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Top Places to Visit in Italy

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I am sure most of us at one point in our life or another, came across the saying “Earth, without art, is just eh”. The best part about this saying is that it does not need much convincing or justification, we all know deep inside how true it is and that the monotonous lives we live definitely could get better by touring a beautiful country like Italy! Without further ado, let’s discuss Italy; home to the most glorious sights on the planet!



A city that prides itself by its unique location; on a lagoon over the Adriatic Sea! Avail the various travel discounts that are available online because otherwise, this fairytale Italian city is ludicrously expensive. However, there are still many sites that are free of cost like St Mark’s Square, Torcello. And hey, don’t forget to take a travel bag with you because you will definitely want some souvenirs.



A list that discusses Italy would be rather empty without Rome. Anyone even slightly interested in history, culture or religion should not miss out on Colosseum, Vatican City and the small cobbled streets with romantic plazas that leave you wanting for more. To truly be mesmerized by the sights and leave your financial worries behind, it’s recommended that you avail all those amazing travel discounts waiting just for you!


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In a country like Italy, there is always a sight to see, be it the glorious landscapes, or the beaches, or the captivating architecture full of art and wonders. Florence is another major place one must visit when touring Italy. Travel to Italy and notch up your lifestyle. So get packing and avail discounts from ranging from travel bags to travelling itself!



We have already discussed how awe inspiring and jaw dropping the beauty is that Italy bathes in. Pompeii takes a good load of some of the most awe inspiring history and jaw dropping sights that take more than a lifetime to be fully explored. However, make sure you avoid peak hours because the UNESCO Heritage sites are obviously going to get crowded!

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John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 28, 2018:

Nice info and photos of these places in Italy. I just wish you had included a few more wonderful sites and places that Italy has to offer.

Ashley Taylor on March 12, 2018:

wowww ! this article gives me a great idea for ma next romantic vacation

MAx Jhon from Mississauga on March 12, 2018:

Sounds like a good, safe idea to visit in Italy

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