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The Deepest and World's Largest Ocean: Pacific Ocean


24 March 2021. My tour experience to the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean Length - 10,492 (long from Bering Strait to South Antarctica)

Width of Pacific Ocean - 9,422 miles wide (from Philippines coast to Panama)

The total area of ​​the Pacific Ocean - 16 million, 52 million kilometers square (6, 36, 34000 square miles)

Average depth of the Pacific Ocean - 14, thousand feet.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world, separating the Americas and Asia. The Pacific Ocean is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, West Asia to the South Ocean and Australia to the south and the Americas to the east. There are many small lamps in this Mahasagar. And its total area is 16 million, 52 lakh kilometers square (6, 36, 34000 square miles), which is 1/3 of the entire surface of the earth. According to experts, the Pacific Ocean is an ocean that alone covers about 46% of the Earth.

The Pacific Ocean is spread over the largest area in the world, so there is a great difference in the living conditions of humans, animals, vegetation living on it. At the same time, the sea-plains of the Pacific Ocean are very narrow, and there are no mountains on its western side, but there are many dunes, creeks, deltas, peninsula etc.

Its greatest feature is the tidal wave of the Pacific Ocean, while its shape is triangular, with its main head on the Bering Strait, and it is of the shape of a horse hoof. Apart from this, it is characterized by the world's largest ocean that the surface of this ocean is mainly filled with many big long trenches, of which the Mariana Trench is the main one. The world's longest rivers fall on the shores of this Pacific Ocean.

There is no firm evidence about the construction and history of this world's largest ocean, it still remains a mystery. However, some historians believe it was traced back to prehistoric times.


Mohammed Suhaib (author) from Agra on March 24, 2021:

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