. The bus was vacant initially with only three bus passengers having turned up to occupy the reserved seats. The crew verified my tickets and I happily settled down in my seat. The seat gave a majestic view of the outside view, as mentioned earlier, it was a front-row seat behind the driving wheel. The bus soon filled up with passengers and the crew got a sign-off from the traffic inspector to leave from Bengaluru. Our bus started at 3 pm and skipped the usual route via Navarnag-Rajajinagar. Instead, it operated via Malleswaram Mantri Mall-Malleswaram 18th Cross- IISc Circle to reach Govardhan Theatre at Yeswantpur. A couple of passengers boarded the bus at the Yeswantpur bus stop.

The bus quickly zipped through the busy Goragunteplaya Junction and Jalahalli Cross. Another passenger boarded the bus at the Nelamangala tollway. The bus then joined the National Highway 48 leading to Hubballi from Bengaluru. The bus had to negotiate heavy traffic piled up witnessed at frequent intervals after the Nelamangala tollway. The bus had an uneventful run after the Nelamangala tollway.

Our next stop was at Hiriyur. It was a designated rest-stop authorized by KSRTC. We arrived at Hiriyur at 5.45 pm. Many passengers including me quickly alighted to sip a cup of coffee. As soon as we arrived, another bus heading to Bengaluru from Shivamogga arrived at Hiriyru. Within a span of ten minutes, Bengaluru bound Davanagere bus too arrived at Hiriyur. Both the buses were KSRTC's Airwata Club Class Multi Axle service. All the three buses were parked adjacently giving a majestic view of KSRTC's flagship brand Airawata.

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After a quick 15 minute break, we were back on National Highway 48. Our journey to Chitradurga with a non-stop run was uneventful. After Chitradurga, the bus had to take several deviations into the bylanes owing to the up-gradation work undertaken on the National Highway 48. Owing to this our travel time was delayed by 30 minutes to reach the destination at 10 pm instead of 09.30 pm.


Arriving at Hubballi

Soon we crossed Davanagere-Harihar bypass, which saw some of the passengers alighting along the bypass lane. As this is a non-stop service, it stops only at designated bus stops en route bypass lanes on the National Highway 48. It was already dark at around 7.30 pm when we crossed the Haveri bypass route. Soon our destination at Hubballi arrived when the bus cut-through the busy national highway and joined the town's inroads.

The first stop was at Bankapur Cross in Hubballi, where some of the passengers alighted. The next stop was at Rani Chennamma Circle at the old Central Bus Stand which is a busy commercial center in Hubballi city. Then the bus made its way to Gokul Road to reach our final destination at Hubballi KSRTC Bus Stand. We were late by 30 minutes as explained earlier due to road up-gradation work in progress on National Highway 48.

My journey ended with the arrival of the bus at Hubballi. Next, I had to quickly buy some sweets and head-back to the Hubballi KSRTC bus stand. I had to travel back to Bengaluru by Belagavi-Tirupathi Airawata Club Class Multi-Axle service which usually departs at 10.45 pm every day. My plan had no changes and I safely reached Bengaluru by traveling on Belagavi-Tirupathi Airawata Club Class Multi-Axle service reaching the destination at 05.30 am.


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