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World Top Mysterious Places


This World has many places which have been considered Mysterious places or monuments. These all mysterious places monuments are showing the art and skills of craftsmen that show some religious figures or to give honor to someone. Top scientists and Historians examine these all places to know what does each place means. The Scientist and historian declare some places with the tag of so old and some with incomplete. They also said that we did not get the message or clues these monuments means. Some people want to see these places of interest and want to study more about these monuments. Some of these places are given below for your study.


Cahokia Mounds

This place is situated in the USA in Clair Illinois. World Heritage Site named this place as Cahokia Mounds in 1982 (Sixth Session). The estimated time for this place foundation by Archeologist is about 650 AD. The historian said that once a time this was a place full of culture and developed area. They also estimated that this was the place for about Forty Thousand people at its peak time. This makes this place the most populated place before the arrival of Europeans. This place is consists of 2,299 acres. It has about eighty mounds and their high mount length is about a hundred feet. Although scientists and historians are trying to get more and more information about this place, the mysterious thing about Cahokia is which ****** tribe had decided to leave this place and what was the cause of leaving and how this place becomes like this.

New Grange

New Grange is located in the County Meath, Ireland. The World Heritage Site named this place as Bruna Boinne in 1993 (17th Session). The estimated time for this place foundation by Archeologist is about 3200 BC. This place is considered one of the oldest mysterious places in Ireland. This was built around 3100 BC by the people of that time with clay and stone and it was declared a tomb for that time. It has a long way that guides you to the cross-shaped which is a tomb. The most attractive and interesting thing about New Grange is its design which is waterproof. The front face designed like this that sun rays are reflected in the central room. Historians and scientists had got the knowledge that it was built for worship but still today they did not get that for whom and which region this was made.


The Yonaguni is a formation under the water in the sea of Ryuku. This place was discovered in 1986 by Kihachiro Aratake. The director of the Yonaguni-Cho Tourism Association and his team discover this place when they were searching for Hammerhead sharks. They found this mysterious formation of rocks and this thing became a debate for the Japanese scientific society. This monument is made up from the rock and has carved steps and a gigantic pillars type that could be 6 to 40 meters. They named this triangular shape place as The Turtle. The Archeologists are still in doubt that is it a human-made place or natural made. At one stage archeologists said that from the formation of pillars and stones erosion satisfied that this was not a human-made and this all was one piece. But on the other side when we see the straight pillars and 90-degree angles formation shows that this is an artificial work. But the real mystery is that for whom and which people this mysterious place was made.

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines is located in the Nazca Desert, Peru. World Heritage Site named this place as Bruna Boinne in 1994 (18th Session). The estimated time for this place foundation by Archeologist is about 500 BCE. The Nazca Lines are the series of lines situated in Nazca Desert in Peru. These lines almost cover a total of fifty miles and historians and scientists estimated that these lines created between 200 BC to 700 AD. Some line measurements are about 600 feet (0.18 km) and some lines are shorter. Some lines look like to characterize some plants or insects. The scientists have known that who draws these lines and how they made it but the mysterious thing is that why these lines have been drawn. In some hypotheses, they concluded that these lines were part of the people of that time in their religion and beliefs. Some said that these lines were the marks of some people when they had worked to made textiles and some said that these are the remaining airfield lines of that modern people.


Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England. The World Heritage Site named this place as Bruna Boinne in 1986 (10th Session). The estimated time for this place foundation by Archeologist is about between 2000 BC to 3000 BC. Stonehenge is one of the oldest and famous mysterious places. It is a very inspiring debate among scientists, historians, and scholars up to the Middle Ages. Stonehenge consists of many pieces of rock that are piled on each other like these are the random design which is being designed by some people. Some historians said that at the time of 7000 years ago the building process was so extensive. The mysterious thing about this place is still a mystery because no one knows its uses and nature. All the scientist and historian have just published their theories about Stonehenge.

Goseck Circle

Goseck Circle is located in Saxony, Germany. This was discovered in 1991. The estimated time for this place foundation by Archeologist is about between 4900 BC. This monument is made up of wood, gravel, and earth clay. The circle is surrounded by a series of circular ditches. The central circle has three openings and it is believed that this was made in 4900 BC by the Neolithic people. Historians and scientists have concluded that the three openings of the circle are showing the rising and sunset directions. The Scientist and historian concluded that the Goseck Circle is a type of calendar that may by the solar or lunar calendar. But no one knows what was the real purpose of these circles and openings. Some people and scientist have concluded that this circle was used for the conjunction of human sacrifice but some archeologist has founded the human bones and headless skeleton out of Goseck Circle.

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