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Best Bicycle Trailers - The World´s Lightest Single Wheel Bike Trailer

Bicycle Trailers

A bicycle trailer can be defined as a unmotorized wheeled frame with a hitch system connected to the bicycle and it is designed for transporting extra cargo on a bicycle. Using a bicycle trailer it is easy for you to transport greater loads on your bike.

There are several types of bicycle trailers but we are going to focus on single-wheeled ones. Even though having less towing capacity the one wheel bicycle trailers tend to be more stable than trailers with two or more wheels. The single wheel can tilt from side to side when cornering (as the bicycle itself does) allowing for coordinated turns at relatively high speed.

Bike trailers can be used to carry groceries or other cargo while commuting or even be used to make long autonomous jorneys where you need larger cargo capacity to take everything you will need.


ExtraWheel Bicycle Trailers

Made in Poland they are light and very stable. They can be used in almost every kind of bicycle and on every type of road or even off road!

Riding your bike, even with a great load (máx. 30 kg), in the city as well as on narrow lanes, you just forget about the trailer. The ExtraWheel bicycle trailer differentiate itself from other one-wheeled trailers for the fact that it has a big wheel (26", 27" or 28" wheel) which makes it much faster and easy to overcome bigger obstacles.

Those who may be interested in a quick and reversible conversion of their genuine "mountaineer" or "roadster" into a truck are now invited to see for themselves how it works in practice such a conversion:

  • will amaze them with the stability of the bicycle-trailer set following from lower center of gravity;
  • will upgrade durability of the bicycle's rear wheel, which often happens to be overloaded;
  • will reduce the tendency of the front wheel (a rising tendency when loading the carrying rack) to lose contact with the ground when riding steeply uphill;
  • will reduce the stopping distance where a load placed high on the bike will make the back wheel lose contact with the ground sooner than when it is pushed at the axle level;
  • will facilitate hikes where it is convenient to carry typical bags or backpacks;
  • will reduce resistance of the bicycle-trailer's movement on soft ground by spreading the load over a larger surface and the bike's initial hardening of the track for the trailer wheel following behind;
  • will facilitate getting on and off the bike, which for some people may be quite inconvenient when the space behind the saddle is filled with load.


Extrawheel bicycle trailers and bike panniers

Get to know all their products, watch several videos and read customers opinions about Extrawheel´s bicycle trailers.

They have a page just to show some of the expeditions. Find all the Extrawheel dealers. It´s also possible to buy them here.

There´s no limits

Other one-wheel bicycle trailers

  • Aevon trailers

    The Aevon single wheeled bicycle trailer is a high-tech product especially engineered and produced to allow you to enjoy all of your bicycle trips.

  • Beez

    Single-wheel, lightweight, rugged and removable, it is a combination of simple materials and ingenious technology. Studied to carry a bag of 80 liters, it can transport all the necessary equipment for cyclo camper. Only available in French.

  • Bob Trailers

    See all their strollers, bicycle trailers and accessories.

  • Weber monoporter

    Another one wheel bicycle trailer brand which also offers a great variety of accessories. Only available in German language.

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My opinion

Each ExtraWheel trailer comes with everything needed to easily attach your bike and you can choose either 40L or 60L waterproof bags to carry all your camping equipment or anything you want.

And now that the new ExtraWheel Voyager has been released the world has an even lighter bicycle trailer available and every other trailer company have a longer way to keep up the ExtraWheel pace.

From my experience you will not find any other bicycle trailer as lighter as this one and you probably won´t find a cheaper one either. So what are you waiting for?

Have fun and enjoy your rides!

Here you will find another independent review

By Cass Gilbert

"Superb performance, especially off-road, but packing takes practice."

My ExtraWheel Classic

My cross-country bike with the ExtraWheel

My cross-country bike with the ExtraWheel

Me and my "truck" :D

Me and my "truck" :D


Voyager - New bicycle trailer from ExtraWheel

As an enthusiastic fan of ExtraWheel bicycle trailers I became very happy as soon as I saw their new prototype - the very new ExtraWheel Voyager.

This new version has the same hitch system but this time instead of water-proof bags it comes with panniers. This makes the process of organizing your luggage much more practical and it is also much easier to find anything inside the panniers if you are on a hurry at the middle of your ride.

It is even lighter than the ExtraWheel Classic and it has a nice and useful mudguard.

ExtraWheel Voyager Review by cleantechauthority @ youtube

Traveling through the Andes with an ExtraWheel


schwinnrider on June 03, 2011:

I'am one that ride schwinn bicycle i think this bike is very good.

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on February 18, 2011:

Hi S&F, thanks for commenting! You should... using a bicycle trailer is an awesome experience.

sportandfitness on February 17, 2011:


Great hub. Made me think maybe I should consider to buy one...

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on October 16, 2010:

I never saw the extrawheel trailer selling on Ebay :(

But you can buy it from Extrawheel website ;)

Your tandem would look great with a trailer.

ILoveCycling from Australia on October 15, 2010:

I did not know you could get a single wheeled bicycle trailer - thanks for the info, I'm going to check ebay and see if I can pick up a good one.

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on March 04, 2010:

Hi Trikki, thanks for the compliment but this was not meant to be an advertizement... I still use the ExtraWheel trailer and I´m happy with it.

Can you describe what kind of problems you´ve got while using it? Is it possible that you work for/with any other brand of bicycle trailers?

Looking forward to hear from you again :)

Trikki on March 03, 2010:

A very nice advertising from Extrawheel! ... this trailer doesn't perform good... I got too many problems with it, like a lot a people!

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on February 20, 2009:

You are right Mulberry, using a ExtraWheel your back will thank you and you´ll be able to carry much more things without the feeling you are pulling a real truck :D

mulberry on February 19, 2009:

These would be great for really traveling on your bike, all I've ever used is a small backpack and saddle bag. This would be much better!

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on December 17, 2008:

That´s right Folding Bike, the ExtraWheel trailers are indeed impressive. I already got the new one and I can only say that it´s even better than the first one: lighter, more practical to put or take things from the bags and it´s even nicer than before.

Did you ever thought getting one for your folding bike? She would love to carry all those things that you have to carry on your shoulders ;)

Have fun!

Folding Bike from Dublin Ireland on December 16, 2008:

Great Article about an impressive trailor.

Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on December 19, 2007:

Thank you for the comments!

Mark, I think they only made ExtraWheel for bicycles anyway you can always ask them thru their site .

Patty, I agree with you this trailer it´s very easy and quick to attach/detach to/from any bike!

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on December 19, 2007:

These look greatly useful. Much better than a basket or saddlebag.

Mark Knowles on December 19, 2007:

That is one cool gadget. Do they do them for M/C s?

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