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Top 10 Tips for Global Travel as a Single Woman

With the many years spent working in Game Lodges in South Africa, I have developed a passion for all things travel-related,

We can share many useful tips in this regard and we have produced a shortlist. Read on to discover our top 10 tips for global travel as a single woman.

Picking Your Destination with a Purpose

Each and every single female traveler starts their adventure with the dreaming, planning, and booking phases of the traveling cycle. Choosing your destination might’ve originated from a travel magazine, a testimonial from a friend, or from watching a film.

Sometimes you might find that your desired destination might be out of reach due to budget constraints. Since there is no option of splitting the costs, you can engage with local travel agents and investigate the special offers that suit your pocket.

Your First Solo Night

Single women tourists will benefit significantly from investigating a few suitable accommodation options, especially if you want to feel all-grown-up and not make use of a travel agent.

Make a list of a few places so that you have alternatives in your back pocket if, for whatever reason, you don’t find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Should you find yourself in a precarious position, make sure that you change your accommodation digs in the daylight for safety reasons.

Need vs. Want

Singles travel for women involves careful and mindful planning. When you have booked and arranged all the necessary details such as return flights, accommodation, airport transfers, and money options, you will travel with more ease.

Traveling solo can be compared to any new relationship. It is best to enter the journey with as little as possible expectations. This will give you that liberating feeling, and you won’t feel pressured into doing something you might not want to.

Having a calm and open mind will also unearth many more possibilities that can come your way. However, for this to happen, you need to travel with an open mind. This rule can also be applied when picking your destination, as you might discover places you hadn’t dreamt of exploring before.

Smart Packing

Packing light, smart, and with intent is one of our best-kept secrets for single women traveling. You want to ensure that you don’t have to drag around heavy pieces of luggage on your trip if you have no intention of using all of the contents at least once.

This will hamper your mobility and might become cumbersome. You won’t have to pay excess luggage fees, have to pay a porter at the hotel, or risk losing many valuable items.

Some items that we deem as essential but all-encompassing are:

Shoes – pack no more than three pairs. One pair of comfortable, flat shoes, one pair of fancier shoes, and light flip-flops or slippers if you're staying in a hostel. If you need boots, wear them on the plane. You can fasten them onto your carry-on luggage or backpack and wear your flat shoes at your holiday destination.

Pants – three pairs total. Or, depending on the weather, two pairs of pants, one dress, or one skirt.

Tops – four tops, one lightish thin sweater, and one camisole (that this way you are covered from a casual as well as a dressy perspective).

Accessories – one belt, cosmetic jewels, and perhaps one scarf to transform casual clothes.

Pashmina scarf – This is a versatile item and can be used in many different weather conditions.

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Jacket – Take one all-purpose coat with you.

Basics – This will also be dependent on the weather, but items you might require are sunscreen, toiletries, sunnies, a hat.

One Bathing suit, if needed.

Bare necessities – PJ’s, and perhaps five pairs of underwear, and socks.

Keep Your Accommodation a Secret

You might encounter many other solo tourists on your holiday, but we advise you to be cautious in this regard. Many locals and other tourists will want to engage in conversation with you.

We encourage you to engage in the chit-chat, but with the exception of keeping the name of your accommodation establishment to yourself. This is a place of safety for you on your journey. When meeting with a stranger, rather do so in a public place and inform the hotel where you will be going.

Enjoy Your Meals in Company

If you would like to have some of your meals in the company of others, you can reach out to fellow single women tourists. You need not eat all of your meals alone unless you prefer to.

There are many exciting activities that can be planned around dinner, such as visiting a restaurant together, enjoying a cooking class for single women traveling, etc.

Alternatively, why not arrange for a nice dinner at the hotel, where you can have a proper girl’s night, have a few Cosmo’s, and not have to worry about traveling anywhere.

Keep Your Travel Documents Safe

Before you travel, make copies of all your travel papers, passport copies, a copy of your identity card, and a copy of your travel insurance.

Identify either a next of kin, a partner, a family member or a friend you can trust. Leave copies of all these documents with them for safekeeping in case of emergency.

While you are out and about on your travels, keep your documents either on your person, employing a travel pouch, or store them away in a safe at your hotel.

Network with Other Solo Female Travellers

Are you looking for some new like-minded friends? Then singles travel might just be the thing! Hostels, in particular, are a great option to network with other single women who enjoy solo traveling.

Who knows? It might be the start of a few beautiful friendships.

Take a Technology Hiatus

Properly going on vacation includes taking a much-needed break from all things tech-related. This will ensure that you can relax and leave the rest of the world behind a bit to focus on yourself.

After all, single women tourists are a select group of independent sisters and do things for themselves.

Support Local

Keep tourism spend in the destination by shopping for souvenirs at the local markets and vendors. Similarly, support the local economy by dining at local restaurants.

You might be surprised to learn that singles travel can dramatically boost the income of that respective country!


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