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Hidden Gems in Egypt

Egypt is replete with a myriad of gems that are guaranteed to enhance your vacation time. And one of the best things that you can do is to discover new hideaways off the beaten track. Here are some of the best picks you should consider.

Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, Alexandria


The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa is home to several monuments of monarchs and royal dynasties and has been called “the hill of treasures”. The carved stone tombs give a sense of awe and are an emblem of the true pharaonic identity. So, if you wish to set your sight at some ancient monuments steeped with the beauty of Egypt, the catacombs might be your next destination. The spot will give you a heads up on the history of ancient Egyptian kings and queens - their beliefs about life and death, their fears, hopes, and more.

Ras Mohamed Camping, Sharm El Sheikh


Ras Mohamed is an idyllic spot that lies between Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, and it has been known as a perfect destination for campers. Just pitch your tent in front of the epic Marsa Bareika sea. There are many eateries to serve you day and night yet take note that you should order meals a day in advance. In 1982, Ras Mohamed has become a national park. The spot is distinguished by its aesthetically appealing corals that indulge sightseers to the max. You can also spot some sharks that appear around May and June and can be seen through the cave-like Shark Observatory.

Elphinstone Reef (Sha’ab Abu Hamra), The Red Sea


Located 12 miles off Marsa Alam, Elphinstone Reef is a wonderful dive site, especially for vertical diving enthusiasts. Elphinstone Reef is stretched along 300 meters long and has cliffs of about 100 meters long. It has been recognized as one of the best spots for drift diving since it is marked by its fast-flowing wave currents. However, it is not a recommended diving spot for newbies with divers challenged to go about 20 to 40 meters of depth. The reef offers several chapters of beauty as it features soft corals and rare species that you will be pleased to see, such as barracudas, blue damselflies, groupers, and morays. Occasionally, you can see white tip sharks and grey sharks, as well as hammerhead sharks. One of the best ways to travel to the reef is from Marsa Alam by boat. There are also several roads of the liveaboard diving safaris in the Red Sea that lead to the Elphinstone Reef.

Coloured Canyon, Nuweiba


The Coloured Canyon is one of the top captivating sites in the Sinai Desert, and it can be reached through Taba. It is one of the geological masterpieces and natural wonders. The canyon is a narrow valley comprising multi-coloured rocks forming a fascinating swirl. The canyon has captured the hearts of many visitors because of its purple, red, yellow, magenta, and golden layers. You can do a variety of things in the canyon, such as wall climbing, hiking, and taking photoshoots. The canyon can’t be visited without a guide because otherwise, you will run the risk of getting lost or hurt due to the uneven road and sharp rocks of the canyon. Taba has several hotels and tour guides offering organized tours to the coloured canyon.

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Bedouin Divers, Dahab


The Bedouin Divers is a PADI dive spot with a five-star reputation, offering several PADI instructor development courses for those who are eager to learn professional diving and scuba diving. If you don’t wish to dive, you can still lay back calmly on the beach, enjoy some sun kisses, and discover the hidden beauties about you. You can also embark on some camel dive safaris and dive-boat journeys to get a chance to discover the concealed underwater world. The spot presides over the Bedouin Lodge village at the centre of Dahab and in front of The Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea.

Shams Hotel and Dive Centre, Dahab


Offering a spectacular view from its rooms, Shams Hotel and Dive Centre can be the tranquil paradise that you can opt for to escape from the hectic city life. It is home to great scuba-diving experiences. The hotel’s team has held it upon themselves to meet all the needs of divers and entertainment-seekers, with affordable commodities, delightful vibes, prestigious locations, and gourmet dishes. The hotel always organizes inventive offers and comprehensive holiday packages. It lies about 15 metres away from the shores of the stunning Red Sea.

Marsa Abu Galawa, Hurghada


Marsa Abu Galawa lies near El Gouna in Hurghada and is deemed a perfect hideaway to set your soul into a state of pleasure and be at one with the beauty of nature. It offers a large lagoon, a sandy area, vibrant gardens, and reefs bursting with life. The reefs are secluded against the winds; that is why you can enjoy diving safely even when the weather conditions are not very convenient. The depth of this dive spot ranges from 5 meters to 30 meters. It is home to a wide variety of adorable fish with flashing colours, such as lionfish, stonefish, and seahorses.

Djara Cave, Western Desert


This mysterious spot at the heart of the Western Desert is marked by its eye-popping designs that adorn its rocky caves. The dripstone roof of the cave has been fashioned by the crystal depositions that have been formed over millions of years. Rock art will capture your intellect and imagination because of its beauty. The Djara cave peeks out among the Limestone Plateau, close to the old camel road that links Farafra and Assiut. There are also some scenes of gazelles and wildlife, bound to hit you with their charm. So, why not disengage from the world’s jolts with this lively spot that will get you in the mood?

Shali Fortress, Old Siwa


Towering above two Miocene hills, the Shali Fortress is said to be built between the 12th and 20th centuries. It echoes the style of antique castles, overlooking vibrant gardens. The houses are built with mud and palm trunks, which keeps summer heat at a minimum level even when it’s too hot outside. The place teems with architectural wonders since its erection is deemed a mystery by architects and explorers. The Shali Fortress has inspired a plethora of backpackers with its panoramic views and tranquil scenery.

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