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The Thrilling Experience of Kalakund Hill Station

I have travelled many times from Indore to Kalakund hill station via Patalpani. Kalakund is about 29 km from Indore. Travel between Patalpani and Kalakund stations is the most memorable one on this route. Because of this, I do travel between these two stations whenever I get a chance. The last trip I took was in June 2019. When I came back after travelling only between these two stations, Indore was the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. The city holds significance for many reasons. Bhopal is the official capital of Madhya Pradesh. However, Indore is also called the commercial capital of the state.


Heritage Train of Indian Railways

There is a special reason to travel between these two stations. I live in Bhopal now, but I have spent many years of my life in Indore too. The moments of right study have been spent in Indore. I started living in Bhopal for a job. But now, there is a good feeling in this city too. I have lived in Indore. I am very fond of travelling. Indore has a dense forest covered with lush green hills and waterfalls from south to west. Forests attract me a lot and look breathtaking. It seems that you are very close to nature.

The Mhow-Kalakund Heritage train has started again. These days, the view from Patalpani to Kalakund hill station is amazing. The Heritage Train (No. 52965/52966) will be operated from July 10th, 2022 till further orders. After the recent torrential rains, beautiful waterfalls lie in Kalakund-Patalpani. Greenery is covered all around. A large number of tourists have started to arrive there. In fact, in view of this, the Indian Railways has decided to start the heritage train.


One of Madhya Pradesh's most stunning locations:

The new name of Mhow is Dr. Ambedkar Nagar. Kalakund Station comes just after leaving Mhow. Here the train stops for a few minutes. Here, during the rains, the waterfall is seen falling down from a height of several feet. The water falling from this spring is further known as the "Choral River." It is one of the most beautiful places near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The smoke of the train can be seen in the flying mountains. Looking far and wide, only green hills are visible.

We have mostly visited this place during the rainy season. Eating corn at this time is a different pleasure. The rail track is changed in the middle. The track from Patalpani to Kalakund is a very dangerous climb. Trains are stopped here for inspection. Since the temple is also built here, we move forward by bowing our heads.


Food & Other Activities:

Tourists get hot food at Kalakund Canteen. Keep in mind that there is no permanent hotel of any kind here. There are small villages around. There is a village, Kalakund. The people of the village provide food items with the help of their temporary shops. You can easily find the famous Sev Parmal, Papad, Bhutta, Samosa, Kachori, and tea of Indore. Seasonal fruits, cucumber water pouches, etc. are also available.

The economic needs of the residents here are fulfilled by farming and the caring of animals. This is the strongest foundation for these people in running their livelihoods. The people of the village also have a different specialty. Anyway, we have a saying here that real India resides in villages.

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When should I go?

It has been a great picnic spot for tourists. After the rains, the winter season is the best for tourists. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy exciting activities like trekking. Let me tell you that trekking is done only in winter. The Patalpani waterfall dries up during the summers. During this time, the heat in Indore is also high. Therefore, in the summer season, you can be deprived of the joy of nature. So this season will not be good to travel here. The monsoon and winter season are good.

This is the only heritage train in Madhya Pradesh. In 2018, this train started as a legacy. This railway line was laid in 1877. Earlier, it was said by the Indian Railways to stop this train. But how can this train stop so easily? The local people opposed this. Furthermore, due to the tourist destination, Indian Railways has not completely closed it. This train was shortened.


By Road?

If you do not want to go by train, you can also go by road. You can go from Indore to Kalakund Road for this. After crossing a ghat, the first railway crossing that comes has a straight hand-made road from it. This route is found only in Kalakund. This unpaved road gets spoiled during the rainy season. It becomes difficult for vehicles. So the train journey will be great.

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