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10 Fun Things To Do In Boston MA

Downtown Skyline from Boston Harbour

Downtown Skyline from Boston Harbour

For me, being a New Yorker, a weekend in Boston MA is always a great getaway from a noisy city to almost another world. Boston is old, Boston is European, but at the same time Boston is full of energy and young people, thanks to large student population. Boston’s vibrant neighborhoods, from the fashionable Back Bay to oldest Beacon Hill to historic North End, make the city is very distinctive from any other American city. Boston is a cultural and commercial hub of New England, and the city represents all best in the region, from Boston luxury hotels to best seafood to great entertainment. So, if you never been to Boston, you definitely should put the city on your must visit in America list. And when you are there, follow some of these suggestions and I am sure you will have a lot fun in Boston!

New England Aquarium, Boston MA

  • Visit New England Aquarium

Dive into the sea world without getting wet at the New England Aquarium! Vibrant coral reefs from the tropical Pacific, the most poisonous fishes in the world, colorful jellyfishes, penguins and sharks, green sea turtles and other exotic creatures – more than 2,000 species in all. Some make their home in the aquarium's four-story, 200,000-gallon ocean-reef tank, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Ramps winding around the tank lead to the top level and allow you to view the inhabitants from many vantage points. Don't miss the five-times-a-day feedings; each lasts about an hour and takes divers 24 feet into the tank.

Downtown Boston from Prudential Tower

Downtown Boston from Prudential Tower

  • Get best view of Boston

For the perfect 360-degree view of Boston, head to the top of the Prudential Center. As you walk around the Skywalk, an audio tour will describe the various historic and cultural hotspots around the city. For more fun, have  lunch at the Top of the Hub, located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center and take in the city and skyline view with a glass of champagne.

  • Explore the Freedom trail

A stroll around this old city is like reading an American history textbook. Check out Boston’s unique history along the 2.5 mile-long Freedom Trail that connects 16 historical sites. Follow the red line marking the Freedom Trail and come across Boston Common, the Old North Church, Paul Revere's house and Bunker Hill. Each stop represents a chapter in American history with vivid reminders of events that led to American independence.

The Boston Common Frog Pond

The Boston Common Frog Pond

  • Ice skate on the Boston Common Frog Pond

Created in English style Boston Common is great place for many recreational activities. In the summer, the oldest park in the country is a perfect place to relax right in a heart of the city, have a picnic, watch theater or listen to music concerts under the open sky. In the winter you can have fun ice skating on the Boston Common Frog Pond. Probably it was a natural pond at some point, but today's Frog Pond is artificial and from November to mid-March the pond is frozen over for ice skating and it features skate rentals, a concessions stand, and a warming area.

  • Visit best of Boston museums

Boston is a city of history and of course you can learn a lot visiting Boston museums. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum with a great art collection and fantastic gardens, the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard with more than 80,000 permanent works including paintings by Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and Degas, Harvard Museum of Natural History = all of them are among best museums not only in Boston but in the country. For more fun, go to Salem, just in 30 minutes from Boston, to visit the Salem Witch Museum. You will have a provocative tour which brings you back to Salem Village 1692 and learn a lot about the pagan midwife, stereotypical witch, modern witchcraft and the phenomenon of witch hunts. If you think you don’t believe in witchcraft, think again!

  • Shop for design clothes

Newbury Street is Boston's version of New York's Fifth Avenue. The entire street and surrounding areas is a shopper's paradise, from high-end names such as and Chanel and Neiman Marcus to tiny specialty boutiques to bargains at Filene's Basement. Filene’s Basement is one of the Boston’s landmarks. Since 1908 the store has been helping shoppers score deals on designer clothes. Be prepared to dig though bins of clothing to find the treasures you’ve dreamt of.

  • Visit home of the Boston Red Sox

Bostonians maybe wild about other sports, but it is baseball and the beloved Red Sox that bring the town to a complete standstill. If you are in Boston during the World Series, you have to go to the stadium. But even offseason you can visit Fenway Park for tours and events celebrating history of Red Sox.

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Maine lobster

Maine lobster

  • Eat Maine lobster

The main ingredient in Boston's diet is undoubtedly seafood. Fish caught in the morning is on plates by sundown. And here in many places you can try the most famous delicacy of New England – Maine lobster. Order lobster boiled or steamed, you will also get a plastic bib, drawn butter for dipping, a nutcracker for the claws and a pick for the legs. Restaurants price lobsters by pound, around $20 for a small 1- 1 ¼ lb lobster. In many places lobster goes in a package with New England clam chowder, which also has to be tried when in Boston. From my point of view, just to eat seafood in Boston, a reason enough to come to Boston!

