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The Victorian Luminescence

Heleina is currently a communication student at Saint Louis University in the Philippines.


"Lights will guide you home."
That's a lyric from one of my favorite Coldplay songs— Fix You.
It's one of my favorites for a reason, you know. The whole song is literally just pure encouragement, well, for me, at least. It's focused on recovering from grief, crying a river but building a bridge over it afterward, and standing up once again after taking a big fall. This song always rids me of the blues, and I'm actually listening to it while writing this. *chuckles* This melodious decrescendo always reminds me that there's always hope. That, like the lyric, lights will guide you home.
What do you look for when you feel like you're trapped in what seems to be a caliginous atmosphere? What do you need to see things that are bathed in the pitch-black abyss? Lights.
Speaking of lights, the province of Abra once again progresses in its tourism as they open an all-new lucid attraction. Situated at the overlooking peak of the Casamata Hill are the Victoria Lights. Quipped with 117 streetlights, the tourist spot itself was a rather victorious edge as the Victoria Lights got massive attention in just a matter of days. Even before its actual reveal, it was already the talk of the town, and people had already been taking pictures of it. Its design was actually inspired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) "Urban Light," which was created by Chris Burden back in 2008. Ten years have passed since the incandescent sight was put up, and it remains one of the most visited spots in Los Angeles, California.
I actually went to visit this Victoria Lights once. At first, I thought the reviews about the attraction were somehow exaggerated since, well, what's so interesting about a bundle of lampposts? Now, this is the part where I stand corrected. It was broad daylight when I went there because it wasn't possible for me to visit during nighttime since the home wasn't exactly just a ride away. The attraction is supposed to be more pleasing during the night, obviously, yet as I said, it was literally daylight when I went to see it with my friends, but for lo, even when the lights were at rest, I felt like I was staring at what I would describe as scenic perfection. Mind you, this was at the break of daylight when the lights were off. If it looked beautiful during the day, then how attractive would it be during the night? Where the lights will actually serve their purpose.
This isn't only just a tourist spot to the Abreños, for the spot holds a big message that I think everyone should get.
"There's always light after the dark."
That's a quote from Han Nolan.
The Victoria lights stand before us not only to serve as a tourist spot or just as lights but also to guide us in this world of uncertainty. They remind us that we don't get to be stuck in reverse for the rest of our lives. They remind us that there's always a brighter side in every situation. That we can overcome the troubles of the past and the present. That we can reach the deemed future. That there's always hope.

© 2022 Heleina Taeza

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