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Top 5 Mysterious Places

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The Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

The Banff Springs Hotel in Canada is supposed to be the location of a multitude of ghost stories and inexplicable incidents, with overtures reminiscent of Stephen King's Timberline Lodge and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Locals claim that room 873 was the scene of both a cold-blooded murder of an entire family. Others have mentioned reappearing doormen who then vanish.There appear to be several versions of this incident, but they all revolve on a missing guest room at the hotel. It's not like the crew had a spare set of keys and was continually searching for the missing room. The contractor Bruce Price appears to have misinterpreted the architectural drawings and constructed the entire hotel backwards when it debuted in 1888. As a result, it's possible that the building crew either created an extra room with no exterior window or boarded up the space without ever installing the door. Price, embarrassed by his error, chose to leave the room without saying anything rather than risk making another mistake. In addition, the crew had 200 more rooms to keep them occupied.

However, if you believe you can handle the supernatural element, you're in for a wonderful treat.


Transylvania, Romania

The spooky aura of this huge territory at the very heart of Romania is enhanced by sylvan hills and mist-topped mountains, the clanging echo of church bells, and the stone-built mediaeval steeples of cities like Sibiu, Brasov, and Cluj.

But there's one site in particular that gives you the creeps and makes your spine tingle: Bran Castle.

In a mix of Gothic towers and gargoyle-peppered roofs, this turret-topped castle climbs from the woodlands on the outskirts of Wallachia. It's been linked to a variety of unsavory, uber-mysterious people throughout the years, including Vlad the Impaler, the most murderous of the Wallachian rulers, and Count Dracula, the archetype of the nail-biting Nosferatu.

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Crooked Forest, Poland

For years, a little cluster of just over 400 pine trees immediately south of the unpronounceable city of Szczecin on Poland's extreme eastern haunch, a stone's throw west of the German border, has drew the attention of Atlas Obscura types and off-the-beaten-path travellers.
The entire forest appears to be twisted nearly 90 degrees at the trunk before straightening out and ascending to the Slavic sky.
There are many theories about what caused the strange wood to take on its current shape, with theories ranging from severe snowstorms to lumberjack growth practises.


Bhangarh Fort, India

The haunting presence of one cursed princess and her would-be captor, the magician Sinha, is said to resonate through the medieval bulwarks of the Bhangarh Fort, ringed by the Aravali Hills and scorched by the Rajasthani sun.
Sinha is said to have tried to entice the young queen with the promise of a love potion.
The plan backfired, and the magician perished, but not before casting his curse on the whole population of Bhangarh.
The Mughlai complex where Madho Singh I strolled is now considered one of India's most haunted places.
No one is allowed to enter after dark, and locals have even claimed fatalities as a result of the curse's tenacity!


The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North America where more than 50 ships and 20 planes have inexplicably vanished. The Atlantic coast of the Florida panhandle (in the United States), Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles form a loose triangle shape in the area, whose limits are not unanimously agreed upon. Unusual events have been reported in the area since the mid-nineteenth century. Some ships were discovered abandoned for no obvious cause, while others were never seen or heard from again after transmitting no distress signals. Aircraft have been reported and then vanished in the vicinity, and rescue efforts are alleged to have vanished as well. However, no wreckage has been discovered, and some of the explanations suggested to explain what happened are incorrect. Attempts to explain the recurrent puzzles have been speculative. Although there are many beliefs about supernatural origins for these disappearances, the most likely culprits are geophysical and environmental variables. One theory is that when they reached the Bermuda Triangle, pilots failed to account for the agonic line—the point at which there is no need to correct for magnetic compass variation—resulting in considerable navigational mistake and disaster.


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