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Travel Like James Bond: A Guide to Traveling around the World Part 1

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Travel Like a Secret Agent: A Guide for a World Tour

Secret agent James Bond has traveled all over the world fighting criminals, drinking martinis, and charming gorgeous women. For fun, I decided to create a travel guide to destinations in the Bond films. The list of travel spots from these films is more than I could possibly cover in a travel guide, so I've whittled it down to just one great travel spot per film.

Whether you're a fan of the classics or your prefer the newer films, you'll definitely find yourself wanting to grab your passport and luggage while reading this.

This travel guide includes:

  • Favorite tourist spots
  • Local cuisine favorites
  • Whether you need to brush up on a different language
  • Stops on different continents
  • Bond facts
  • What to bring

Travel Like James Bond



Dr. No

Kingston, Jamaica

Sean Connery



From Russia with Love

Venice, Italy

Sean Connery




Miami, Florida

Sean Connery




Paris, France

Sean Connery



You Only Live Twice

Tokyo, Japan

Sean Connery



On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Estoril, Portugal

George Lazenby



Diamonds Are Forever

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sean Connery



Live and Let Die

New Orleans, Louisiana

Roger Moore



The Man With the Golden Gun

Hong Kong

Roger Moore



The Spy Who Loved Me

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

Roger Moore




Amazon, Brazil

Roger Moore



For Your Eyes Only

St. Cyril's and Corfu, Greece

Roger Moore




Moscow, Russia (Soviet Union when movie was made)

Roger Moore



A View to Kill

San Francisco, California

Roger Moore



The Living Daylights

Tangier, Morocco

Timothy Dalton



License to Kill

Cray Key, Bahamas

Timothy Dalton




Monte Carlo, Monaco

Pierce Brosnan



Tomorrow Never Dies

Hamburg, Germany

Pierce Brosnan



The World Is Not Enough

Istanbul, Turkey

Pierce Brosnan



Die Another Day

Havana, Cuba

Pierce Brosnan



Casino Royale

Prague, Czech Republic

Daniel Craig



Quantum of Solace

Bregnez, Bolivia

Daniel Craig




London, United Kingdom

Daniel Craig




Mexico City, Mexico

Daniel Craig



No Time to Die


Daniel Craig

Release Date: October 8, 2021

The Original and the Model

In this first part of the guide, we'll be covering the bond films featuring Sean Connery and the one-timer George Lazenby.

  • These movies were released from 1962-1971.
  • It cost $1 million to $10 million to make these movies.
  • The Bond films were released when John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon were presidents.
  • If you turned on the radio you would hear: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and The Who.
  • The '60s were marked by civil rights activism, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches, the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, the race to the moon, and back and forth tensions between the US and the USSR.

First Stop: Kingston, Jamaica

Explore Jamaica's capitol city. Travel to the island for the music, nightlife, and art galleries. You can also visit the hills above the city and the wide range of incredible beaches.

The city has a variety of luxury hotels, resorts, and spas. You could also hit up Usain Bolt's first sports bar.

Start downtown and take a stroll through the streets. Grab some Jamaican cuisine like bammy, callalo, rice and peas, coco bread, goat curry, gizzada, or brown stew chicken. Guzzle it all down with a beer and go see some of the art nearby. Make sure you try something spicy and try out some new seafood. Many come to Jamaica for the nightlife but stay for the food.

Take a trip uptown to the Hope Botanical Gardens. The gardens are near the Bob Marley Museum. Marley is hands down Jamaica's most famous celebrity. He was the king of reggae. The museum takes a look at his music and life. His children have grown up and turned into prolific musicians themselves. (There is also the Devon House for more history on reggae.)

Language Advisory: You should get along just fine in Jamaica if you only know English. Some Spanish and French could be helpful. Jamaica is home to several languages.

Travelers are encouraged to go to the Blue Mountains for hiking trails and to see rock formations. You could spend a whole day exploring the Blue Mountains. Go to Fort Charles for some sobering history on the island. The destination includes tours of the fort.

Lime Clay is a popular island with beaches and woods. It's great for people who want to explore, sunbathe, and take pictures for Instagram.

What to bring: sunglasses, a bathing suit, good walking shoes, a hungry belly, carry cash for tips and to buy items off the streets, wear loose clothing (it's hot), and buy bug spray and sunscreen while there. You can buy just about any cosmetic or hygiene product there instead of carrying it in your luggage. Your hotel will likely supply you just about anything you need or can give you directions to a nearby store.

