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The Best Russian Restaurants in NYC

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Russian restaurants in New York City

If the mention of Russian cuisine conjures up images of caviar, blini, borscht, pickles, a load of vodka and lots of fun, you're right, because that's exactly what you'll get at Russian restaurants in NYC! Growing up in New York, I've witnessed Russian culinary culture going through a sort of renaissance in the past couple of years, with a number of restaurants opening up in Manhattan, outside of the confines of the Russian community in Brighton Beach. Restaurants you should check out!

I'd say there are really three categories of Russian restaurants in New York. You have the banquet hall types with live music, a show and a night-club-ish atmosphere in the Russian neighborhood of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Then you have the posh Russian restaurants in Manhattan - those are the ones that have been popping up lately, featuring the type of fare Tsars feasted on, along with Imperial Russian décor, and crystal chandeliers hanging from the tall ceilings. And finally, you have a handful of everyday restaurants serving Russian grub, located mostly in Brighton Beach. This guide is for those luxurious Russian restaurants in Manhattan and of course the velvet-lined banquet halls of Brighton Beach where babushkas dance the night away!

Na Zdorovie! As we clink glasses before guzzling a shot of vodka straight, Russian style, to the Russian restaurants of NYC!

Blinis with Caviar

A popular Russian dish - blinis (crapes) with red caviar

A popular Russian dish - blinis (crapes) with red caviar

Brasserie Pushkin in NYC

Brasserie Pushkin is the newest arrival on the Russian culinary scene in New York City. Located on 5th Ave, It's three levels high - with dining rooms on two levels and a party room underground, it's extravagant and you can try Russian classics like blini with caviar, beef Stroganoff, Olivier salad, chicken Kiev, and of course you can sample one of the 22 varieties of vodka.

Address: 41 W 57th St (between Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave), New York, NY 10019

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Tel. Number: (212) 465-2400


The Russian Samovar

What can I say? Stepping in Russian Samovar makes you feel like you've left New York and traveled through time to Imperial Mother Russia! Live music plays in the background, samovars are displayed all around, elegant old lamps provide lighting, tea is served with old-school metal holders around the glass, and vodka lines the bar.

Address: 256 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Tel. number: (212) 757-0168


The Russian Tea Room

The fabled Russian Tea Room is a legend in the Russian culinary culture, dazzling New York's high society with glitz, glamor, and endless flow of vodka and caviar. The exclusive restaurant opened in 1927, by former members of the Russian Imperial Ballet with impressive imperial-style décor that hasn't been touched since. Sadly, the restaurant closed in 2002 but then reopened in 2006 with a new chef. For a one of a kind experience, chock-full of Russian imperial grandour such as antique samovars, a 15-foot bear aquarium, and 20-foot golden tree with Venetian glass eggs, this is definitely the place. And as far as vodka goes, there are over 40 varieties!

Address: 150 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Tel. number: (212) 581-7100

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Russians have drinking down to a science!  In 1894, Tsar Alexander III commissioned a famous Rusian chemist, Mendeleev, to investigate the idea strength of vodka. 38% was the magic number!

Russians have drinking down to a science! In 1894, Tsar Alexander III commissioned a famous Rusian chemist, Mendeleev, to investigate the idea strength of vodka. 38% was the magic number!

The Russian Vodka Room

The Russian Vodka Room has a cozy, yet fun atmosphere, live piano music, traditional Russian fare and a fabulous selection of vodka. Actually there's about a hundred different vodka and deliciously flavored infused vodka.

Address: 265 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

Neighborhood: Midtown West

Tel. number: (212) 307-5835


Pravda Restaurant

Pravda is one of my personal favorites. If you’re looking to have fun, especially with a group, complete with flavored vodka shots and very distinctive fare that includes caviar, quail eggs and such, in a very “Soviet-chic” décor – this is the place for you! The martinis, such as the Caviar Martini, which comes with a cucumber, dill and a spoon of caviar is also really good. And if you're with a group, get a round of Pravda's ice rack of selected vodkas as soon as you sit down - Russian style!

