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Top 5 Most Popular Dessert Places in Phoenix, Arizona

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This list is based on prior customer reviews.

5. Pie Snob

Pie Snob stands out for having a friendly team that offers great suggestions. They offer a bunch of slices, and every slice tastes delicious and fresh. This place is cute, and it is easy to find parking nearby. Even if you don't love pie, I promise you this place will make you eat them every day.

4. Soda Jerk

If you are looking for an excellent dessert location for a date with your partner or kids, look no further. The consistency of its milkshakes is undeniable, and everything they serve is delicious. Every item on their menu is perfected and priced reasonably.

3. Lez Get Baked

Quality flavors and sustainability are the main focus of this spot. The place specializes in natural-based desserts prepared from scratch, and with time it has proved to be an authentic spot to enjoy mouth-watering desserts. The place only serves delicious desserts, and they are huge that you cannot finish a whole pan. Come when hungry and experience the best dining with fresh ingredients only.

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2. Banham's Cheesecake

Banham's Cheesecake serves the city's most delicious and richest cheesecakes. The spot prides itself on using carefully crafted family recipes, giving you the best cheesecake experience of your life. If you are a cheesecake fan, stop by and enjoy great slices ready to go, with no wait time.

1. The Yard Milkshake Bar

This delicious destination boasts offering many selections of huge and flavorful eats. Everything they serve tastes delicious and is worth the drive and the cost. They even have gluten-free options for people with allergies also to have something to eat. But something you must note is the prices of their desserts, they are not just ordinary milkshakes, and they cost a lot but are worth the price. Also, you get to keep the jar, and they have a large amount of ice cream in them.

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