James Bond Arriving in Kingston

Movie trivia: In Dr. No, Bond visits Kingston and Crab Key Beach, a fictional island north of Jamaica. While there he investigates into the disappearance of another agent and discovers the underground base of Dr. No.

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Filming took place near author Ian Fleming's Goldeneye estate. He often visited while filming took place. Filming was done in Oracabessa, along the Palisadoes strip, and Port Royal in St. Andrew.

Other Points of Interest in Kingston

Jamaica National: a historic site responsible for preserving Jamaica's cultural heritage. There is a nice lighthouse that would look great in pictures.

Holywell Park Jamaica: great for nature lovers. There are hiking paths for short and long trips, and great picnic spots too. You could also camp in this area.

Trench Town Culture Yard Museum: Tours of Bob Marley's former home

Hope Zoo: showcases local species, animals from Africa, and animals from the jungle. The zoo has a focus on education and conservation. The hope is that people can come to the zoo to learn more about the animals and Jamaica as a whole.

Meet Me in Northeastern Italy

Take a Trip to One of the Most Romantic Destinations in the World: Venice, Italy

From Russia with Love ends with a giant boat chase in Venice. The city is on a group of 118 islands, which are situated in the shallow Venetian Lagoon.

Every year, more tourists come to the area than the city's actual population. The city hosts around 60,000 tourists a day. About 22 to 30 million people visit each year. The city is looking for sustainable tourism options. City leaders want Venice to stay strong and not turn into ruins from all the tourist traffic.

Language advisory: with the high number of tourists coming into the area you should be fine with English. Knowing some Italian won't hurt, especially if you venture to areas less common for tourists.

What to bring: pack light. You don't want to carry around a lot of luggage. Pack a couple of pants, four tops, good walking shoes, and some sunglasses. It's not a great place for rolling luggage.

The city is home to dozens of art galleries, lavish dining options, gorgeous cruises, and everything romantic for the perfect getaway for two. Also the wine — there is plenty of wine to try.

History notes: the city was the capital of the Republic of Venice for more than a millennium, from 697 to 1797. It was a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Traveling to Venice

Top Tourist Sites in Venice

St. Mark’s Basilica

The Catholic Church dates back to 1092. People from all over the world travel to see its architecture. It has ornate details, sculptures, master art pieces, painted frescoes, and Byzantine works. The church is accessible by the grand canal. It is one of the few surviving examples of Italian Byzantine architecture.

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark's Basilica is the most well known building in Venice, and St. Mark's Square is the city's most well known piazza. A series of ornate buildings surround the square. There are arched walkways that are perfect for photographers looking to find a dazzling shot.

Some of the nearby buildings are important to Catholics. There are also some wealthy spots including the Doges Palace. The square is a great spot to start your exploration of Venice, it's also a good place to get your bearings if you get lost.

Gallerie dell’Accademia

The museums have a large collection of pre-19th century art. It includes items from greats like Titian, Canaletto, Vivarini, Marconi, and Bellini. It was one of the first institutions to study art restoration.

The museum has Leonardo da Vinci's rare piece the Vitruvian Man. The museum rarely puts it on display because of the fragile condition of the paper and its sensitivity to light.

Venice: Prosecco Wine Tasting Tour

Spend all day at a winery learning about the varieties of Prosecco from an expert guide. Many of these tours include lunch, trips to multiple wineries, and plenty of alcohol for you to try. This is perfect for those who want to know a little more about the wine making process, try some of the greatest grapes in the world, and want to explore Italy's gorgeous countryside.

A wine trip like this will be unforgettable and a great way to take a break from the daily work grind.

Canale Grande

Did you really go to Venice if you didn't take a romantic boat ride? The city has hundreds of canals that connect the islands into a whole. Hundreds of buildings date back to the 13th century, and you can see them on the Canale Grande. Four bridges cross it.

You need to take a private gondola if you go to Venice, or people won't believe you went there. Sometimes your guide might serenade you.

Famous Boat Chase Scene, From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love Trivia

  • It was the final James Bond movie viewed by author Ian Fleming.
  • It was the last movie President John F. Kennedy saw.
  • Sir Sean Connery called it his personal favorite of the Bond films.
  • The helicopter scene pays homage to famous director Sir Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest.

Get Some Florida Sun down in Miami

Vacation Like Bond

Welcome to Miami. It's the 7th largest metro in the United States. It is the 3rd richest city in the states and the 8th richest in the world in terms of purchasing power. It is the largest city with a Cuban-American population.

