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Travel To Ecuador

Introduction to my blog and a few helpful travel tips!

Hi! The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences and discoveries across a wide variety of topics, in a way that will hopefully benefit the reader. Thus the name: "OppsTipsResources". I didn't want to be too specific on the theme, because I have a wide variety of interests and I discover so many tricks and nuggets of info as I go through life, that I wanted to create a fun mixed bag of useful information for people to choose from. If you are interested in useful information on everything from travel tips to great internet resources and online income earning opportunities, please visit my blog often!

Since I have been spending considerable time in beautiful Ecuador, I thought it appropriate to begin with a few travel tips that will be sure to save you a lot of guesswork if you are planning a trip to Ecuador.

In the planning stages, you need to give careful consideration to the timing and length of your visit, as well as what to bring. Regarding timing, spend a bit of time researching the weather patterns during the months you would like to travel, and the regions of the country you would like to visit. One of the great things about Ecuador is you can practically "pick your climate" based on the altitude you choose here in the Andes. My favorite altitude is around 6000 ft. which translates into days that hover around 22 degrees C. and nights around 15 degrees.

Be clear in your mind whether traveling light is a priority, or perhaps you would prefer bringing everything you enjoy having with you on the road. I have tried both approaches, and both have their advantages, so you need to think it through based on your personality and what you want to do when you get to your destination.

Also, be clear on how long you want to stay so that you can arrange the appropriate visa if necessary. I saved myself a great deal of trouble by contacting my local Ecuadorian consulate to obtain a long term visa prior to leaving. There was a time when you could just leave the country briefly once your initial visa expires, and then come back in as early as the next day (called a "visa run"), but this is no longer allowed. Fortunately there are a variety of visa options to choose from if you plan in advance (which is beyond the scope of this article and besides, the law in Ecuador changes frequently!).

Also give some thought to how much freedom you prefer while you are traveling. What I mean by that is, are you the type of person that likes everything to be arranged for you, i.e. tours operated by a reputable and knowledgeable guide? Or do you prefer making decisions on the fly and going with the flow? Organized tours cost more and offer less flexibility along your journey, placing you in a series of pre-planned locations and activities, but they require less effort on your part. Many folks find it too stressful having to figure out where they are going to sleep and eat from day to day. The key is knowing yourself and planning accordingly.

Overall, I want to impress the importance of taking your time in the planning process, researching on the internet and contacting whatever authorities you need to in order to obtain information that could save you a lot of hassle once you are on the road.

In the future I will get into more detail on the little secrets I have learned while hanging out in Ecuador, but I will also be writing about some of the cool resources I have discovered both online and offline (in a variety of areas), as well as some of the ways I am making money online. I believe that the "Opps-Tips-Resources" theme of this blog will be the ideal place for you to visit often if you are interested in living an international lifestyle and picking up a few tricks you would normally need to learn by trial and error.

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Live life, and I'll see you in my next installment!


Ecuador Travel Photos

Me in front of Manto De Novia Waterfalls, Banos, Equador.

Me in front of Manto De Novia Waterfalls, Banos, Equador.

Bus Terminal, Otavalo, Ecuador.

Bus Terminal, Otavalo, Ecuador.

Ecuador Map


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