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Naval History, Tour the USS Razorback 394, Submarine

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August 5, 2012, updated July 22, 2014

City of North Little Rock, AR & USS Razorback 394

In 2004, the USS Razorback 394, a Diesel Powered Submarine was purchased by the City of North Little Rock, from the country of Turkey. (The USS Razorback, was in the Turkish Navy under the name of TCG Muratreis (S-336)).

This is why when you look at the American Flag posted at the top of the vessel, you will see the flag of Turkey who also made history with the USS Razorback as the TCG Muratreis

Although the USS Razorback is named after a whale (Balaenoptera physalus per Wikipedia), she is now at home in Razorback Hog Country, and this submarine has scores of fans. Arkansas is honored to have this amazing vessel..

According to the Tour Guide, there are WWII Veterans who served on the USS Razorback who live in the State of Arkansas, and frequently come to visit the North Shore Maritime Center in North Little Rock, AR

There is a voluminous amount of material compiled at the museum. There are Documents, photos, logs, flags, banners, uniforms, firearms, photos, newspaper articles, and films, that have been contributed to the Maritime Museum (another building next to the submarine).

Find the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum (AIMM) North Little Rock, AR

  • Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
    The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum (AIMM) in North Little Rock, Arkansas commemorates America's rich naval and maritime heritage through the preservation and exhibition of historic naval vessels with an emphasis on the era of World War II through th

Coordinates of the USS Razorback 394 - August 2012

34°45′13″N 92°15′49″W

North Shore Inland Maritime Center

Tour History Decently Clothed

As I age, I am becoming more excited about drawing a line through my bucket list of things to experience, accomplish and try in her lifetime.

I can be impulsive, going by my instinct, by trying new things, or dancing outside of the lines of my comfort zone.

I honor and respect the Arkansas River, but I also have a healthy fear of this powerful body of water. It was not until I spoke to a friend who had taken the tour, that I was convinced that I had to find my way to the Maritime Museum.

I had been writing like crazy, spending all of my days in the library, when on Thursday morning upon rising, I made up my mind to take the tour of the USS Razorback 394..

The temperatures in Arkansas have been hot, in the triple digits, with no zeroes, for about a weeks. Arkansas has been blessed with some rain, which cooled off some days down to the low 90's as a relief.

I knew all surfaces would be wet, and possibly slippery. I wore my sensible shoes, and a summer dress. The dress is a floral patterned, cotton dress, with thin straps, and breast support. It is comfortable and the coolest piece of clothing I own. It also goes up pretty high when I twirl around in it.

It rained that morning. I love the rain, and do not mind going out in it. The rain had not been lasting long when it does rain, and afterwards it heats back up, so I thought the dress would be best for the most circumstances, especially the hot weather,

The flowery, pretty dress was not optimum for climbing down into, and up out of a submarine!

This is a mans boat. For over five decades this long metal fish, has been packed with men. The men spent most of their time working, eating or sleeping. Fresh water was not plentiful, and for all of the eighty-eight men the ship carried, where one thousand gallons of water had to last a week.

For many months at a time hundreds of sailors lived underwater in submarines.

The problems of a blown up skirt where not considered when designing the submarine, although many of them would have been delighted to catch a glimpse.

This is something to consider when touring a submarine.

I suggest Capri's or denim shorts instead of a dress or skirt, to stay cooler while touring the USS Razorback.

If Touring A Submarine Is One of Your Lifelong Goals

  • Consider a visit to North America, North Little Rock, Arkansas to the USS Razorback 394
  • There is a medium-low difficulty that may have physical restrictions for some visitors
  • Children must be 5 years old or older to tour
  • One must be able to go down into a hole, by holding onto a small rail, and climbing down 10'
  • Practice on the samples of airtight doorways that will have to be passed through.
  • If the physical tour is impossible, the Maritime Museum is accessible by a doorway
  • Precipitation can cause a slippery surface
  • The gift shop has extremely affordable gifts, so you can bring home lots of souvenirs for a careful budget

I Enjoy The Scents of The Submarine

Today, there is still a lingering scent of unwashed manly men, diesel, and oil. Lilly swears there is a delightful cloud of testosterone filling the ship.

Is it possible for decades of testosterone to be stored in such a confined space?

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Lori J Latimer (author) from Central Oregon on August 06, 2012:

always exploring, I may have said it before in the past, but the next time you are in town, if you want, email me at earthenwarehaven@gmail.com and see if we can get together.

Thank you for reading, annd commenting! I appreciate you.

Lori J Latimer (author) from Central Oregon on August 06, 2012:

Pamela-anne, thank you for stopping by reading and leaving a nice comment. I hope you get a chance to go on a submarine some day.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on August 05, 2012:

Hey Lilly, Great story..Love to go aboard the sub. Littlerock is my kind of town, been there many times since my Son is an arkansan..Cheers my friend..

Pamela-anne from Miller Lake on August 05, 2012:

I think it would be very interesting and exciting to tour a submarine it would be awesome to go for a cruise in one! Thanks for sharing take care.

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