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Topic: New York City Tour Guide

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Topic: New York City Tour Guide

Topic: New York City Tour Guide


New York is the seventh most famous city in the world after its economic development. The city is surrounded by the Hudson River and Atlantic Ocean. New York is also known as "the city that never sleeps". New York is famous for its vast culture, good theater, restaurants, places and every unique building structure. It has places that are famous around the globe that attracts a lot of tourists every year.

1. Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty is one of the famous and largest statues of the world. This statue is considered a symbol of freedom and friendship between France and America. This was a gift for America by France. It was built in 1886. Its height is almost 156 feet tall from the base of the torch and its weight is around 450,000 pounds. It is located at Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay. There are many ways to view this status. You can go to "Battery park city as it provides a first and free spot to see lady liberty around water" or "Ritz- Carlton Battery Park is the option" or "One World Observatory that is the closest observation of the statue". The National park allows 240 people to climb to the crown. It is free to enter the Statue of liberty however through Ellis Island Ferry, “which has a fee of $12 for visitors ages 13 and up. Its $10 if you're over 62 and $5 for children ages 4 through 12.”

2. Central Park
Central Park is the most visited place in New York also called as "heart of the city". It is designed by Frederick and Calvert. In 1853 it was stated as the first landscape public park by the US legislature. In 1963 this park became the National historic landscape and Scenic landscape of the city in 1974. The park is situated in the center of the city, half mile wide and 2.5 mile long covering 6% of Manhattan. There are many other areas within it like zoos, castles, strawberry fields, lakes and many more. The park has 23 entrances. There is no fee to enter the park but if you want to visit a place inside it like a zoo or castle you have to pay for it. Around 35-37 million visitors come every year to look at this beautiful park of New York.

3. Time Square
Time Square is considered as the busiest, commercial, entertainment and tourist place. It is the place to visit at night as the blush of lights on the building attracts most tourists from the world. Almost 39 million visitors come yearly to see the place which is considered to be the place for celebration of New Year as the famous ball drop at midnight of New Years Eve happens at this place since 1907. It was named in 1904 after the New York time tower. It is located in Midtown Manhattan. The shopping, entertainment and restaurants offer many activities and options for every type of visitor. It’s a place not to be missed on a tour to New York.

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4. Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge is the world oldest and well known bridge with suspension cables. It was built in 1869-1883. It is the world's first steel suspension bridge. It is 5989 feet long. Around 120,000 vehicles, 4000 pedestrians and 2600 bicycles pass everyday over this bridge with a walkway at the side of the road. It is an inspiration for many artists. It's outclass view has been taken in many movies which increased its visitors rates. Although you can see it from Manhattan, the best way to view it is to walk over this bridge.

5. Empire state building
Empire state building is the world's first tallest building that has more than 100 floors and was made out of competition that who will first make the largest tower of the world. Its construction was started in 1970 and was completed within a 1 year and 45 days which was a record in its own. Around 4 million people visit the empire state building from all over the globe. People mostly visit it due to its 86th floor observatory where you can feel yourself in the air and can walk at an angle of 360 degrees. There is no fee to enter this largest tower of the world. Many Hollywood movies have captured the scene of this tower like in spider-man which also increases tourist interest to visit this place.

6. Others
There are a lot of other areas in New York where the trend of tourism is also very high and should not be missed during the tour. These places are The Museum of Art, Museum of Metropolitan Art, The High line, Rocker center, Fifth Avenue and Grand central terminal.


Ali Sami Farooq from London on February 22, 2021:

New york is one of the most popular city of the USA, it is also one of the my favorite city,. this article contains all the best sites of the new York city and things are elaborated very well. Thank you for sharing the article.

Ali Sami Farooq

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