The city is home to a large collection of international banks, research and biotech industries. It has the busiest cruise port in the world. It is the second largest hub for international travel in the United States after New York City.

Language advisory: English and Spanish.

What to bring: outfits for the beach and outfits for the club. Bring sandals or loose fitting shoes.

In Goldfinger, Miami plays a key role. James Bond vacations in Miami Beach after destroying a drug laboratory. The plot of the movie centers around how Goldfinger is smuggling gold across countries' borders.

Things to Do in Miami

Miami offers a range of activities for romantic getaways, family outings, or a night of gambling and hitting up the clubs. The city is a great destination away from work, and it offers endless fun. It's also considered a friendly city for the LGBTQ+ community.

Soak up the Sun

Miami has several notable beaches. South Beach is one of the more famous tourist stops. Several developers built casinos along the sandy nooks. There are some beaches that are family-friendly. Also, the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is a welcome retreat with a roughly two century old lighthouse.

If you just want to get away for awhile and stay at a hotel, Miami has several resorts. You can sip on martinis and stay by the pool as long as you please.

The Art

For landscape and building photographers looking to build up their portfolio, Miami is a great destination. The city offers a wide assortment of buildings in the art deco style Streamline. The buildings date back to the 1920s to '40s. Several of the buildings have tropical details, splashes of aquamarine, and vintage neon signs.

Take a stroll through the Art Deco Historic District or head to The Colony Hotel, Señor Frog's, the Art Deco Museum, or the Hotel Breakwater South Beach.

Miami is also well-known for its street art. The Art Basel festival and Wynwood Walls put fuel on the graffiti art scene. Wynwood Walls features art from famous artists who put their fine touches on old warehouses. You can go on an art walk tour, visit the Art Deco Museum, or find hidden murals throughout the city.

The Food

Miami has food from all over the world. Whatever your heart desires, you'll find there. You'll want to try some of the seafood and Cuban food. Miami has the most Cuban food restaurants in the United States.

Try authentic cuisine from: ropa vieja, tostones, picadillo, arroz con pollo, medianoche, vaca frita, ajiaco, churros, tamales, paella, cassava, and a classic Cuban sandwich. Wash it all down with a bottle of rum and relax with a cigar.

Cuban food is a mix of African, Spanish, and Caribbean dishes. It is big on spice and flavor. A typical lunch consists of rice, beans, a meat, and a vianda (plantain, potato, yucca). You may want a nice glass of water (or milk) instead of the rum to combat the spiciness.

Can You Really Call Yourself a Traveler If You Haven't Gone to Paris?

Thunderball in Paris

The opening scene of Thunderball takes place in Paris. Bond's mission: to find two atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE. A good chunk of the film was shot in the Bahamas. The movie is known for its underwater sequences. But we'll get to the Bahamas later. Now, let's focus on one of the most romantic and tourist heavy cities in the world. Paris.

Language advisory: You should really learn some French. It will make your stay go just a touch easier. Many of the French are very proud of their language. You can get by with English.

What to Bring: layers, bring a sweater, warm socks, and a good pair of shoes. Luggage with wheels isn't the best in this part of Europe. Pack a couple of tops, pants, and maybe a nice outfit for a romantic or fun evening.

Things to Do in Paris

My top recommendation right off the bat: stop at a boulangerie (bakery) or anywhere with bread and get a pastry, baguette, or something floury to eat.

France is a top destination for chefs in training; it is one of the best places in the world for bread and dessert.

My other recommendation: you have to see the Eiffel Tower and go to the Louvre Museum. You should book your tickets online for the Louvre, so you can cut the long line. For any destination, always look ahead for online tickets; it can help you beat crowds.

Exquisite Art

The Louvre houses some of the greatest and most renown art in the world. This includes Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. You could spend a whole day touring this museum. It has pieces from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the French Revolution, Egyptian antiquities, items from the ancient Mediterranean, and much, much more. Let me put it this way, the museum houses more than 380,000 objects and displays more than 35,000 art pieces.

Religious Architecture

Notre Dame is currently under reconstruction after a fire badly damaged it. There are other iconic and religious buildings in the city and in nearby cities. Try the Saint Chapelle, Saint Eustache, Sacre Coeur Basilica, and Choisy Cathedral. You could spend an entire month in Paris looking at the different designs of religious buildings.