Address: 281 Lafayette St (between Jersey St & Prince St), New York, NY 10012

Neighborhood: NoLita, SoHo

Telephone number: (212) 226-4696


Russian Restaurants in Manhattan

National Restaurant in Brooklyn

If you want to try something completely different and be blown away, try National Restaurant for a night out in Brooklyn - Russian style! National has been around for over 30 years and seemingly each and every Russian-America has celebrated at least one grande birthday here. Russian fare keep coming all night long, banquet-style until the wee-hours as guests check out the so over the top entertainment and dance the night away. I think everyone should come here at least once to experience it. And don't expect to leave until sunrise!

Address: 273 Brighton Beach Ave (between Brighton 2nd St & Brighton 3rd St), Brooklyn, NY 11235

Neighborhood: Brighton Beach

Tel. number: (718) 646-1225


Back caviar

Back caviar

Tatiana Restaurant in Brooklyn

Like the other Russian restaurants on Brighton Beach, Tatiana also has the whole nine yards. Banquet hall, live music, dancing, and great food. Another plus, it's a great place to stop by for lunch on the boardwalk with great views of the ocean.

Address: 3152 Brighton 6th St (between E. Boardwalk & Brightwater Ct.), Brooklyn, NY 11235

Neighborhood: Brighton Beach

Tel. number: (718) 891-5151

Passage Restaurant in Brooklyn

Of all the Russian restaurants I've been to on Brighton Beach, I have to say, Passage is my favorite. Passage has the whole package - live music, a fun atmosphere, a great view of the bay, and the food is absolutely delicious. And of course there's lots of vodka. Na zdoroviye!

Address: 2027 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay

Tel. number: (718) 368-0004

Russian Restaurants in Brooklyn

Comments about Russian restaurants in NYC

Anna (author) from New York, NY on May 14, 2012:

Teresa: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Dining at a Russian restaurant is definitely something unique to consider when visiting New York City.

Cardelean: The live bands at Russian restaurants give them a really fun and memorable experience :) Thanks for stopping by and your comment!

mj2991 from Pehawar on May 13, 2012:

you done well

cardelean from Michigan on May 12, 2012:

I don't recall that I've ever eaten in a Russian restaurant before. I think that I would enjoy going to the type with the live bands. When I eventually make it to New York, I'll have to check them out!

Teresa Coppens from Ontario, Canada on May 08, 2012:

We haven't visited NYC yet but our family would love to take a trip there. Well done job highlighting all the Russian cuisine there. Voted up.

Anna (author) from New York, NY on May 07, 2012:

Claudia: Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience of dining in NYC! If you ever go to a Russian restaurant again, you should try crapes with caviar - they're like one of the trademark appetizers and they're really good!

Shushanik: I'm happy to hear that you found the hub useful! You'll have to come back to NY and dine at these restaurants :) There's this dish at Pravda that's amazing - it's an omelet w/ caviar - very unique and the thought of it makes my mouth water.

HawaiiHeart: Thanks for your comment! I hope you'll get a chance to visit NY and at least one of these restaurants. The food is very unique but the atmosphere is something to go for in itself - it's seriously a lot of fun and extravagant :)

mj: Thanks for stopping by! I love the Russian restaurants in NY so figured to write about them. They're very unique and definitely worth a visit when in NYC.

mj2991 from Pehawar on May 06, 2012:

This is very unique

HawaiiHeart from Hawaii on May 05, 2012:

I've never tried Russian food before (or even visited NY) - thanks for such a useful hub. Would love to try Russian cuisine one day!

Shushanik from San Francisco Bay Area on May 05, 2012:

Thanks for such a useful hub! It would have helped me so much when I lived in NY... Now I'm too far away, but even reading about "native" food makes my mouse water :)

Claudia Tello from Mexico on May 05, 2012:

I did dine at a Russian restaurant in Manhattan when I was there in 2006. I can´t remember the name of the place but it is recommended by the Lonely Planet guide, it was quite fancy and it looks a lot like the Russian Tea Room, it was quite a dining experience! We should have had Blinis with Caviar, it looks delicious!

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