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Top 10 Christmas Vacation Travel Destinations

With the recession steadily fading, holidaymakers are once more poring over the travel books shelves to find their ultimate vacation destination. Can’t decide on a place to go? Let our list of the top 10 destinations for 2010 guide you to your dream holiday.

Travel To Brazil

1. Brazil

As if its spectacular nature, beautiful coastlines and carnival spirit aren’t enough to draw us to Brazil, now two upcoming mega sports events have made the country an irresistible travel destination. With the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the tourism scene in this vast South American country is heating up like never before. Only in Brazil can you enjoy a fantastic beach getaway, shimmy to samba music and take a trip along the Amazon – all in one holiday.

Visit California Commercial

2. United States

It’s not exotic, but the USA is fast becoming a hot destination on travelers’ lists again. This huge country has something to suit the tastes of every travel buff. Love history? Start with Washington DC with its impressive array of museums and monuments. Craving for urban thrills? Head to New York City. Want to get close to nature? Check out the national parks of Utah or the stunning Grand Canyon in Arizona. You’ll be spoilt for choice and end up wishing you had a longer holiday to do it all.


Travel to Nepal

3. Nepal

If you have always dreamt of making your ultimate trekking pilgrimage to Nepal, there’s no better time than now to visit the Himalayan country. With a decade’s political instability finally put to rest, Nepal is ready to be making the headlines again for its awe-inspiring haven for trekking and mountaineering. It’s not just the jaw-dropping landscapes that will give you the lifetime of an experience. Soak in the rich Himalayan cultures in the Kathmandu Valley and be touched by the warmth of the Nepali people

London Tour

4. London

The magnetic appeal of London as a travel destination has hardly ever abated, but the depressed sterling now makes it the best time to visit the city without burning a hole in your pockets. The to-do list is long: ogle at the Big Ben, shop to your heart’s content along retail thoroughfare of Oxford Street, immerse yourself in the city’s several world-class museums, do as the Brits do and take a long stroll in one of the city’s sprawling parks, and last but not least, enjoy a sterling musical performance. And oh, don’t forget to pop into a pub for a pint of beer– the quintessential English experience.


5. South Africa

Yes, the FIFA World Cup is the perfect reason to visit South Africa this year, but take time out from cheering for your favorite team to explore the wonders of this incredibly diverse country. Indulge in wildlife watching, feel the pulsating beat of Johannesburg, savor the stunning nature in Table Mountain National Park, and treat yourself to a wine-tasting tour in Stellenbosch. With all due respect, there’s life beyond football.

Travel to Greece

6. Greece

Want a diverse package of travel experiences? Greece has it all for you. From ancient ruins to idyllic beaches to party-till-you-drop nightclubs, the heady mix of history and hedonism will give you the ultimate holiday. Soak in the beautiful waters of the Agean, and stroll along miles and miles of pristine beaches. Wander in the Peloponnese region and revel in the meeting point of the ancient and the modern.  Whatever your travel desire, Greece is bound to satisfy it.

Morocco Travel

7. Morocco

At the meeting point of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, you’ll find an incredible travel destination waiting for you. Brace yourself for an overwhelming sensory experience in Morocco – the sights and smells of the medinas, charming towns along the Mediterranean coast, and the looming mountains of the Rif. Round off your trip in the Sahara where the vast emptiness of the world’s largest desert provides the perfect setting for all the mind-boggling experiences to sink in.

Portugal Travel

8. Portugal

Looking for an alternative to overcrowded touristy destinations? Pack your bags for Portugal. While the country is not remote in the strictest sense, it offers abundant opportunities to escape to quiet, little-trodden places away from the usual tourist circuits. The historical charm of the country is spell-binding – think medieval castles, picturesque villages and flower-draped hillsides. For a wonderful wandering experience, head to the capital, Lisbon, with its enthralling mix of cobblestone streets, clattering trams and soaring cathedrals.

HongKong Travel

9. Hong Kong

If all you know of Hong Kong comes from a stopover at the airport, it’s time to discover the delightful experiences the city can offer.  Feel the city’s hyper personality as you negotiate the bustling streets with bright neon signs, mouth-watering cuisine and endless clamor, all framed against soaring skyscrapers.  Enough of urban pleasures and retail therapy? Get some fresh air at the top of Victoria Peak, take a tranquil hike in the New Territories, or join in an early morning session of tai chi at Hong Kong Park.  By then, you should have worked up an appetite, and it’s time for some savoury dim sum.

Cuba Travel

10. Cuba

Seeking a less trodden path? Cuba is the answer. But hurry, its exotic character may not last long. With the US government relaxing travel restrictions with Cuba, the country is likely to see increasing numbers of US tourists. Revel in the ubiquitous rhythm and music that the country is well known for. Groove to your heart’s content in Trinidad and take a break with a mojito.  And the good news is that though tourism in Cuba is yet to be fully developed, it is easy to travel around in the country, with relatively few barriers stopping you from going where you want to visit.


sairakhan from Bombay , India on March 27, 2011:

Nice hub fellow!i like it and i have started following you

Celina Martin from London on November 09, 2010:

Hey Sunseven!

Nice hub to choosing place for Christmas celebrations with friends, family.

ocbill from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice on February 22, 2010:

nice destinations indeed. They should put a few of these on the Amazing Race. I always wanted to go to Morocco.


H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on February 21, 2010:

I am fascinated by your article of Top 10 Vacation Travel Destinations for 2010. Out of all developed countries you have included the Asian Country like Hong Kong and the Himalayan Kingdom country of Nepal. The You Tube of Nepal being shown the Hindu culture by their sculptures is really very enjoyable to me. You are superb in your choice of place for vacation of holiday Travelling.

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