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Tips on Arriving at Bengaluru Airport


Are you a first-time traveler to Bengaluru and arriving by flight? Bengaluru city, in Karnataka, lies in Southern India and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world popularly known as 'Silicon City of India'. The new international airport was developed since its inception in 2008. The airport was renamed Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), aptly named after the founder of Bengaluru city.

The city has witnessed robust growth in infrastructure development and trade leading to ample scope for job opportunities. The city's airport has also witnessed a massive growth in passenger traffic and adding to a growing number of international fleets to several destinations every year. Bengaluru city erstwhile operated from the state-owned HAL Airport in east Bengaluru on Old Airport Road. The airport now caters to air charters and cargo movement since the operation of Kempegowda International Airport.

Upon arrival at Bengaluru, a traveler has plenty of options to reach Bengaluru city. Some of the popular modes are discussed in this article and include (not exhaustive)

  1. BMTC Public Transport buses
  2. KSRTC Inter-city shuttles
  3. Suburban shuttle trains
  4. App-based taxis

BMTC Public Transport Buses

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation or BMTC operated intra-city shuttles within Bengaluru city. BMTC has round a clock arrangement of shuttles from the airport connecting to the city center and various other residential areas. BMTC operates air-conditioned shuttle buses aptly named 'Vayu Vajra'. Vayu Vajra buses are blue-colored shuttles operating in the city center. Vayu Vajra buses operate from the airport's BMTC bus terminal located opposite the domestic terminal's Departure gates.

The most popular Vayu Vajra shuttle service is route number KIAS-9 operating to the central bus station of the city i.e. Kempegowda Bus Station from Kempegowda International Airport. Other important routes include KIAS-8 to Electronic City, KIAS-7/7A to HSR Layout, KIAS-4 to the old airport, and KIAS-10 to Mysuru Road Satellite Bus Stand.

Tickets can be purchased upon embarkment and can be collected from the crew. As also the facility to make a cashless payment exists at the BMTC Info desk located at the airport's BMTC bus terminal.

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KSRTC Inter-City Shuttles

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation or state-owned KSRTC operated inter-city shuttle services from Kempegowda International Airport. The shuttles are popularly known as Flybus- KSRTC's flagship brand of shuttle buses. The shuttle buses offer superior air-conditioned comfort with the facility of an in-house restroom in the shuttle buses.

Flybus operates as inter-city shuttles to Mysuru, Madikeri, Coondapura, Manipal, and Mangaluru departing from Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC bus termnial located opposite the departure hall of the Domestic gates.

Tickets to travel in Flybus can be purchased from the information desk located at the airport's BMTC bus terminal. Some of the Flybus services especially to Mysuru are available throughout the day for the benefit of airline passengers.

Suburban Shuttle Trains

Kempegowda International Airport has recently developed Kempegowda International Airport Halt railway station in tandem with Indian Railways. The railway station is located within the airport boundary wall and lies on the Bengaluru-Chikkaballapura railway line. Indian Railways operates some of the services connecting to Chikkaballapura via Kempegowda International Airport Halt railway station.

Passengers can travel up to the city center located at Bengaluru City Railway station. Airport authorities have made sufficient arrangements for the passengers to commute to the airport's railway station through shuttle services, which operate as per the schedule of the trains arriving and departing from Kempegowda International Airport halt station.

App-based Taxi Services

App-based taxis are the popular and easiest option to get around Bengaluru from Kempegowda International Airport if you have plenty of luggage. Popular app-based taxis operate from the designated pick-up points near the arrival gates. Taxis offer plenty of services that operate in various city and residential areas.

Travelers have an option to download the app through google play store or apple play store and book the cabs from the airport. App-based taxis also offer the facility of a drop to the airport from the city center and other residential areas. Passengers can make a booking through the app on mobile.

The Best Mode of Travel from the Airport

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