River Adventure

Take a walk along the River Seine. Take a cruise in one of the Bateaux Mouches boats. In the summer, a section of the riverfront transforms into a beach with umbrellas and chairs. Take a boat trip and get some brunch while on the river.

Shop Till You Drop

Shopping is a must. You should bring very little to Paris — ideally an empty suitcase. That way you can take home plenty of clothes. There are styles that are hard to find, fabrics that are pristine, and colors that make your eyes stand out.

Haute couture is the art of custom-making clothing for an individual client. There are stores that sell ready to wear haute couture. You can find the fashion in chic boutiques.

Other Top Sites in Paris

  • The Arc de Triomphe offers one of the best views of Paris.
  • Jardin du Luxembourg for a beautiful stroll in botany. Also, the area has great lunch spots and cafes.
  • Musee d’Orsay is another museum but less known than the Louvre.
  • Palace of Versailles: once the home of King Louis XIV.
  • Les Invalides: a collection of museums and monuments pertaining to the military history of France. Napoleon Bonaparte's burial site is here.

You Only Live Twice... in Tokyo

The first Asian city on the list: Tokyo. We're still in the Sean Connery films with You Only Live Twice. Bond heads to Japan after an American and Soviet crewed spacecraft disappears. Each nation blames the other amid the Cold War. SPECTRE is working for an unnamed Asian power, likely the People's Republic of China. Most of the film was shot in Japan. The film crew coordinated with producers in Japan to use multiple locations, some hundreds of miles away from Tokyo.

  • Hotel New Otani Tokyo served as the outside for Osato Chemicals. The hotel's gardens were used for ninja training.
  • The 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was filmed for part of a car chase.
  • Tokyo Tower is seen in a sequence when a car is dropped into a bay.
  • Tanaka's private subway station in Tokyo was in the movie.
  • Sumo Hall Kuramae Kokugikan in Tokyo was used for the film. It is no longer in existence.
  • Kobe Docks in Hyōgo, a scene where Bond investigates a ship and gets involved in a fight.
  • Bond's wedding at a Shinto Shrine was filmed in Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture. The area is known for its waterfalls.
  • Himeji Castle in Hyōgo Prefecture was used as Tanaka's ninja training camp. The castle has 83 rooms with advanced defense systems from the feudal period. It is one of the most famous castles for having prototypical Japanese castle architecture. It is one of Japan's most visited castles, and it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Bonotsucho Akime was where Bond and his wife lived. It's on the coast and about 625 miles away from Tokyo.
  • Shimazu Shigetomisoh Manor was used as the outside of Tanaka's house.
  • Mount Shinmoe-dake in Kyūshū was used for outside shots of SPECTRE's hidden headquarters. It is an active volcano with noted eruptions in recent years.

Exploring Tokyo

Language advisory: You can get by with English. The Japanese study English as part of their high school curriculum. Most people at least know some English. Knowing some Japanese won't hurt.

What to Bring: shoes that easily slip off, rolling suitcase, socks with no holes, check the weather.

Tokyo is one of the most traveled to Asian cities in the world. It is also the most populous city at an impressive 37.4 million residents. If you don't like being close to people or crowds, Tokyo might not be the best place for you to visit.

You could spend a whole decade in Tokyo and still not see everything and still have plenty of new things to do.

You can do anything to your heart's content in this amazing city. Go hangout with robots, find some zen at a cherry blossom garden, or eat delicious sushi.

Day Trips

For the adventurer, take a bus tour to Mt. Fuji. It's a must see natural site. Also take a trip to Lake Kawaguchi. Take in the beautiful scenery and get a nice meal after spending some time hiking.

Catch the cherry blossom trees at peak. Visit in spring from February to April. Check the dates each year to see when will be the best time to catch the flowering trees. Catch a bus or take a private tour to the Matsuda Winter Cherry Blossom Festival. You'll get to see Kawazu Sakura, or early-blooming cherry trees. Go for a stroll and you'll get Mt. Fuji in the background of your pictures.

Take bus tours around the city to see some of the most beautiful natural sites and architecture. Tokyo has several hidden palaces. You could also try one of the ghost tours for a once in a lifetime experience. Tokyo has a rich world of stories, even the paranormal ones.


Japan has a rich religious culture and background. You'll want to check out some of the shrines and learn more about the history of Buddhism and other religions in the area. Some of the top destinations in Tokyo are: Meiji Jingu Shrine, Senso-ji Temple, Yasukuni Shrine, Kanda Shrine, and Nezu Shrine. Several shrines throughout the city have been rebuilt following fires, earthquakes, and wars. Many have beautiful gardens and relaxing sounds. These comforting places will put your traveling woes at bay.

