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Cedar Park, TX, Brushy Creek Lake Park Regional Trail - Sports Park, Skateboarding, & Kayaking

Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park TX

Brushy Creek Lake Park & Regional Trail - Williamson County Parks and Recreation

3300 Brushy Creek Rd., 78613

This Review of Brushy Creek Lake Park includes information about the following:

  • Brushy Creek Lake Park
  • Williamson County Regional Trail
  • Labyrinth Trail
  • Historical Marker about the Railroad
  • Brushy Creek Sports Park
  • Nature Trails, Hike and Bike
  • Trail Map

Brushy Creek Lake Park - Cedar Park TX

Located off of 3300 Brushy Creek Rd in Cedar Park TX. -- Opened April 2004. Features include the Brushy Creek Sports Center.

This park is a great place for family picnics and there is plenty of things for the kids to do. The park features playgrounds, a water-scape, tree shaded picnic tables with BBQ grills, pavilions for parties, a volleyball court, and a fishing pier. You can Kayak on Brushy Creek park on a 38 acre lake that was constructed in 1965.

Brushy Creek Regional Trail - Cedar Park TX

Passes through this 90 acre park making it ideal for hiking and biking trails. There are wildlife observation areas and nature trails. This 6.75 mile trial has beautiful landscaping and views. The trail travels along Brushy Creek Blvd to the Great Oaks Drive and West to HWY 183 in Cedar Park.

This park was acquired in 1987. Brushy Creek Lake is a man made lake built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1965 for flood control and irrigation. Also known as the Soil Conservation Site 7 Reservoir.

Children and family can enjoy flying kites, riding bikes, fishing, picnicking and much more, all within minutes of your home, practically in your backyard. The lake supports a fishery that includes bass, crappie, catfish and carp.

Enjoy the Cedar Park Sports center complete with Baseball and Softball fields, along with a skatepark and more.

Williamson County Parks and Recreation have created another wonderful park for the entire family to enjoy.

There are three types of habitats, Live Oak/Juniper, Fresh Water, and Grassland. Wild flowers have been planted in the meadow to support the wildlife and act as a bio-filter to clean the rainwater run off from the parking lot and pathways.

Wildlife can be observed such as rabbits, squirrel, deer, gray fox, Red-tail Hawks, Eastern Screech-Owls, Double-crested Cormorants and Osprey, Great Blue Heron and Snowy Egrets.

The park opens one-half hour before sunrise and closes at 10PM each day.

The Labyrinth Trail at Brushy Creek Park - Cedar Park TX

The labyrinth trail is a 0.2 mile trail, with a single path that leads to the center and back out again. Labyrinths are designed to calm, heal, comfort and bring balance.

There are so many things to see and do along the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. If you want to learn about the native trees and wildflowers, just stop by the many trail markers along the way while enjoying the surrounding community. Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park TX is one of the most beautiful parks in the area. Williamson County Parks and Recreation has kept nature and city life in balance.

The Railroad - Brushy Creek Sports Park - Cedar Park TX

History Marker: " Granite for the State Capitol. In the 1180's, the arrival of the railroad helped developed Western Williamson County and contributed to the construction of a new State Capitol. When quarried limestone proved deficient for the new statehouse, contractors chose granite from Burnet County. The Austin and Northwestern railroad, which ran through the area and established Brueggerhoff (Cedar Park) and Leander, extended to the Granite mountain quarry site in 1885. More than 4,000 flatcars passed through there in 1886-87, carrying the large blocks of pink Granite to Austin. Three dozen blocks that tumbled off the tracks were left in the creek-bed, since the state obtained its building stone free of charge. The Texas State Capitol was completed in 1888."

The Crossing at Brushy Creek - Cedar Park TX

While the granite was being hauled to the capital, a train wreck happened on the southwest corner of the Brushy Creek Recreational Park, causing several massive blocks to granite to be dumped into Brushy Creek. These stones never arrived in Austin to be used in the construction of the Texas State Capital and remain undisturbed just as they fell in the 1880's. (see link below for more information and historical photos.

Brushy Creek Lake Park Map, Cedar Park Texas

Brushy Creek Sports Park - Offers Baseball and Softball Fields, Soccer Fields, Disc Golf, Skateboard Park and More in Cedar Park TX

2310 Brushy Creek Rd

Cedar Park, TX 78613

(512) 401-5500

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Disc Golf
  • Skateboard Park
  • Nature Trails
  • Bike Trails
  • Hiking Trails
  • Playscapes

This 54 acre park has it all! Baseball and Softball fields, Soccer, 9 Hole Disc Golf Course, Skateboard Park, Playscape, Hiking and biking trails.

The Skate Park is a Custom designed 15,000 Sq. ft. concrete in ground Skate Park, features a Mini Bowl, Large, Bowl and street course, which includes transitions, ledges, steps, rails and a volcano ramp.

The 9 Hole Disc Golf Course length is 2901 ft. and is located next to the Basketball courts.

Nature Trail at Brushy Creek Regional Park - Cedar Park TX

For those who enjoy nature at its finest, Brushy Creek Regional Trail also provides a natural habitat for native trees, vegetation, plants, wildflowers, and wildlife.

You can find trail markers located along the path that is sponsored by the Williamson County Native Plant Society of Texas (NPSOT).

The White Shin Oak, also known as the Bigelow Oak – Distinguishable by the light gray flaking bark. It is called scrub or shin oak because it is usually a multi-trunked tree of only 10 to 12 ft.

The Cedar Elm, native to Texas --- flowers and seeds in the fall, leaves are small and sand-papery to the touch. Cedar Elm is the most widespread native elm in Texas.

The Rough leaf Dogwood, blooms white flowers from April to May. This dogwood is easily recognized by the rough, upper leaf surfaces and white fruit. The Rough-leaf dogwood is a clumping shrub or can grow into a small tree up to 16 ft.

Blue Curls, also known as Caterpillars or Fiddleneck --- Flowers are blue and bell shaped, blooms March to May which grows 1 to 3ft tall.

Stick-Leaf, also known as Chicken-thief--- Flowers are yellow/orange, blooms all summer.

Pecan Trees can grow up to 90 ft and can live up to 300 years. The Pecan tree is the state tree of Texas.

Pencil Cactus, also known as Tasajillo, blooms pale yellow flowers in the spring and bright red fruits in the winter.

Twist-Leaf Yucca, blooms white bell shaped blossoms on a tall flower spike in the spring.

Possum haw, is a Holly plant with red, orange and yellow berries.

There are plenty of things to do and see on this nature trail. I hope to update with more photos when the spring flowers start to bloom.

Thank you, Williamson County Plant Society. Because of your trail markers, I stopped to take a look around and learned a little more about my surroundings.

Part of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail was Donated by Will R Wilson SR - Cedar Park TX

Part of the land for the Brushy Creek Regional Trail, was donated by Will R. Wilson, SR., he served in WWII, as a U.S Army Major from 1942 to 1945. District Attorney of Dallas from 1947 to 1950, Supreme Court to Texas from 1951 to 1955, Attorney General of Texas from 1956 to 1962, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice from 1969 to 1971. Will R. Wilson's family ranch was his favorite place -- may generations of families enjoy the beauty of this land

Brushy Creek Lake Park Favorite things to do

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