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The Sheer Joys of Gambling

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Banks that pay back double, triple and more or just eat your money...."BURP!"!


Casinos are an adult playground where you can teeter-totter on the brink of sudden riches or take a long slide back to an empty wallet. The reels are a merry-go

I have been enoying an every other weekly

junket to various casinos within four

hours of my home. My wife and I take

$600.00 in cash per day which gives us

$300.00 each to play with. Most of our

overnight stays are complimentary due

to the fact that we gamble so often.

so we get free rooms and free play.

We only take money that we can afford

to lose but if we win $10.00 or more

above the twenty dollars we bet, each

payout ticket goes right into her purse

Or my wallet and it remains there until

we leave the casino. Most of the time

this gives us a large stack of tickets to

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cash out when we ate done working the

slots. Most folks stick their tickets back

in to try to win more money, but I beleive

that the ratio of wins is different from

when you use cash or when you use tickets.

We seem to win more using cash. And

we do win more than we expected to

In the last two trips we won over

$3,200.00 between us. That makes

for quite a profit, on the three hundred

dollars each we brought to spend.

Of course if you only win ten dollars

or so above each twenty you bet

you still wind up with three hundred

or so dollars and at least break even.

The God's of odds seem to be favoring

us over the last two years or so but

that does not mean that we also don't

lose our money as well. But we never

take money we need for other

expenses. I have observed many poorer

souls just outside the casino doors gazing

Forlornly into their empty wallets or purses

Where the mortgage money or grocery budget

Was spent down to the last dollar. No chances

of winning are worth that kind of suffering.

Everything in life has a dark side and that is

one dark side you should avoid at all costs.

Gambling has often over the years gotten a

bad rap, but what is the difference between

gambling or investing your money in stocks.

Horse racing is a whole different breed of

betting. You selct from eight horses and one

nag and you end up betting on the nag of course.

But I have seen betters win hiundreds and

thousands of doillars with the right pick.

playing the state lottery is boring,, scratch off

some boxes of wax to win two dollars or bet

on six numbers and wait to hear if you got any.

Yawn!!?? My form of betting-The Slots has

music and animation and lights and buzzers

and bells, It looks like an avalanche of Christmas

trees when you win.Some of the slots have 3-d

screens and vibrating seats.Some of the Jackpots

run from $25,000. to $65,000 dollars and up,

which means each push of a button with

the right bet could net you huge cash.. If you do

win a huge amount of money people from all over

the casino run over to see what you've won.

They pat you on the back or just stand their with

a glazed look and mumble "I wish it had been me."

You become an instant celebrity for about three

minutes till another machine hits and the winner

screams with joy.

I don't play craps because I am crappy at it.

Blackjack is O.K. if you like to sit for hours

and wait for a 21.The roulette wheel is always

good for a spur of the moment slap ten dollars

on number 7 black. I have won maybe three

times in my life. Anyway I am not trying to

encourage anyone to start gambling. But I

wanted to give you a peek into the cool,dark,

carpeted caves I inhabit vin searchof treasures

that lie dormant In all of the metal monsters

that live there.

if you never have tried it give it one chance,

who knows you just might put in a twenty

and go home with $1,600.00 dollars like

I did just two weeks ago as well as taking

home an additional $480 dollars from

another machine.

I wish you only the best of luck

and if you lose well....

A man can dream ....

can't he but you always

have to wake up, don't ya.??

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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