Amusement Parks

Tokyo is a great destination for roller coaster lovers. Head to Tokyo Disneyland for some familiar characters and wild fun. Tokyo Joypolis is an indoor amusement park with roller coasters, arcade games, and virtual reality experiences. Asakusa Hanayashiki has high speed roller coasters — it claims to be the oldest theme park in Japan dating back to 1853! One of its unofficial mascots is the Panda Car. Universal Studios Japan is in Osaka. Tokyo has a total of 9 theme parks.

The Food

You can find any type of food in Tokyo as it is a major international hub. You should try some authentic Japanese food. Some favorites are: soba, sushi, tempura, ramen, udon, yakitori, tonkatsu, shabu-shabu, unagi, and onigiri. Japanese food often contains fish and can be spicy. You may want to nibble on a piece of food before taking larger bites just to make sure it isn't too spicy. Tokyo also has a lot of trendy restaurants that you might want to check out:

  • Umami Burger for thick high end burgers.
  • Robot Restaurant — where robots and monsters will entertain you.
  • Vampire Cafe — your waiter is Dracula, and he'll serve you Izakaya cuisine with blood-themed cocktails.
  • Harry: Hedgehog Cafe — eat your food and play with a hedgehog.
  • Tokyo has 5 Alice in Wonderland Cafes — it's everything you would ever want from the popular fantasy book. Antiques, masquerade masks, a dancing Cheshire Cat, and tea cups hanging from the ceiling.
  • Owl Cafes — what better way to have coffee than with an owl?

Next Stop: Estoril, Portugal

Estoril, Portugal: Playground of Royalty, Film Stars, Diplomats, and Cunning Spies

We head to Portugal, but we're ditching Sean Connery. George Lazenby, a model with no prior acting experience, stepped in to play for Bond after Connery decided to retire from the role.

Lazenby only plays Bond for this one film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Producer Albert Broccoli first met Lazenby while they were getting their hair cut at the same barbershop.

The movie was sharply criticized when it first came out, many mocking Lazenby's performance. Now in modern times, the film is seen favorably, some even argue it is the best Bond film of them all.

What to Do in Estoril?

Language advisory: you might be stretching it somewhat with English. Knowing some Portuguese and Spanish won't hurt.

What to Bring: comfortable shoes, you'll likely be doing a lot of walking. A hat for sunny days. 3-5 changes of clothes. One long sleeve cardigan or jacket.

Plan to visit March to May or September to October for the best weather.

Estoril is about 25 miles west of Lisbon. You can travel there by train. It is a luxury entertainment destination on the Portuguese Rivera. It is home to the gambling center Casino Estoril, which is one of the top destinations in the area.

It is one of the most expensive places to live in Portugal. It has several popular beaches from Praia do Tamariz to Praia da Rainha. There are plenty of luxury hotels, and the city hosts several fancy events like the Estoril Open and the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival.

Less than 30,000 people live in this area, so you may find the space you really desire.


You'll want to take in all the beautiful scenery while in Estoril. Take a day trip through Sintra and Cascais. Sintra is the home of two royal palaces, an ancient ruin castle, and several grand villas. Take a cruise and sail along the open waters. Go on a wine trip and taste some of the best grapes Portugal has to offer.

Estoril, Cascais, and Lisbon all have various museums worth exploring. In Lisbon, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum has one of the largest private collections of art in the world — and it amazingly was the private collection of a single man.

The collection includes Greco-Roman art from classical antiquity. The man collected pieces from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Armenia. The museum is also home to several masterpieces by Western artists including: Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Pisanello, Corot, and Cima da Conegliano.

Other museums to visit:

  1. National Coach Museum: all the historic carriages you will ever want to see.
  2. The Museu Nacional do Azulejo: museum dedicated to the traditional tile work of Portugal.
  3. The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga: simply put, the national art museum.
  4. The Museu the Marinha: maritime museum dedicated to Portgual's navigation history and achievements.

The Food

Come to Portugal hungry. There are several restaurants you'll want to try.

  • Villa Saboia: sushi, Mediterranean food, and dessert
  • Churrasqueira do Viveiro: cheap, local and authentic.
  • Alegria Vadia: tapas bar and restaurant
  • Restaurante Monte Bistro's: European restaurant with steaks
  • PPizza: excellent and light pizzas that don't make you feel bloated
  • Tertulia de Monte: Mediterranean, European, Portuguese

So what are typical Portuguese dishes?

