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Tips to Travel By Rajdhani Express Trains in India

Train journeys

Train journeys

Introduction to Rajdhani Express Trains in India

​Rajdhani Express is one of the prestigious categories and fully reserved running trains across India. The train connects the nation's capital New Delhi to various state capitals of India. Rajdhani Express offers premium comfort of travel to its passengers and is mostly preferred by passengers intending to reach the destination early.

Rajdhani Express trains are given priority while on track and thus reaches the destination much faster and sooner than the other trains. Rajdhani Express usually has a non-stop run only a few designated stops between New Delhi and the state capitals.

The first Rajdhani Express train began its service in 1969/70 between Howrah (Kolkatta) to New Delhi. The recently added Rajdhani Express runs between Maharashtra state's Mumbai Chatrapati Maharaj Terminus and H.Nizamuddin (near New Delhi)

Facilities Available in Rajdhani Express Trains

Some of the facilities available to the passengers on-board are-

  • Choice of Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian food that includes Welcome Drink, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner
  • Newspapers
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Bedroll that includes a pair of bed-sheets, pillow, and blanket for an overnight journey

Bottled Drinking Water


Choice of Veg/Non Veg Food


Booking Tickets on Rajdhani Express Trains

Rajdhani Express does not allow passengers with waitlisted status. It is a fully reserved train allowing only Reservation-Against-Cancellation (RAC) ticket holders and confirmed passengers. Ticket fares include food/catering charges (optional), reservation charges, superfast charges, and concessions if applicable.

Tickets to travel by Rajdhani Express can be booked at the authorized Passenger Reservation System Rail ticket counters located across the country, authorized Rail travel agents, and online at Reserved tickets for general quota can be booked 60 days in advance, 360 days in advance under Foreign Quota, and 1 Day in advance in Tatkal quota.

It is mandatory to carry a valid original identity card while traveling in Rajdhani Express. Indian Railways allows carrying any valid identity cards including Passport and present it to onboard ticket checking staff.

Classes of Accomodation

Rajdhani Express trains typically consist of three classes of accommodation for the benefit of passenger comfort. They include

  1. First Class AC (Code- 1A)
  2. Air-Conditioned Two-Tier Sleeper (Code-2A)
  3. Air-Conditioned Three Tier Sleeper (Code-3A)
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  • First Class AC (1A) First Class AC is the premium coach available to the passengers. It consists of 4- berth cabin and 2-berth coupe with the facility of doors. The coach is designed to offer premium comfort and privacy to the passengers as all the cabins and coaches in First Class coach have been fitted with doors to lock, during travel. The passengers are offered a customized dining facility with dining sets to comfortably have food. Ticket fares are higher when compared to AC Two Tier and AC Three Tier travel.
  • Air-Conditioned Two-Tier Sleeper (Code-2A) AC Two Tier coach offers privacy with curtains in each cabin instead of doors. The coach consists of 2 tier berth arrangement including a side lower and side upper berth with curtains. The coach offers premium comfort with large windows and space to enjoy during the journey.
  • Air-Conditioned Three Tier Sleeper (Code-3A) AC Three Tier coach offers comfortable travel with 3 tier berth arrangement on one side and on side-upper berth and a side-lower berth on the other side. AC Three-tier coaches are the most popular and common modes of travel amongst budget travelers, as the ticket fares are lower compared to AC-2 Tier Coach and First Class AC Coach.

All the passengers traveling in First Class AC, AC Two Tier, and AC Three Tier are offered free bottled drinking water and a choice of vegetarian/non-vegetarian food as indicated during the ticket booking. The passengers are offered food as per the available menu in the following schedule

MenuUsual Schedule

Welcome Drink

Upon embarking the coach

Morning Tea

6 AM to 8 AM


8 AM to 10 AM


12 PM to 2 PM

Evening Tea

4 PM to 6 PM


7 PM to 9 PM

Tips to travel in Rajdhani Express Trains in India

  • Rajdhani Express category trains are the most luxurious, fully air-conditioned, and premium category of trains running in India. The passengers can avail premium travel comfort as per the choice of travel in First AC, AC Two Tier, and AC Three Tier Coaches.

  • It is mandatory to carry a valid photo identity card while traveling in Rajdhani Express. Passport is also accepted as a valid identity card that should be displayed as a bonafide proof to the ticket checking staff during the journey

  • Only full confirmed tickets and tickets alloted under Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) quota are allowed to travel in Rajdhani Express. Do not board the train if your ticket is under Waitlist status (after chart preparation).

  • Please indicate your choice of food i.e. Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian at the time of booking the ticket/reserving the tickets. If you do not indicate the choice you will not be provided any food during the journey.

  • The passengers have the facility to opt-out of the catering/food option but the same should be indicated at the time of ticket booking.

  • Packaged drinking water bottle and a newspaper is provided free to the passengers irrespective of food choice indicated while booking a ticket.

  • Bedrolls are provided to all the classes of passengers. Please ensure to return it at your berth upon ending the journey. The same will be collected by the bedroll attendants at the end of the journey

  • Retain the journey tickets till you leave the railway station. The same will be required to be presented to the railway staff on duty located at the exit of the railway station


Rajdhani Express is the most preferred mode of travel to connect to New Delhi from the state capitals and other intermediate stations. The popularity has ​given rise to improving the existing facilities and upgrading the infrastructure catering to the needs of passengers.

Some of the Rajdhani Express trains like Mumbai Central Rajdhani and Howrah Rajdhani Express even run with high waitlist status especially on weekends and festival holidays- owing to popularity and the need to connect to New Delhi much sooner.

List of Rajdhani Express Trains in India


Andhra Pradesh/Telangana


Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)


Dibrugarh Town

New Delhi



New Delhi



New Delhi



New Delhi



Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)



New Delhi


KSR Bengaluru

Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)



Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)


Mumbai Central

New Delhi


Mumbai Central

Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)


Mumbai CSMT

Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)



New Delhi

Tamil Nadu

Chennai Central

Hazarat Nizamuddin (New Delhi)

West Bengal

Howrah (Kolkatta)

New Delhi

West Bengal

Sealdah (Kolkatta)

New Delhi

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu Tawi

New Delhi

Journey To New Delhi by August Kranti Rajdhani Express

  • Journey to New Delhi By August Kranti Rajdhani Expre...
    I travelled to New Delhi from Mumbai Central onboard August Kranti Rajdhani Express. The journey was onboard First Class Air-conditioned coach and it was the most memorable train journey. Food was also exceptional and included in ticket fares.

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