  • Take a brewery tour

Experience the art and mystery of brewing at the Sam Adams Brewery. Taste the rich malts and spicy hops, the classic ingredients of beer. Tour the Boston Beer Museum and learn about Boston's proud brewing past. And taste the history-the classic, award-winning beers of Samuel Adams. Besides the Sam Adams Brewery, the Harpoon Brewery offer tasting of best beers New England can produce. The tasting is free and lasts about one hour.

  • Party at night

Boston is not really famous by its intense nightlife. Most of bars and clubs in Boston close at 2 am, the time when a party in any New York club just started. Still there are plenty of options for a night on the town, from refined lounges in Boston downtown hotels to Faneuil Hall Marketplace's bustling pubs to Cambridge's myriad music clubs. Boston is particularly rich in venues offering live music for every different taste. Head to The Middle East or T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge or Paradise Rock Club on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston for unique nightly performances by local bands.

Please, share with us your best Boston travel experiences and feel free to add your favorite activities in Boston to the list.



Dilsa Raquel on April 01, 2018:

All I can say is, Boston is wonderful and it feels so good to see some of the places I have been to. I will keep this list in mind to complete it the next time I go there.

Bernie Ment from Syracuse, NY on March 16, 2014:

I also enjoy visits to Beantown. The Freedom Trail is a true eye opener for anyone interested in formative US history. Also, I love the Boston Museum of Science and Technology. They had a great IMAX presentation narrated by Leonard Nimoy who grew up just a few blocks from the museum's location. Nice Hub. Voted up!

tastiger04 on July 15, 2013:

Great info, Boston is a fun city....good ideas for next time I stumble across it!! voted up :)

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on April 16, 2013:

I want to visit Boston and do many of these things. This is a great guide and in light of what happened yesterday, it just shows how much you should value what you have.

Kathryn from Windsor, Connecticut on January 17, 2013:

I just moved to Boston a few months ago, and I still have so many places to explore! This is a very useful article, and some of the comments are helpful, too.

Mike on February 12, 2012:

Cheers on beacon st is great also

moose on February 12, 2012:

Great list!

weirdo on December 07, 2011:

omg this is really funny lol

dilenia on October 11, 2011:

funn funn funn.. cool i was born there my home state

Husky1970 on February 09, 2011:

Nice hub! Boston is a great place to live or visit. The new wing at the MFA, the Art of the Americas, is fabulous.

smallsquid on December 25, 2010:

It helped me a lot. Now I'm going iceskating.(:

TurtleDog on December 09, 2010:

Great article. Friends head up there every year but I keep finding a reason not to go. This will provide some good inspiration. Voted UP! Thanks

Lisa HW from Massachusetts on March 19, 2009:

I've lived in the Boston area all my life, and I think your Hub does it justice. The Swan Boats and Duck Tours are popular activities. The Museum of Fine Arts and Science Museum (Cambridge) are also popular. The Boston Pops and Boston Ballet are "big" here. Blue Man Group is as well. Here's a link to theatres in Boston:

There's more history in Lexington and Concord, of course; and there's the DeCordova Museum there as well.

It's kind of funny to me that people outside the area often refer to Boston as "European". YouTube has a video, "Where Europe Meets Boston". It's really nice. Having grown up here, I've always just kind of thought of Boston as "old".

By the way, I live my life on a general quest for Manhattan clam chowder, because it is an extremely rare occurance that I can find any here, where it is assumed that all people like the taste of not milk and seafood (or whatever the heck they put in New England clam chowder). :)

writer83 from Cyber Space on January 19, 2009:

I have never been to Boston but after reading the article it looks a great place to go !

amrog on January 19, 2009:

I used to live in Boston during my undergrads, and I have to say cheers (pun intended) to all of your sights to see. I have to add on however that Fenuil Hall and the Make Way For Ducklings statutes in the Commons are my two fav things to show people who have never seen Boston.

Wanderlust (author) from New York City on January 18, 2009:

Thank you for your comment Violet. I guess we do appreciate different places and cities for different reasons. I love New York, but I have to get out of the city at least once a month for fresh air or just for the sake of traveling and changing scenery.

As for Oregon, it is a beautiful state with a beautiful nature. Please read my hub on Oregon and Washington, I would really appreciate your comment and point of view.

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on January 18, 2009:

I never visited Boston while living in New York for most of my life. Sounds like a cultural town, my kind of town. Since you travel a lot, if one day you write about Oregon, I will read it. I live in Oregon but haven't adjusted 100% to the lack of culture on the side of town I live in, and nothing much to do, but do appreciate the clean air, and friendly people.

Good hub!

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