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Top 5 Abandoned aeroplanes in the world

1. Douglas Super Dc-3

In 1973, a plane of the United States Navy crashed on Black Beach in Iceland, due to the failure of the fuel, it had to crash landing, although all the passengers survived the wings of the aircraft were broken, after this the ship remained like this for about 40 years. Found in 2014 by a common man, since then, many tourists come here to see the aeroplane, this place is a tourist place for the shoot of any film.


2. Miss Piggy Plane Wreck

Miss Piggy was a cargo aircraft built-in 1945. The aircraft was named because it could carry too much weight. Shortly after the plane took off from Churchill Airport on 13 November 1989, the first engine of the aircraft caught fire, causing the plane to go out of control, fearing that the pilot in the plane took it back to Churchill Airport Decided to leave, but could not reach the runway and crashed and three crew members were injured, the investigation revealed that the cause of the accident was over capacity. And had to take. Even today, this plane is lying in the stones of Churchill and people come from far away to see it.


3. RAF Kitty Hawks
In 2012, an aeroplane was found in the Sahara Desert Egypt, this aeroplane was an aeroplane used during the second world war, it is not known how many years this aeroplane has been here, it could be an aeroplane Has been safe here for many decades due to the favourable environment, the P40 Kitty Hawk is a fighter airplane that was used by the US during World War II. Shark faces are painted on this aeroplane. But nothing has been seen on this plane to indicate that the ship was purchased by Britain from the US when negotiations with the Egyptian government to bring the aircraft back to Britain Had. But the Egyptian government refused to return Airplane since then it has been lying in the desert.


4.Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft The Maid of Harlech

In September 1942, an American fighter plane crash-landed onto a north Wales beach. While the exact location of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft remains confidential, to protect the plane, it remains there today. The plane, presumed to be USAAF serial number 41-7677, is currently buried around 2m below the sands. Nature has uncovered the plane just three times since it crash-landed, once in the 1970s, once in 2007 and again the most recent was in 2014.

The aircraft engine deteriorated in 1942 after attaining an altitude of 6000 feet. Due to this, the aeroplane could not return to its base and the ship crashed on the beach, as a remembrance of World War II in 2014 when the authority decided to keep it safe in the museum, due to lack of money and the work was not completed. Could happen. This place is still called The Maid of Harlech.


5.Tupolev tu-154

This aircraft represents one of the most legendary planes designed by Soviet Union engineer Andrei N. Tupolev and it was in civilian service for 45 years. It is ranked as fastest aircraft in its middle-size class and also as very reliable plane, suitable for use even in extreme cold Arctic conditions. The TU-154 was equipped with three turbofan engines which powered the plane with cruising speed of nine hundred kilometers per hour for a distance of four thousand kilometers. It has a layout similar to Boing 727, but with slightly wider angle of the sweepback wings. After serving the country, this airplane has been placed 20 meters down in the water to create a diving attraction for tourists.You can also go to see this aircraft.



Liz Westwood from UK on December 07, 2019:

These are interesting. I recently saw a report of a plane that was sunk for divers to use, but I don't recall its location.