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The Top 10 Richest Places in the world

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.


Despite all the things happening.

Numerous people are striking.

To be very wealthy.

In a globalized economy.

Without a doubt, it's easy.

There are countries developing.

Futuristic states and cities.

Evolution is surely real.

Change hurts, but it reveals.

That it’ll be bigger and better.

The cost maybe higher.

Habit’s the sixth sense.

To many that are rich.

They're in every country.

The most famous are these cities.

10. Hangzhou

Hangzhou toppled it’s neighbor to get on this list. The city added over 20 billionaires. Over the years, their network has sky rocketed. Jack ma, Alibaba, saw his fortune rise in the past year. Despite the troubles he had with China regulators, it rose. The city is classified as the most populous city in Zhenjiang, China. Additionally, it is the capital of the city. Located in the northwestern part of the providence.

A few of the billionaires that .stay there are unknown names in the U.S.A. Only other billionaires may know whom they are. Zhong Shanshan is one of them. He has a net worth is $69 billion. Zhong is the co-founder of Nongfu Spring. He is also the majority owner of the Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise. Jack Ma is another. This hometown native launched his business in 1999. Unlike many of his kind, he never relocated.

This next U.S city is known for it’s billionaire residents. The CEO of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, stays there. Now he is the co-founder/ceo of meta platforms. Being a billionaire living there is pricey. Under the current president's, Joe Biden, tax proposal they are in debt. They owe $45 million. That fact alone shows you that they are loaded.

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9. San Fransico

This large city added 11 billionaires last year. It’s net worth is $90 billion dollars. Few billionaires have left the city to stay elsewhere. Miami, Fl and Austin, TX are competitive cities but, they are not too much of a threat. Along with San Francisco, they are changing the narrative of home to tech moguls. A few big names that live there include

  • Apporva Mehta: Mehta is the founder of instacart. He was born in India, moved to Canada and became a billionaire at 33. He graduated from the University of waloo. In 2010, he moved to San Francisco and launched 20 startups
  • Tony Xu: CEO of doordash. This china native was born I Nanjing. His mom was a doctor and still is in the bay area. His father was a professor in China.

Following the Air B & B record set in December 2020, these billionaires help it to rank number nine on this list. San Fran has a few of the top wealthiest in the United States.

8. Mumbai

The city added 10 billionaires this past year. This financial hub in India speaks for itself. It is at 8th in position on this list. Definitely it is one of the world’s richest cities. Mukesh Arbani is one of it’s billionaire residents. He is the richest person in Asia. Other billionaires in the city include

  • Guatam Adani: He is an Indian businessman and industrialist. He’s the founder of the Adani group
  • Shiv Nadar: Indian industrialist and philanthropist. He is chairman of HCL technologies.

Mukesh is founder of reliance industries. These rich Indian men gives Mumbai the billionaire status it does. In movies, you often see these foreign lands featured. This is one of the ones that will never be forgotten.

7. London

England is one of the places on my bucket list. Not only is it mines, it is the destination of many in this world. London City is the capital of England. It is the capital of united kingdom too. The billionaires there has a cumulative net worth of $316.1 Billion. The economic challenges brought much at a standstill but, not them. London added seven new billionaires last year. They rose instead of declined.

  • Leanard Blavatnik: Ukrainian-Born oil and media magnate added $10 billion dollars to his fortune. He’s net worth is $32 Billion
  • Jose Neves: The founder of an online luxury fashion retailer. The retailer is called far fetch.

The city of London is a city known for it’s history. Its’s ceremonial county and local government contains the historic centre and primary central business district. They earned the right to be on this list.

6. Shanghai

The city added 18 billionaires this past year. The total net worth of the city’s wealthiest billionaires is $259.6 billion. This city is best described in one word. That’s showpiece. It started out being a fishing town. Overtime, it became a marketing town. Now it is a billionaire town.

  • Liu Yonoxing-Chairman of East Hope Group. One of the top 3 richest in the city.
  • Zhou Chengiian: Head of fashion Brand. He too is one of the top 3 wealthy ones

Shanghai has a great reputation. Perhaps, that is why many are attracted to it. Self made billionaire Coli Huang tripled his fortune there. He founded Pinduoduo. That's an e-commerce giant over there. A massive boom in the sector helped it to triple.

5. Shenzen

That's a lot of billionaires. It's just not enough for the top spot. This city added 24 billionaires last year. Their cumulative net worth is in the hundreds of billions. It's commonly known as china’s silicon valley. All of the billionaires there are self made.

  • Ma Huateng: The Ceo of Tencent. He is huge in the city. He added a record $28 billion dollars to his fortune in a year. Currently, he’s the wealthiest resident there.
  • Wang Wei: Package Delivery. This is known as the fed ex of China. In 2020 alone it rose 37%. Imagine where it is now.

These companies expanded during the lock down. The expansion helped these residents become billionaires. Not only has it become large to billionaires, it is large in movie land too.

4. Moscow

Lets ship to Russia. It’s not too far to ship but there are billionaires there too. Russia ranks fourth on this list. Only nine billionaires were added to the city last year but, there were already 70.

  • Alex Mordashov: Chairman of Servestal. The company has business interest in metal and mining. Alex is the richest man in Moscow.
  • Valadimir Putanin: Source of his wealth is metals. Putanin is credited with authoring controversial loan of shares.

Despite the worldwide slowdown due to the pandemic, Russia stayed the course. Mega billionaires saw a steep rise in commodities and crude oil. It’s cumulative net worth is $420.6 billion. It saw a rise this past year.


3. Hong Kong

This rich city added 9 billionaires last year. There were 80 billionaires prior to the addition. The pandemic challenged their real estate market last year. China added to the challenge when it interfered with it’s local affairs.

  • Li Ka-Shing: CK Hutchison Holdings. He reclaimed his title as the richest man in Hong Kong.
  • Le Shau Kee: Henderson Land. He developed and stepped down as chairman once he got older.

Hong Kong has a cumulative net worth of $448.4 Billion. The British colony is now a playground for billionaires. The city is one of the most densely populated cities in china. Hong Kong has 7.5 million residents of various nationalities. 80 of them are billionaires.

2. Beijing

This one comes as no surprise. What they offer is not a secret. Have you ever watched the olympics there? The total network of the city is $484.3 Billon. Over the past year, 33 new billionaires were added. That year was a slowdown, usually it is more. They keep their reputation up daily. Forbes ranked them number 1. A few years ago, they were number 4.The city has topped the U.S city, New York. Billionaires that stay in the city include

  • Wang Ning: Ning is just 34 years old. His current business, Pop Mart, is booming in china.
  • Zhang Yiming: The Tik Tok owner and social media sensation is the richest in the capital.

China may have the most billionaires but, the U.S maintains the spot as the top wealthiest billionaires. Seven of the top 10 are blacks.


1. New York City

This is the second united states city on this list. New York is not only the city of dreams. It’s the city of billionaires. Sadly, it has lost the number one spot. Last year it added 7 billionaires. It’s total net worth is $560.5 billion

  • Micheal Bloomberg: Media giant turned politician. Currently, he is the mayor of the city.
  • Carl Ichan: Ichan Enterprises. He is one of the greatest investors on wallstreet.

Don’t be fooled by the status on this list. New York is still one of the richest cities in the world. It is nicknamed the big apple. There are 25,000 net-worth residents.

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