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Glacier National Park


I spent a week at Glacier a few years ago. The entire park is breathtaking. One of the most beautiful places in the country.

Glacier National Park

If seeing the beauty in nature and experiencing the unbelievable scenery, you can't do better than Glacier. This park is one of the reasons why the national park system was created. We will always have this wonderful asset to visit.

I have been to several national parks, this is my favorite. I wanted to share Glacier with everyone, this is a place that could possibly be the most beautiful place on earth. If you enjoy anything in nature, be it scenery, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, or just the peace and tranquility of quiet and beauty, you need to visit Glacier national Park. The pictures and videos are fabulous, but being there and experiencing it yourself is simply breathtaking. Take a look at the live webcams in the park anytime you want to enjoy the beauty from the comfort of home. Words and pictures can't really do it justice, it's a place you need to see to get the full effect.

glacier National Park

Glacier National park

Glacier National park

Our trip to Glacier national Park

My wife and I spent a week there in late June and early July a few years ago. I took over 1300 pictures while I was there, and my wife shot about 4 hours of video. It's one of those places that is hard to take pictures because every place you look is a postcard. While we were there, we saw 2 Grizzly bears, at different times, several moose, several mountain goats, and many groups of big horn sheep.

We stayed at the Many Glaciers hotel on Swiftcurrent lake. We could look out from the hotel across the lake and see groups of sheep walking across the snow field at the top of the mountain, it was amazing. Watch a slideshow of some of my pictures.

Waterfall coming out of mountain

Waterfall coming out of mountain

Waterfall coming out of mountain

The park

In 1910 President Taft singed the bill making Glacier the 10th national park in the U.S. The park covers 1.4 million acres of wilderness, where the mountains go from a flat plain up to over 6000 feet, almost straight up. You can go to the Glacier National park service website and see pictures from live web cams, there are 9 of them on the site. You can also find out how to get to the park, what to plan on for weather, etc. Check the weather closely if you plan to go. I had planned to do some hiking at Logan pass when we were there. When we got to Logan pass it was beautiful and well worth the trip, there was no chance for hiking. On the 3 rd of July there was over 10 feet of snow still on the ground all over the top of the pass. The hiking was not possible. We were able to do hiking at other places though. Walking up the sidewalk from the parking lot to the park building at the pass, we were walking in a path that was cut out of snow 10 feet deep, that in itself was amazing to see.

St Maries lake

lake view

lake view

A good tour of what to see in the park

Where to Stay Things to Do

There are over 35 hotels and motels in the area around and inside Glacier National Park. There are also 13 campground with close to 1000 campsites. If you are coming for the East or West side, there are places to stay. There are over 700 miles of trails in the park to hike, some are not open until lake summer because of snow. There are many hikes you can do at other times of the year. If you are really ambitious, the northern trail head for the Continental divide trail, starts just behind the Swiftcurrent motor lodge, you can hike from there to the Mexican border, all the way down the Continental divide if you want, it's just over 3,100 miles.

The Going to the sun road crosses Glacier National Park at Logan pass, the drive is just over 50 miles one way. It will take you a whole day to drive the 50 miles across and back. There are many places along the way you will want to stop. The traffic also moves rather slow at times because everyone is looking at the fantastic view. It is also a bit unnerving at times when you are driving on a road that is right on the edge of a several thousand foot cliff. The building of this road took 11 years. Parts of the road were literally cut out of the side of the mountain of solid rock. The road is kept open from snow from mid June through mid September.

Another cool video

foothills of the northern rockies

foothills of the northern rockies

Final word

There are many beautiful and amazing places to see in America although I don't think there are any places that are more breathtaking. If you want to take to trip with your family or friends and you want to experience something you will never regret, take a trip to Glacier. July and August are the best times to go if you want to experience all the park has to offer.

Take your family to see Glacier, you will have one of the best vacations ever.

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tksensei on September 26, 2009:

Yes, a beautiful and powerful place.

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