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Tips For Female Solo Travellers

This is Lubnaa ....I am a passionate blogger and I love to write about all beautiful things that Life has given to us.


Traveling alone means being with one self all the time and wondering about a lot of things. By being alone, it allows us to have time to think and get to know ourself deeply. To know what we want in life, we have to know what we are, who we are and what we aspire to become like. And nothing is more rewarding than getting to know oneself while traveling. When we returned we are more evolved professionally and personally.
But it is not always easy for solo woman to travel freely and safely. Lot many places in the world are not female friendly and can put solo travelers in grave situations if not dealt vigilantly.
Many times I have witnessed scary situations in foreign land while travelling on my own. Here I have tried to incorporate some of the lessons or precautions to be considered before putting a foot on conventional and orthodox places like India or middle East countries.

Preparation Is The Key

Arriving in a city without having a reservation, it can be very well or be a little problematic depending on where you are in the world. One thing is certain, is that for women who travel alone or for any other traveler, it is less stressful to arrive at "unusual" hours or in an unfamiliar city if you are already prepared. More and more hostels and hotels now offer a transport service to pick you up from the airport, or from the bus station. Yes, it does involve a fee, but in some cases it can be very convenient and reassuring to know someone will be there when we arrive. I'm not saying to leave no room for spontaneity on your trip, but to think about the times when it will be better to be a little more organized.


Know Your Destination Inside Out

Knowing as much as possible about your destination will help prevent potential complications. Internet browsing is an excellent source for information on safety, the climate, and local laws and customs. Select the country where you are going from the drop-down menu and even if the tone is quite alarmist (I agree…) you will have access to a wealth of very practical information.I recommend going for sites that are assigned by your local government I particularly recommend the "security" section which will summarize the most frequent problems experienced by travelers and there is often a section for women.

Adapt To The Customs

Take off your shoes before entering a temple in India, cover your hair before visiting a mosque in Morocco, wear a sarong during a Kava ceremony at the Fiji… Personally, in foreign soil, I have always found that it is it was up to me to adapt to local customs and not to the locals to get used to mine. I travel, among other things, to get away from it all, to live and see new things and to immerse myself in a new culture. In my opinion, this is the essence of travel and I find it hard to understand those who do not seek to match their destination during a stay abroad.


Be Vigilant

Yes, at home as elsewhere, we have all heard or read stories of people intoxicated because someone malicious had put a sedative or a drug in a consumption. No need to say more, watch your glasses and your plate, no matter where you are !

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Pay Attention To The Surrounding

While you will be amazed by all the novelties and splendors of the country you are visiting, try to keep a minimum of attention on your personal belongings to prevent them from getting carried away. The majority of people are in good faith, but still pay attention, “just in case”.

No Matter What, Look Confident

A city map wide open and a lost gaze might make you look vulnerable. When you walk around, seem to know where you are going , even if you don't! If you need help orienting yourself, ask someone you can trust like a police officer or a decent looking female. Carrying a map of your hotel with you can be very handy in case you get lost.


When In Rome, Be Like Romans

Yes, I know, when it's 35 degrees, it's more than tempting to pull out the mini shorts, the camisole or the little summer dress. However, keep in mind that in some societies, this might be seen as unusual and provocative, and might get you unwanted attention. Personally, when I hesitate about what is appropriate to wear and what not, I observe the dress of the women of the place. For example, if they hide their shoulders and knees, I will do like them and if they cover themselves up rather than wearing a bikini on the beach, I cover myself too.

Be Assertive.... Learn To Say No

What I mean by "knowing how to say no" is that sometimes you have to know how to recognize a good plan from a bad one and refuse to embark on what does not suit you . Focus on what you want and what you like, and avoid hanging out with those you don't feel comfortable with.


Always Be In Touch With Your Kins Back Home

Give your directions to your loved ones at home so that they have an idea of ​​where you are. You could also let the hotel front desk know what you have planned for when you leave for the day to make sure someone notices if you don't come home as planned.

Refrain From Unnecessary Show-off

The idea here is to avoid making yourself seem like a wealthy traveler . Now might not be the time to wear your luxurious looking jewelry and accessories, as it might catch the eye and especially lust. A very fancy attire is definitely a complete NO in a country with low economy.

© 2021 Lubnaa Parvez

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