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The Big Buddha on Hong Kong's Lantau Island

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The Journey: Hong Kong's Tian Tan Big Buddha

My efforts were rewarded by the scenery. Despite the fact that the cable car was moving, it was wonderful to be away from the rush and bustle of Hong Kong.

My efforts were rewarded by the scenery. Despite the fact that the cable car was moving, it was wonderful to be away from the rush and bustle of Hong Kong.

I'm a great enthusiast of adventure and walking. I visited the Big Buddha twice a few years ago since it was the best adventure that I had in Hong Kong. I wasn't expecting much, just a large Buddha statue. In my perspective, the true lure was the cable car journey. We booked Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car tickets online, which is the easier approach because it allows us to bypass the lines at the cable car entry which I highly recommend. Despite the fact that we arrive early, the tickets lines are still rather long. There is a separate line for persons with advance purchase tickets to exchange vouchers for cable car wristbands. Big Buddha, also known as Tian Tan Buddha, is the most famous sight in Lantau, Hong Kong. Ngong Ping Village, where it is located, is only a 10-minute walk away.

The construction of the Big Buddha began in 1990 and was completed on December 29, 1993, the day the Chinese believe the Buddha attained enlightenment. When the statue was finished, monks from all over the world were invited to the dedication ceremony.

Since it was my second visit to Big Buddha in Hong Kong, I have been in admiration of the natural beauty and panoramic views of the Tian Tan Mountains. It was, in my opinion, the best travel destination of my Hong Kong trip. This is my first experience riding a cable car. I walked up the 300 stairs to the Big Buddha after taking a big breath. We made it to the peak of Big Buddha like the tourists we were hoping to be. Visiting the Big Buddha is a terrific day trip in and of itself, but it may also be combined with a ride on the Ngong Ping Cable Car, a visit to Po Lin Monastery, or a trek along with one of Lantau's numerous gorgeous paths. The greatest season to visit Hong Kong is from September to mid-December when temperatures are warm and humidity is low. The months of December and January are the driest, but they can also be a touch chilly. Those who like dry weather should avoid the rainy season, which lasts from May to September. Fog is a common occurrence when visiting the Hong Kong Big Buddha due to its coastal position and Ngong Ping's higher elevation. The Tian Tan Buddha is unmistakably gorgeous on a misty day. However, if you want to make the most of your holiday and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, keep a flexible plan in mind and check credible weather reports.

The Big Buddha is a symbol of stability for Hong Kong, peace on Earth, and China's long-term development, and its massive edifice draws pilgrims and curious visitors from all over the world. The Big Buddha, seated atop a throne of giant lotus leaves, rises above a spectacular backdrop of lovely mountains.

— According to history

The Package Tour

Taking a Package Tour to Tian Tan Buddha

These are the packages and guided tours Lori and I would consider if we were arranging a visit today and wanted to get the most out of our stay on Lantau Island, or if we were just short on time in Hong Kong. These are also the things we recommend to friends and family that visit Hong Kong, and they include visits to Big Buddha, Tai O, and a cable car ride.

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Skip the lineups, problems, and hassles by relying on a competent and experienced local guide on one of Hong Kong's most highly-rated excursions. This extensive 7-hour tour is available as a private or small-group excursion.


If you don't feel like pounding the pavement, have limited mobility, or simply want to relax, our top-rated bus day tour is the way to go. With pick-ups from many of the city's main hotels.

The Ideal Way to Get to the Big Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha is roughly 10 miles from central Hong Kong. Fortunately, getting between central Hong Kong and Lantau Island is surprisingly simple, thanks to the swift and efficient Metro or Hong Kong's enormous network of public ferries and buses.

The statue is located on Lantau Island, and the best way to get there is to take a ferry from Central to Mui Wo, then take Bus No. 2 from the Mui Wo Ferry Pier. Alternatively, the Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung MTR station is the most enjoyable way to approach the Big Buddha.

1. Using the New World First Ferry "Fast Ferry Service" from Central (Pier #6) to Mui Wo on Lantau's eastern shore.

  • The quick ferry takes approximately 40 minutes and costs HK$31 (approximately US$4) one-way (Mar 2021). If you want to save even more money, NWFF also provides the "Ordinary Ferry" service.
  • Take the Bus No. 2 from Mui Wo on Lantau to the Hong Kong Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha). The trip costs approximately $1.50 per person and takes approximately 90 minutes.

2. From Big Buddha, you can take a bus to other prominent Lantau island attractions, such as Tai O fishing hamlet, or return to the ferry terminal at Mui Wo.
Alternatively, you can take the MTR (Metro/Subway) from Hong Kong to Lantau Island (though we recommend taking the ferry in at least one of the directions for the views and experience).

  • Take the MTR Tung Chun line from Hong Kong or Kowloon station all the way to Tung Chung (about $5). You may also ride the Airport Express line, but you'd have to switch to the Tung Chung line at Tsing Yi.

There are four primary choices from Tung Chun station: take Bus No.23 or No.11, take a taxi, trek, or ride the Ngong Ping Cable Car.

3. If you want to climb from Tung Chun station to Big Buddha, you can do so directly at the station. The hike can be done on your own or with the assistance of an experienced guide.

4. Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

  • Ngong Ping Cable Car has provided another means of access to the Big Buddha. The cable car, which is billed as the shortest and most direct way to the Tian Tan Buddha, runs from the MTR Tung Chung station, up and over Tung Chung Bay and the hills of Lantau, to within 1 km of the temple.

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