  • Francesinha, a sandwich with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage, steak or roast meat, melted cheese, and a spiced tomato and beer sauce.
  • Bacalhau, a dried and salted cod.
  • Açorda, thinly sliced bread, garlic, coriander, olive oil, other seasonings, and poached eggs.
  • Caldo verde, a soup of greens, potatoes, olive oil, pepper, and salt. Garlic and onion are added.
  • Bifana, a bread roll filled with marinated pork cutlets.

Diamonds Are Forever

Sean Connery returns for the last time as James Bond. He was paid a then record of $1.25 million salary to return to the franchise.

Studio United Artists didn't like any other actor for the role at the time, so they were willing to pay big bucks. The international spy went to several places in the movie (though many of those locations were filmed in California).

Bond impersonates a diamond smuggler to infiltrate a highly organized smuggling ring. The movie includes a hovercraft sequence in Amsterdam.

Things to Do in Amsterdam

Language advisory: Don't worry. English works just fine.

What to Pack: comfortable shoes, layers, hat for a sunny day, buy sunglasses there, and an umbrella.

The capital of the Netherlands is a popular tourist destination. It's one of the most liberal cities on the planet.

You'll likely be offered fries with peanut butter sauce instead of ketchup.


Explore the tulip fields, ride through the city on a bike, marvel at strange things in stores, learn about some of the very open-minded laws, and dance the night away at the clubs. Make sure you go with friends and be extra careful. The buddy system is a good idea if you go to sketchy places.

Some of the Top Destinations

  • The Rijksmuseum: history of the Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Houses masterpiece art, including Rembrandt's the Night Watch.
  • The Anne Frank House: a biographical museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime victim. Frank hid from the Nazis with her family and four others in the canal house. Her diary was published 2 years after the war. The property was saved ten years later by developers who believed the house had historical significance. Millions of tourists visit the museum each year to learn about the holocaust and Frank's life.
  • The Van Gogh Museum: the most visited museum in the Netherlands with the largest collection of Van Gogh's in the world. It includes 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 letters. Some of the most popular paintings include: Sunflowers, Almond Blossoms, Wheatfield with Crows, and The Potato Eaters.
  • Vondelpark: 120 acres of land visited by 10 million people each year. There is an open-air theater, playground, and several eateries. Musical performances take place at the theater. There are three famous statues in the park, one created by Pablo Picasso. On the evening of All Soul's Day, people gather to send out small remembrance boats with lit candles to honor those who have died in recent years.
  • Body Worlds: an exhibit that takes a much closer look at anatomy.

People also visit Amsterdam to study the architecture and canals. Walking tours provide further insights into the canals. Almost everyone in Amsterdam rides a bike. You can rent one to get around and explore all the bridges.

Food and Culture

Visit the brown cafes for some spirit and ale. Brown cafes are England's version of the pubs. The walls have been discolored by years of cigarette smoke. Try a little glass of jenever, the local juniper-flavored gin with a side of bitterballen.

Amsterdam has diverse food. Rijsttafel is one of the most popular imported dishes. It comes from Indonesia. Mediterranean and Surinamese are also popular foods in Amsterdam.

Traditional Dutch foods include:

  • Stroopwafels, Dutch pancakes laden with syrup, fruit, and cream.
  • Apple pie infused with cinnamon and dotted with raisins.
  • Raw herring sandwich with pickles and onions.
  • Kibbeling, a battered and deep fried white fish.
  • A whole variety of cheeses.
  • Buttery poffertjes, delightful pastry clouds.

Diamonds Are Forever Trivia

  • Sir Sean Connery's last scene filmed for the franchise was as an unconscious Bond. He was loaded into a coffin at a funeral home. His last day playing Bond was August 13, 1971.
  • The large scale salary for Connery resulted in a scaled back budget for the special effects.
  • Connery once delayed filming because he was collecting his winnings at a casino. He reportedly made the most of his time in Vegas, saw all the shows, went golfing, and didn't get any sleep at all.
  • Amsterdam is in the early part of the movie, but the bulk of it takes place in Las Vegas. It's one of the few Bond movies that has a predominant location. On Her Majesty's Service is the only Bond movie completely set in Europe.
  • Jill St. John as Tiffany Case doesn't just have the looks for a Bond girl. She also has the brains — with a registered IQ of 162.

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