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Top 5 Most Popular Dessert Places in Portland, Oregon

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This list is based on prior customer reviews.

5. Pix Patisserie

Pix Patisserie is known for having intertwining flavors and textures. Their desserts are always on point, well-balanced, and sweet as ever. This restaurant is located at 2225 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214.

4. Churros Locos

The churros and churro sundaes served at this place are so fresh and delicious. Their churros are deep-fried and covered in cinnamon sugar, making them super sweet. Their service is top-notch, and all their prices are reasonable.

3. Soro Soro Coffee & Dessert

Soro Soro Coffee & Dessert specializes in serving a wide variety of cute desserts. Their cakes are rich in flavor and color. All desserts are prepared using fresh ingredients from scratch.

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2. 1927 S’mores Company

They torch every marshmallow in front of you which just adds to all of the goodness you receive in every bite. Everything is made to order. This is such a unique find for campgoers everywhere.

1. The Pie Spot

All the pies served at this spot are handmade from locally sourced ingredients. This spot ensures their pie crust is made from butter, making them crunchy, delicate, and sweet. If you have not been to this place before, trust me you are missing out.

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