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Travel Thrills I Witnessed During Tours


Traveling is fun. But it can raise your heart beats at times especially when you are in the middle of an adventurous journey.

Hello Friends. Every one of us must have experienced thrills while traveling. They either make us super excited or they raise the intensity of our emotions. Due to which, we shiver in summers and we sweat in winters.

Trekking through the steep slopes, crossing a narrow bridge, living inside a treehouse in a dense forest full of ferocious mammals and listening to the hungry carnivorous roars at midnight, listening to the howling of wolfs as if they are just smelling us by standing outside our tents, missing the route that leads to our hometown is some of the thrills amongst many.

This kind of breathtaking scenario increases the adrenaline rush. they are unforgettable memories. at that moment we are sometimes scared, we do tremble but months after the moment we narrate the same story to our friends with a happy and relaxed attitude. Below I m sharing 5 such moments which brings me chills.


1.Boarding the Train

Today, as I recall this incident, I laugh out loud and feel like it's just a cream-puff. But years ago it was an anxious moment. I along with my family went to Dadar station in Mumbai to board on a train in order to return back to my hometown. But there was no wifi, no google maps, no knowledge about the substitute, or the alternate trains back in 2002. Arriving time of the train was 6.28 pm and the departure was at 6.30 pm. 2 big minutes. We were at my uncle's house and the time was 5.50 pm. I don't know the reason why we were so late. We rushed towards Andheri station along with big suitcases at 6 pm.

There wasn't much crowd. It took 25 minutes for us to reach Dadar station. Here there were Humans everywhere! A huge crowd of people seemed like Earthworms. No space to lift up the hands. By then it was 6.25 and looking at the crowd it was very difficult to step on the exact platform within 3 minutes with heavy luggage. Somehow, we managed to reach the platform but the train already started moving slowly. We screamed, we made our way through the crowd and jumped in with the suitcases. Right after a sigh, I noticed two of our members missing! again the breathing took speed. we started searching them in the neighboring couches.

We dialed the phone but that didn't help. The tension kept mounting and we were about to pull the chain as the train started pacing up. But all of a sudden we heard a voice waving at us! Both of them boarded into the train through the general coach and were making there way to the sleeper class! They explained that their Phones lost the network. Finally, we were all together, ready to sit and relax. What a relief! From this incident, I decided to inculcate the habit of reaching 20 to 40 minutes earlier at any railway station.

2. Standing on a Steep Peak

Those were the early days of my trekking experience. after trekking on the not so risky hills, Harirar fort was the big one. To a certain point, it was quite ok for me, there were muddy and rocky surfaces which were slippery. But it was quite manageable. But from that point, my heart started pounding.

We had to climb very steep stairs which were inclined at an angle of 80 to 85 degrees from the horizontal surface of the mountain. There was a facility for the hands to grip in the holes. That was the only favoring thing for the climbers. I was sweating, shivering, and shaking at the same time. I reached the top and I sighed. There was another spot from where we got an outstanding view of the world below us. We had to walk a very narrow path to get there.

On both sides, there were deep valleys. I was hesitating to walk. But I didn't want to miss it. My friends who were by then the regular weekend trekkers convinced me to gather the guts and start walking. Finally, I was there, delighted with the bliss of nature. I felt Lucky. It seemed like I was at the top of the world! My happiness knew no bounds! Though descending through those inclined steep stairs was more thrilling. I was stuck at one point over there but I gathered the courage and kept moving downwards.

3. The Tricky Journey to Fill the Belly.

This was a family trip. after a journey of ten hours, we reached our destination. We decided to find a hotel to stay so by the next day we can visit the temple and continue driving towards the next destination. It was around 8 pm. No one was hungry.

Everyone thought about booking a room to halt and then going out for dinner. It was a prime season after Diwali and every hotel was packed with tourists. At 9 pm we decided to drive towards the nearby town where we can get a hotel. We kept on searching in the google maps and started calling the receptionists at the hotels. around 10.30 we reached that town, with hopes.

We were hungry but we thought that we will get a room and we will definitely eat our dinner at around 11 pm. We finally got a room available in one hotel but they closed their restaurant at 11.30 and the clock struct 12. We felt reproached by our decision of postponing our meal. The hotel manager suggested a nearby hotel that is open till 2 am.

We kept on finding the hotel for an hour. We were confused by the locals, some said go right and some said go left, plus the maps act crazy at times. Finally, at 1 am we had our dinner.

4. Crossing the Tremendous Flow of the River

This was yet another adventurous trek in 2015. We started walking down the mountain and arrived at the river. The force of the water was tremendous and we had to cross it carefully as the water was cascading down the rocks as a "big waterfall". we were at the upper side of the waterfall.

There were only three rocks available to support us while crossing the powerfully flowing river water. The river was broad. We had to stretch our legs and jump on the rocks and make our way to the other side. There was another route but we took this one which is less used. We weren't sure about how firms the rocks are held by the surface beneath them.

The potential energy may turn into kinetic energy at any moment! I was the last man standing to cross the river. After a bit of hesitation, all the 7 members did it. I told them that I will take the other route and will meet them the next day. But they were not convinced and deep down neither did I. Finally, I made it. While crossing, I screamed but I reached the safe area.

5. The Luggage Coach and Sudden Wake-Up

I was traveling with a drama group in summer. I wasn't playing any role. I just wanted a break from my daily routine. I helped them with the stage arrangements. This is about the returning journey from Ratnagiri to Mumbai. Yet another thrilling train journey. We failed to make a reservation of our berth on the train due to emergency reasons. we had no plannings as the trip was arranged at the last moment. We were looking for the general coach but the train started to run slowly.

We had no other option but to enter the Luggage coach. Fortunately, there was no luggage and the train driver allowed us to quickly enter into the luggage coach. But unfortunately, this coach was not internally connected to other coaches. So we could not access other coaches and shift ourselves. After a journey of around 8 hours, we reached Mumbai. When we reached, apart from me and my friend who was singing the songs, everybody was deep asleep and the train was about to take 2 minutes to stop.

The challenge was to wake up everyone, fold the blankets and put them inside the bags, take all the belongings, and get out of the train. The next station was 2 hours away from our spot. We started yelling, poking, and shaking everybody out from their REM sleep. I really hate to wake up a sleeping person as I don't like anyone to wake me up.

But we had no choice. Within a minute everyone was standing and there was no time to yawn. It was like a sudden blow to everyone. Our group of 20 youngsters successfully took an exit from the train! The Train started departing the moment we stepped out. One friend of mine lost his expensive footwear because we stopped him from entering the train again as it was risky!

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Danny from India on September 21, 2020:

Welcome, Niks. my pleasure. Am awaiting your next script.

Niks (author) from India on September 21, 2020:

Thanks, Danny. Yes, I agree that the Train journey teaches you many things. You just inspired me to write on a new topic, i.e. "what does train journey teach you". Thanks a lot, keep writing and commenting.

Niks (author) from India on September 21, 2020:

I'm happy that you found these experiences interesting. Your comments will definitely inspire me to share more.

Danny from India on September 18, 2020:

Niks, this reminded me of the train journey from Mumbai to Kerala. I was witness to all the points you listed here. I too enjoyed the experience thoroughly right form boarding to seat sharing, vivid encounters with different cultures, people, customs. The train journey teaches you many things of life like

Bonding & sharing,

Being contented,

Never taking chances,

being careful

So trivial life experiences provide intense life lessons.

POONAM MALIK from Faridabad on September 18, 2020:

Some experience you had. Each one so different from the others, but all were very interesting.

Keep sharing more.

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